1. There's this guy Keith from buffalo who's a vocalist who might be looking for a new hardcore band

  2. Remember when his kid drunk drove and crashed a car and there were absolutely no reprocussions? Pepperidge farm remembers.

  3. Oh There were repercussions. He had the cops raid the canisius quad party the following spring

  4. Oh I'm sure he'll tell you if you take him out to dinner and give him $10000

  5. While I appreciate the effort, I do wonder exactly how RIT intends to pay for this. Yes, it'll be by raising tuition, but RIT is too expensive as is, and they're only going to become more inaccessible to lower and middle income families.

  6. Well that explains why me and my alumni friends started getting hit up for donations again.

  7. Your position is that everyone needs to read every article rather than someone post a complete thought in the comments for the casual readers?

  8. You literally asked to be spoon fed information because "you don't have time" yet you seem to have time to post on Neoliberal every 5 minutes all day long

  9. I'm still mad they used Walton Goggins for a minor villain role in antman 2. He would have been a fantastic Mephisto.

  10. It cannot be overstated how little the city cares about the health and wellbeing of their firefighters

  11. By "the city" do you mean the government or the people. I mean 2 other replies to this post, and they're only replying as a backdoor way to bash police.

  12. As in city hall/the government. They'll find any excuse they can to avoid paying for healthcare firemen need

  13. God theres a pickup truck with a 3 percenters decal on it next to Erie county sheriff's building almost every day and it makes me wanna scream

  14. I hope we'll see more regular Zoans in the future.. Kong with the "Gorilla-Fruit" would be pretty cool!

  15. Or maybe gigantopithecus, an extinct orangutan species that was about 10ft tall

  16. I just want to listen to Marcus and Robert shoot the shit for a while about Texas and Music and conspiracy theories

  17. My favorite movie partially set in Buffalo is Guillermo del Toro's ghost story Crimson Peak with Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska, and Jessica Chastain.

  18. I liked how they name dropped Masten and Bidwell park.

  19. More house members is meaningless when people who represent more cows than people are able to block any legislation whatsoever (Senators).

  20. The other thing to keep in mind is the electoral colleges size is determined by the number of people each state has in Congress. It would shoot past 538, and help reduce the risk of a president winning the EC without winning the popular vote

  21. Ever heard of the great compromise?

  22. It is pro-police to want accountability and transparency. Build trust between the police and the public could not be more pro-police. An anti police stance would support this kind of corruption because it builds discourse

  23. I really don't follow your logic. Anti police people do not want "discourse", they want information and public accountability for unprofessional/corrupt law enforcement.

  24. I swear it came back, I remember it being there well into the early 2000s. Maybe a different boat? Maybe a different timeline?

  25. Must have. I remember seeing it around 2007 while at tift field

  26. Alvida strike me as odd character in term of power level.... will luffy able knock him ? does armament works for alvida power?

  27. Man if someone had an awakened version of her fruit it would be fun. 0 friction environment, everyone's falling on their ass

  28. I remember someone else pointing out that kids age would mean he would have been killed during the search for Rogers heir. Being descended from Vegapunk would explain why he made it.

  29. This happened to Karpeles Manuscript Library on North at Elmwood when I lived down there. I was walking back home from visiting a friend and I saw a lady looking like she was about to have a panic attack because a brick falling from several stories up narrowly missed her as she was walking down the sidewalk.

  30. Happened to the jewelry store on Elmwood near Utica too

  31. Pretty sure that's an entirely different character, the mangled man was a recruitment officer, Schrader was the training boss, unless I have amnesia

  32. Correct. Dean Norris is running the boot camp and has all his limbs

  33. Oh yeah. One day we're sending you TP and donating to charity, the next we're burning your jersey in the parking lot

  34. Usopp on monster point Chopper's head controlling him like it's Ratatouille

  35. Okay hear me out: the General Franky turns into robo armor for Monster Point Chopper

  36. Power ranger style all merge together and make one big rubber electric robot monster with Robin's wings

  37. Robin wings, Usopp plants, Nami clouds, Soul King ghost energy

  38. First of all,Catholic Predator Catholic Predator.

  39. Same with cyclops leather jacket over his X-Men uniform

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