1. Are these photoshopped or legit? Where can you find these exact ones for sale?

  2. Different builds show up different ways they can be used. Balta is a different player than Rance in certain areas of style of play. So never like for like in potential. Both freaks of nature. Balta is just for being 105kg and runs around like a gazelle. Rance was (still is) an Adonis who had runs down the wing that made have a team’s coaching staff wake up to the fact that they needed forwards, who were more athletic to keep up with him. Strangely enough, if you remember, Rance was even tried in the centre as a tall midfielder that didn’t work out. Oh how I miss Rance…. And Houli..and Shedda…

  3. AFL need to become like the NFL so you can choose your team biased station if this happens. I don’t mind radio calls that are more impartial, but it gets frustrating hearing radio stations from especially Adelaide sometimes.

  4. I’m presuming I would be in my 1999 body, though with knowledge of now. Work would feel different. Hug some friends who past away a few years later. Start doing the prior knowledge stuff eg… Sell everything I own to buy stocks, including crypto, in the obvious ones that become big. Make a couple of bets. Actually… my list is huge.

  5. It doesn’t do anything for me. Neither does L theanine. Passion flower and rhodiola do make me feel better and help me sleep.

  6. Passionflower used to make my muscles burn, and I didn’t fully understand why until I years later when told how tense I was in my muscles. Good stuff for easing my nervous system.

  7. 3rd quarter by the Tigers 🐯 was underwhelming to say the least. Fourth-quarter showed us some classic Marlon Pickett class delivery work. Can’t have the same 3 quarter effort vs the Pies or Tigers will get decimated.

  8. After getting a shot of haloperidol i had an awful dystonic reaction thay almost killed me.. Couldnt even breathe because my head was tilting backwards. However, i take trihexyphenidyl which completely stops the dystonia.

  9. Edit: Original option was for a quality VPN to Australia and use Kayo though reading up in this sub it’s not that simple so maybe avoid this idea unless you really know what you’re doing. Preferably getting an international membership to certain clubs seems like a much better and easier idea.

  10. My right ankle sometimes and right lower arm wrist goes numb also. But the leg is the worst.

  11. I'm constantly cold and my leg feels cold to touch. I don't feel heat on the leg. My taste can be off like whatever eating should taste different. Smell is pretty spot on and sensitive .

  12. Reason being I’m asking those questions was due to not being sure if you were leaning towards trauma symptoms that are consistent with PTSD including permanent disassociation, depersonalisation, derealisation. Though that’s throughout the body whereas you can feel so many other things that indicate your sensory awareness abilities haven’t all been shutdown or muted.

  13. Yeah 💩 playing with it, playing in it.. all poop and piss. Also genital manipulation and with animals in any way possible… all fkd up. Total mind fk!

  14. Edited: Interesting read on how people are interpreting things. Personally for me, I get mixed messages from the discussions in comments of your link provided to that particular CPTSD post. There’s just not enough impartial, open, unblinkered, responses to see all sides of the argument. Interesting to see the assumptions made and what they’re based off. Some may be more factual and I need to fact check…. though some are loosely expressed to fuel similar self felt beliefs and cast assumptions. Some comments come from a clearer perspective, others from a cloudy perspective, and only from a certain angle based upon limited to no evidence. Some people from both sides were invalidating, dismissing and minimising. Some are completely black and white, hard and fast, jumping to self fuelling and towards similar patterns of beliefs in conclusions, etc. Some weak evidence or limited evidence based. Misinterpreting is also happening. I just hope some people don’t use the cPTSD post to justify clarity and box each other in. For me, Nicole LePera’s teaching, like many others, are open to discussion and challenge in wording and interpretation while also offering helpful resources as I educate myself in many areas of the mental health world. She’s not the be all end all …though she’s not wrong in everything explained. She’s definitely making mistakes on the way. It is disappointing that certain people have personally had bad experiences.. Yes those Real "experiences" are concerning. Some blocked just for the right to reply. Blanket generalised terms like "it’s a cult" is a poorly chosen. Some versions of trauma brought up weren’t handled correctly. She’s admitted to some of those and apologised.… others have been left without explanation.

  15. Could be related being and staying tense .. shows up in neck, back, jaw, face etc…. Eg the tension, headaches that you are experiencing… can create TMJ etc. Signs that your body is in protection mode all the time. What are you doing to regulate your nervous system? Have you done anything like somatic work, breath work, polyvagal theory work, yoga, stretching, getting a massage ….for your neck and face especially. There’s also a chance of maybe going to a neuro chiropractor who may help.

  16. Fuck fuck can’t watch. (Watched it again to confirm) Fuck fuck! (Watching it again now). Can’t look away! Nathan Brown incident also now playing over and over in my head. Feel for Howe with his bad run of injuries. Please don’t retire.

  17. I’m more fascinated now with wanting to know what that particular American drone found in its surveillance up to that point.

  18. Yay for you and in your steps forward. Please be very careful as I did something very similar though , for me, my withdrawals were much much later on. All after a sudden crash that came out of the blue. Really hit me …long term floored. I personally wasn’t able to be resilient enough anymore to triggers. When I tried to go back on it for relief I realised I was responding to it differently… it didn’t cover and protect the way it originally had. Hope you’ve got a good emotional safety support network around you just in case anything goes wrong. How many years where you on Cymbalta?

  19. *Packers Sanitation employed the most child workers at a JBS Foods facility in Grand Island, Nebraska, where DOL investigators found 27 minors working.

  20. This is totally fucked up. Especially if it’s children are as young as 8 years old… and some doing a 72 hour week! A child psychologically loses all innocent in these types of environments. They should be instead in a safer environment playing, so they can get their their brain to evolve and develop.. learn and self educate …during fun. Other countries still have this happening though countries like America should be a role model and at the forefront in protecting and preventing.

  21. Interesting swap. Hope it works well for all players with their moves to different teams.

  22. Bummer though expected with limited game time in the senior team. All the best for her time with the AFLW Bombers.

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