1. I'm a voice engineer but echo is caused by delay.

  2. Eh can't see really but could just be missing scales from a tussle

  3. Because all of our computer chips come from Taiwan pretty much thanks to the government allowing globalist to move all the production of shore. Military and consumer goods these days don't work without them.

  4. That's not normal? Looks like perfect overstock!

  5. As someone who works on telecom equipment , it has disrupted all our interop for just stuff normally but the middle east still loves to buy it

  6. Leave it to ford to sell out to China for batteries - no lesson learned from failed globalism in ukraine and covvid

  7. Thus just reminds me of rhe godfather part 2. This committe owes an apology senator!!!

  8. Protestors don’t care about actual people who are harmed by their positions. Easier to tell her and her nearly murdered kids to shut up rather than to rethink their destructive positions

  9. Because they cannot admit they are wrong. They will do anything to not admit they are wrong.

  10. Ahh the good ol trip and fall on a salami. Tale as old as time!

  11. This is like me faking my parents signature and a note to hope the school falls for it when I'm hours late

  12. Please go ruin another state ... I heard California needs help

  13. The title is misleading. He gave 4K to a couple that WANTED to have a child, to help pay for their IVF. The title make it seem like he’s trying to convince poor women to have a child they don’t want.

  14. Why is it all of a sudden everyone else's responsibility to carry the full burden of others?

  15. Well then something is wrong with the latest versions of CER v14 SU2 I believe. I've installed 3-4 systems over the last month. Fresh brand new install of v14 and ALL of them had unexpired IPsec certs. Still was required to export/import according to TAC. It's the only way backup works fresh out of the box now.

  16. 693781083. Basically all 4 systems we just installed in the last 2 months required this. Brand new systems with the latest v14 SU installed.

  17. Looks like they suspected a defect - cscwa27675 which currently is not fixed in any release.

  18. As others have said Webex App registered to CUCM is the way. Jabber on mobile devices has historically been a challenge, even after adding oauth. In my own experience, it just doesn’t handle network handoffs or varying network conditions too well.

  19. Except for the mobile cache Mr. Webex was bugged to grow our of control and never release space on mobile devices :) (android)

  20. Problem is unlikely to be the app, I'm no Cisco evangelist but I've troubleshooted it enough to say the app basic functions work, it's usually something in your infrastructure causing the problem. What would iOS reviews know about what goes on internally on the infrastructure?

  21. Usually it's IOS updates that help break our stuff but we also have our fair share of issues sometimes.

  22. What's even better when you work for a woke corporation like I do - and they inject their politics and send emails out with every new CNN story - but then after they donate 10 million to BLM and millions more to democrats, basically told us FU on any pay increase cause of inflation after they basically helped create the environment.

  23. Best undercover assignment ever! Until the wife finds out

  24. And people want to throw it away these days which is even more hilarious

  25. She was detained before the war started and she admitted guilt, so the facts do not support your position

  26. If you don't schedule an appointment your asking for suffering

  27. What's with the shitty attitude? The OB's are going into a 170 hap/peacock tank at the end of the year, when I get the 250 up and running for my CA/SA Cichlids. And the mbuna are going into a 100 Gallon with similar fish. I also have the ability to move these around if need be, including other tanks which I can set up. I generally don't have many fish die on me, due to the fact that I always have a backup plan. I know mixing peacocks and mbuna is frowned upon by some in the hobby but it can be done successfully. At least at this stage.

  28. It was a joke about mbuna aggression and was not aimed at what your specificially doing at all! Chill out man!

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