1. To expand on this a little bit more to help out. Basically FR=Front Engine/RWD MR=Mid Engine/RWD, RR= Rear Engine/RWD (aka only the Porsche)

  2. What is most similar to the Porsche Cup car do you think? I’ve been doing the PCup for the last two seasons and I own the 911 GT3 so I thought I’d spend a couple hrs in it today. I’m struggling to get a half decent time at the r maybe 2 hrs with the car. I did a Fanatec sprint race and came dead last haha I’m IR 1.7k (well I was) and pretty competitive in the PCup car. Maybe a different car?

  3. I mean, right now if you get a Ryzen 9 with a 3070Ti.. it’s already MORE than enough for any game. I don’t see much difference coming from a 4070/4080. Especially if you play competitives fps games.

  4. I do sim racing and will be running triples soon so 3080 or greater is kinda needed if you wanna run decent fps while pushing all those pixels. 100-120 is plenty for me and I can’t tell a difference over that but I can under. If you go to VR you’ll only get around 70fps on highest settings with ACCC with a 4090. That game is damn demanding.

  5. Iracing can't even use 32gb of ram, we're stuck at 16

  6. Combined with a few of the other iRacing related things I have open, ive need at 15-16gb usage in total. That’s not all iRacing, but that’s a pretty big jump from previous seasons. It’s mainly been with the new tracks.

  7. Some of the newer tracks are already taking 15-16gb of my ram all up

  8. How did you go? Day 2 of quitting the lozenges for me

  9. Slipped up many times but kept getting back on the horse. I've been off for about 10 days now and feeling pretty good! Hope you're doing well and best of luck to you!

  10. Nice! 10 days is pretty good! I’m on day 3 haha I was 20-30 a day… so quite a few. Good luck and stay strong!

  11. How did you go with this? I’ve been on the lozenges for 5-6 years now at about 20-30 a day. Way too many. I got really sick a couple days ago and couldn’t even stomach a lozenge so I took the chance to keep going. Day 2 right now

  12. Ugh not that great. I will go several days and not take any then find myself eating like crazy and go buy some to curve my appetite. I'm pretty good at taking only 5/7 a day but that's still too much. It's the eating that is making me nuts. I gained 4 pounds this past month because when I don't take them I eat eat eat. I'm thinking about giving them up for lent and maybe those 40 days will break my habit and I will go buy a bunch of healthy snacks to eat. I'll check back in and let you know how it goes. Honestly I think it wouldn't be so difficult if I wouldn't eat so much. I just don't want to gain weight 😫

  13. I’ve been sick at the same time so I’ve not been eating much. I’ve also just been chewing normal gum and fisherman’s friends lozenges which have a similar taste and burn which have been helping. Good luck!

  14. I’m an electrical engineer on $130k, I work 40 hours a week, and I don’t intentionally think about work at all when I leave.

  15. Where are you based and how much you looking for it

  16. Hey, I’ve sold the mini and just the FXC rim left. I’m Based in Canberra, Australia. Maybe around $850 aud. Where are you based?

  17. Oh, I’m from Denmark, Europe and mainly interested in the Alpha Mini though. Anyways good luck selling :-)

  18. Thanks, I’ve already tried this and it didn’t work. I sold my mini anyway haha thanks though

  19. Oh shit sorry to hear that. Did you end up going for a different brand? I'm quite happy with my mini. Looking to upgrade to the ultimate in the next month or so

  20. Yeah went to VRS. I wanted a bit more power and VRS is well regarded and pretty cheap too

  21. I'm a very beginner level sim racer but absolutely think there's good value in his lessons. Especially so at 50% off. I'm pretty sure he offers a money back guarantee too if you're not happy. Literally can't lose

  22. Hey mate, if you are still around - did you have to drill anything for that bracket to fit the wheel plate or the holes lined up?

  23. This is starting to become what I believe about expensive direct drives. I feel that already with my CSW 2.5 I’m getting to diminishing returns. The only thing it’s missing is literally the faster response from a DD motor (the 2.5 is already very good imo) and the accompanying DD software settings like friction, inertia, mechanical damping, and interpolation. Man, I wish the 2.5 had interpolation, that would be sweet.

  24. So I could be late to the argument haha but here’s my two cents. Simagic is good, VRS is better, Simucube is best. Value is different for everyone in terms of needs, location etc

  25. Never too late lol. Going VRS. I’ve had experience with the mini and while I think it’s very good for the price it’s not a huge jump from a CSW. Personally didn’t like the software and 100% understand why spending money on an alpha u isn’t worth it with that software.

  26. Just ordered the VRS actually haha yep, simagic software isn’t the best and I’m not paying more for a U over the VRS. Hoping everything arrives in a week or two…now to work out how to mount it haha

  27. Yeah I did, took like a month for it to go, sold it about $70 below what it was selling for new

  28. Wow really? Where are you located? I have mine for $300 below RRP… maybe I need to bump up the price. It’s only 4 weeks old.

  29. In SC, I had it listed for $450, was going for $500 at simracingpros, I got 430 for it I believe

  30. That’s very good. I’m in Australia. The mini and fxc go for $2050 and I’ve listed for $1760. I’d like more but want a quick sale.

  31. I have a manual facelift hatch and highly rate it. I was tossing between Megane RS and I30N hatch and fell in love with the exhaust pops. Apart from that the ediff is next level and has changed my perspective of front wheel drive cars. The Sedan is based on a newer platform and has more tech compared to the hatch but I guess it depends what you like. Also just a heads up there’s 12+ month delay on hatch’s as they are built in Czech Republic. The wait times on sedans are a lot less as they are built in korea

  32. Yeah I’ve already factored in the delay and I’m not ready to buy for 12 months anyway so it works out good for me. My heart says hatch as it looks the best and it’s always what I wanted. My head says sedan as it’s just meant to be all round a bit better. If the sedan interior was in the hatch the hatch would win hands down for me. I currently have a 2019 Nline so the interior of the N hatch is pretty much the same. I do like my current interior, but kinda want something new going to a new car that costs $60k.

  33. I thought black was great until I owned a black car. (have a 300zx) Looks great for a day after a proper wash but park it in the sun on a hot day and I can't even touch the gear shift. I have a cloth in the car specifically for that.

  34. I’ve actually not had too much of an issue with heat. I have tinted windows which probably help s little bit. It does scratch and get dirty so easy though.

  35. I prefer sedans I just think they look better I did buy 2022 N line

  36. Definitely I personally think that Sedan looks better it's got 14 ft³ of trunk space that's plenty The 1.6 Turbo paired with the 7 speed drive DCT no issues but beware that the DCT doesn't really like slow city speeds like crawling traffic It may shift weird but it's just not super great with like heavy city traffic

  37. I’m not too phased about the slow DCT speed thing. I’ve always had manual and my current Nline is manual, but I had a lot of fun test driving the DCT. It would also be easier for if my wife has to drive it for whatever reason as she can’t drive manual.

  38. 911 GT3 R, it’s not the easiest by a stretch but it’ll teach you good habits for balancing any car and being smooth

  39. Would you say it’s the closest GT3 to the 992 PCup car? I’ve raced that a couple seasons and want to try GT3 but would like to use whichever car is most similar.

  40. I run the Cayman GT4 in officials, PCup on occasion (did it more last season), and the GT3 RS in league enduros.

  41. I’ve done PCup now for 2 seasons and looking to do a season of GT3. I’ll try it next season.

  42. How easy is the dash to make and gets parts for in Australia?

  43. Which GT3 series do you recommend? I’m License B in my second Porsche Cup season and thought I’d try GT3 next season for something difference. I usually maintain higher than 3.5 SR so the cleaner the better.

  44. I was similar with my mini and now at full strength I want more. I don’t know if I’ve just gotten used to it but my base feels weaker now.

  45. Not at all. It was heaps strong and then it wasn’t… don’t know what happened

  46. I was having similar issues except it was upper/mid back pain for me. I moved my pedals higher and further away and turns out my seat was too upright. Some guides say to have it as upright as you can get it but they usually do have a bit of a tilt leaning backwards. That fixed it for me. Either that or my back just got used to it.

  47. Yes, absolutely! I asked around a bit but thought I was alone. In the LMDh and LMP2 if I let go of the wheel it violently oscillates, which it never did pre-patch. And also at high speeds in both, the wheel oscillates in my hands and makes my head shake even. It feels horrible. I've tried messing with the new smoothing option but it doesn't help.

  48. Any updates on this? I have a Simagic mini which is about a week old. All was fine until a couple days ago now the oscillations are pretty bad. It’s like my dampening filters don’t even do anything. Don’t know why mine has only just happened out of the blue though.

  49. Honestly i've just had to get use to it. I don't like it but not much worked other than cranking up the dampening to silly levels which wasn't drivable..

  50. Same for me. Cranking up the friction to stupid levels also helps but it’s a matter of choosing the lessor of two evils. Just frustrating as my base and rim are new which cost me $2k and I pay a lot of money for iRacing and it’s not behaving at all like it should. You’d think for this sort of money you could at least have a wheel and sim that you can reasonably tune rather than have to make such large compromises. May as well go back to my t300 and GT7 and save $3000.

  51. Sorry to revive an older post but will this work with us big guys? I'm about 295lbs. I know the "recommended weight" is 270 max but I figured they are maybe playing it safe.

  52. I’m not really sure to be honest. I would probably email them and ask. You might not get anything useful back though.

  53. Interesting. I never considered this, but yes, I do have my wheel connected to a USB3 port in my pc. Is the USB3 port the best way to connect wheel and pedals?

  54. Could also be the new run away protection setting. Lots of people have complained about the same thing. Have a look at the forums.

  55. If you mean that it does that while practicing starts one after the other, you're burning the clutch. You can only effectively do the launch procedure 1 time and then it has to cool down or you have to reset. With your method you just need to find that perfect bite point on the 2nd clutch where it just about doesn't stall. Another method is to start with only the 2nd clutch engaged at 40ish% and wait to full throttle at green.

  56. I did think this could be happening but I think it’s been happening at launch 1(unless I’m burning it at go 1). I’ll have to have another go after work to make sure. With your other method, do you risk getting a slow start as you have to rev + drop the clutch at green which could cause a delay? Is 40% your bite point? I only just got this rim as I upgraded to a simagic mini and before that I was just accelerating off the start and at my level I was still getting one of the better starts off the line.

  57. Wow, what a start! I’m still having issues. Either I’m not doing something right or something else is going a stray. I might send you a PM instead.

  58. Hi, did you figure out a solution? I'd like to get a Trophy but I'm also wondering where to put bass shakers. Thanks!

  59. Hey, sure did. Bolted one under the pedal tray and the other I ran a piece of MDF board across the back legs and then bolted one to that. I can send you some pics in pm if you like. I know what it’s like to be looking for a way to mount these things.

  60. Thanks! Pics would be cool! Are you happy with this setup? Would left/right work better? Is there any noise that would disturb people sleeping in another (non adjacent) room?

  61. Sent some picks in pm. I’m pretty happy with my set up. If your floor is wooden or vibrates a lot it could. We have tiles and my wife doesn’t notice being in the same room. I’ve isolated the rig a bit with rubber as well. I think back to front works best from all my research. Rig isn’t big enough to really tell the difference from right/left compared to a normal car. Back/front seems to work quite well for chassis and floor/pedal vibrations.

  62. Lots of good ones mentioned here. Want to mention ‘Rookie Season’ which is a doco about a GT4 team - pretty good actually.

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