One Piece: Chapter 1045

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  1. Annoying but not gonna lie I enjoy the lack of drag racing down Ohio late at night

  2. Why isn't the response of Shaggy, Batman, and Arya just horrified screams at the 4ft tall walking talking rabbit?

  3. There's a Justice League episode where they time travel and run into Jonah Hex. They're trying to hide the time travel but he pretty much immediately figures it out. I feel this applies to any crazy encounter.

  4. Canonically when Spartans got all their upgrades, their sex drive was erased. They're basically asexual. Spartans only care about duty and the mission.

  5. Have the boss stomp me instead or better yet make it almost impossible and have be an alternate ending if you do win.

  6. I remember having the distinct feeling at the end of red dead redemption I could have taken all those agents down. I had a lot of dynamite and ammo in my inventory

  7. A police officer that lies under oath should not be a police officer. How hard is that?

  8. Incredibly. It's such a prevalent issue that DAs have to keep lists of cops who's testimony they won't admit because they lie so much

  9. Yeah, Geoff Johns hates Wally so much that he wrote a defining Flash run starring Wally, is reluctant on bringing Barry back and personally brought Wally back for Rebirth

  10. I’ve got a friend who says he regrets ever playing Mass Effect because of how disappointed he was in the ending of ME3.

  11. Watching pats playthrough, I had the strong urge to get back into ME, but knowing how horribly it ends, I just couldn't do it.

  12. Game of Thrones had its success and love killed off by its own suicide that was a horrible final season.

  13. The only enduring legacy of that show will be the actors it gave a platform too.

  14. No, that one will go over like a lead balloon around here. You can color me surprised there are admissions of "union issues" in this thread though.

  15. Cop unions are not the same thing as labor unions. Do labor unions sometimes protect bad employees? Yes. Do those bad employees have a gun and immense discretion to ruin your life? No.

  16. So you wouldn’t want to know if your child was being taught by a teacher who was disciplined and suspended for doing something inappropriate with another child?

  17. Unions exist to ensure decent working conditions, compensation, and to prevent harassment from management. Being union doesn't make you immune from criminal charges. Unless you're a cop.

  18. Most of the cosmic stuff ends up being uninteresting to me tbh because at some point it kinda loses any sense of stakes and indeed feels like I am getting random infodumps.

  19. Yep. You just need to lean into the stupid and not take it too seriously

  20. There needs to be a little bit of seriousness, otherwise you get Dark Nights Metal and Death Metal

  21. The first movie isn't to bad on the plausibility of survival for them.

  22. There's a "expert reacts to" video of a trauma surgeon breaking down the various injuries and how bad they would be. Turns out the first slip joe pesci has in the film was so bad she was pretty sure he'd have multiple broken ribs and possibly internal bleeding

  23. Like most of Snyder’s ideas, it’s a good idea with piss poor execution.

  24. The issue is Ma and Pa Kent are integral to Superman's character. Snyders change was interesting but causes foundational issues to the whole movie. Typically Supermans internal conflict has never been "should I help people", it's been "what's the best way to help people".

  25. Well, it’s all coming together

  26. I cannot express how happy I am that exact shot is in the film

  27. Iirc the writers were straight up reading Tumblrs about the shipping and decided to lean into it.

  28. Man I was so happy TLJ went into some moral/ethical complexity with the Force binary outside of spin-off books or games, combined with some low-key hints at Rey and Ren being pretty Grey even in TFA. Then people just got mad at TLJ and vilified literally every aspect of it and pulled the idea that it was just subversion for subversion’s sake out of their collective assholes that Disney got spooked and scrapped all of it.

  29. I think if you gave the trilogy to just Rian Johnson or Just JJ Abrams, it could have been okay.

  30. It's impressive how often people from it barely ever leave. It's cut off from the rest of the city so it has a very insular culture

  31. From there and very true. I left for grad school years ago and never went back, but every time I visit my parents/friends, it's a reminder of why I don't have a desire to go back, lol.

  32. probably has to do with the theme of heroism being thrust upon someone instead of being willing. Like that one part of LOTR

  33. It's interesting to compare Justice League vs avengers power origins

  34. Batman isn’t really “earned”because the only reason he had the freedom to learn all the shit he needed to be Batman is because he was born with money

  35. Right, he had lots of money. But I'm gonna wager most billionaires wouldn't survive 10 years of brutal training to become hyper capable ninja detectives

  36. Evil Wonder Woman is technically in Injustice, but she's such a noncharacter and tacked on afterthought that I don't think it counts. I would be interested to see an Evil Wonder Woman who Batman and Superman have to team up to face.

  37. I always kind of assumed that after she kills Ares she becomes god of war without really realizing it, and that's why she's always pushing superman towards conflict.

  38. Half of the problems they encounter could have been fixed by a text and gps.

  39. Yes and no. Most of the comedy comes from the core 4 all being neurotic, selfish, insecure, petty people.

  40. Oh ok. In Z it just seemed to really get glossed over after a point

  41. I'd say it's more akin to Gotenks. Overwhelming power mixed with immense immaturity

  42. He was more concerned with making cool techniques than saving the earth.

  43. And yes, these dudes are all 10+ foot freaks, Oda likes to go nuts with the sizes of human characters too

  44. Iirc people don't stop growing really as long as they're strong/powerful.

  45. Perry street by the old projects between Louisiana and Hamburg. It’s like the surface of the moon over there!

  46. Yeah the city is ignoring that area until something is planned for it.

  47. Or monopoly. Him, Sinatra, Paladino. Ciminelli too if he didn't get caught taking pink 20s from the bank.

  48. Well yeah just because I understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t funny. It’s like the plot convenience that keeps Luffy’s clothes on and how he hasn’t had his straw hat obliterated by now

  49. Oh no it's definitely amusing. Adds to the fun of Odas world

  50. I prefer the shape shifting clothes to the flash’s interminable speed. I love vs battles but people act like flash hasn’t been tagged by normal human arrows before (in comics not the show). At least in Oda’s world no one is going to use these at plot devices.

  51. Yeah it's not great. Partially it's due to hundreds of writers who've written comics over the last 80 years versus 25 of 100% oda.

  52. Yes, kinda like the Barbarossa Brothers in one person.

  53. I've seen theories he has the Mythical Cerberus fruit (3 heads, three personalities, can have 3 fruits).

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