if shaman mains had a theme song

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  1. How do you even store things in those? I want to put swords, books, daggers and other stuff in those at my home but there's no option to add them in.

  2. Drop, pick up like your picking up a body, and drag the item into the thing.

  3. ... Why couldn't it just work like an armour stand or weapon plaque? It's just a case so it makes sense to have an inventory... Right?

  4. I'd say the robo alien with the ability to transform and weapons that blow holes through just about anything you point them at.

  5. Lol you have no idea, anyways you know if I'm good? I would hate to get sick.

  6. I'm gonna guess you are fine. But I don't know squat.

  7. I wanna say about a year ago and so far I'm only rep 4

  8. I have never seen that work so many times and I've played quite a bit of warmommy.

  9. And a scythe, which is weird for anyone other than the grim reaper lol…. Game developers, please…

  10. The weapons Shinobi uses are farming tools that have been modified into weapons, a scythe wielding hero would definitely make more than 0 sense seeing as it was pretty typical for farmers to take up arms with farming equipment whether they made it more weaponized or not, it'd make sense as both a knight or a viking hero, but would probably fit better in outlanders if it's just a simple farmer turned warrior.

  11. No matter how well I play with kensei or who I play with, the character is somehow the least fun out of all characters I play and I have no clue why I don't enjoy the character so much.

  12. Do people actually complain about having fun and calling her a funny and fitting name? Genuine question.

  13. Yes, they will call you a simp, no life, no buns, everything

  14. I completely understand the hate for pirate but it's oddly rare for me to join in on hating pirate, orochi and JJ however...

  15. I mainly make emblems based off my outfits, two emblems for my edgy order of horkos/Blackstone legion and two emblems for the jackal effects from the battlepass before medjay officially dropped (I cannot remember the names for the life of me besides "cursed overlord")

  16. The second image is me looking through the fridge knowing I'm going to eat half a bag of shredded cheddar cheese with zero respect for myself or those I live with.

  17. I understand bros fear but why'd he just let you back him up? I'd atleast throw a light or dodge out of the corner lol

  18. How much cheese on a pizza is to much cheese?

  19. I'd say 4-5 blocks is when you should start thinking of stopping, 10 blocks is definitely where you gotta stop.

  20. Fighting you might make me uninstall so please stay all the way over there and leave me in my safety circle.

  21. A lot of characters need devourer and recovery, I don't getting why some characters don't have either but it kinda makes playing them unfun if I'm constantly trying to get executes or run back to A or C (or B for the one map) and sit there waiting to heal, not to mention quite a lot of perks are useless unless you're getting respawns or revived a lot or you're on a point.

  22. The only times I've left matches is when I'm genuinely needed, otherwise I will keep fighting even if my entire team left, I'd rather sit through a bad game and maybe have a better game right after than leave a bad game, wait for matchmaking penalty and get into another bad game.

  23. How? Cause now I wanna try for the ultimate deceiver build.

  24. so, after getting the rueful axe, equip it and stand on Clavicus Vile's head. Then look down (and save as it will probably take a couple of tries), equip the whirlwind sprint shout (only need one word), and engage in conversation. While Clavicus is talking, look up at the exit of the cave and get ready. As soon as you tell Clavicus you won't kill Barbas, immediately exit the conversation and whirlwind sprint towards the cave exit. You won't make it, but you can sprint the last bit. Then, when you're out of the cave, fast travel to one of your houses with a weapon rack near the entrance. Run inside and place the axe on the weapon rack before it is taken away, then boom, Clavicus can't grab it. Clavicus will then give you the masque, and you can then just pick up the rueful axe. You now have both forever.

  25. These instructions make me wonder how this was even found out

  26. How am I more interested by the original question? I genuinely wonder who hit the thing harder now.

  27. It has always bugged me seeing the character models of warden and such using other weapons, because it looks so cool! I wish there was a way we could have characters like that (I guess besides medjay).

  28. Dude can't handle any carbonation, she's tryna kill our boy David.

  29. As an almost rep 10 shaman and shaman being one of the few actual fun characters, I absolutely love this.

  30. Honestly I wouldn't even jump in that fight either, I'm leaving that point in fact, I ain't high enough rep to fight the BP that can reflect a javelin.

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