1. Met online 7.5 years ago. Met in person almost 7 years ago. Long distance US-UK for 3.5 years. Still a couple and now living in the same country for the past 3 years. It’s been great!

  2. Oh with visits. We saw each other every 6 months or so for 2 weeks each time.

  3. The dude just moved states. That’s not a small thing and he’s probably really busy and also tired going through this change and getting all settled in. I’d step back a bit and give him the space to get settled before being concerned about the contact in this moment..

  4. I’m around a lot of various forums for US-UK peeps and this gets asked a bunch and from basically all the experiences I’ve seen, it is pretty expensive.

  5. From what I understand from my fellow military spouse friends who’ve done it, and from checking myself, you can just book them on your flight and declare them at the border but need to do some in advance paperwork and declarations as well as follow specific protocols. You MUST fly a specific route for arrival in the UK.

  6. Pets also have to go in cargo, no airlines flying into the UK will allow the pet in the main cabin.

  7. I moved countries and don’t live with him. I’m glad I got my own place, work, car, etc. It has helped me really adjust and build my own little life here with some of my own friends and finding my way around like shopping and stuff without the temptation to completely rely on my SO. It also allowed us to have more of an in-person dating phase rather than going from LD straight to living together, a nice transition. We live a few hours apart and see each other 1-2 weekends a month Friday evening to Sunday evening.

  8. I’m in my late 30s now but was early 30s at the time. We chatted online over text and video for 8 months before we met in person. I knew probably 3 months in, after a particularly emotionally vulnerable/deep conversation, that I loved him but didn’t say anything until we met in person. So, I think it’s totally fine to wait until you’re more sure and it’s more meaningful for you.

  9. So it is okay if he apply for a new job while he is still under contract? and what are the requirements for applying new Visa. COS and?

  10. The fact that her post still hasn’t been moderated 14+ hours and hundreds of comments later points to the bigger issue

  11. Yeah I had the same thought. There used to be mods here active but that post made me realize I haven’t seen them in a long while

  12. No. As long as you’ve notified home office you’re fine. Obviously, update the bank and GP now as you don’t want any confidential important mail going to an old address.

  13. I fail to see how “girlfriend” and “doesn’t want to become a thing yet” exist together..? It sounds like you’re not in a relationship and she doesn’t want to be.

  14. We both work full time. Some days it’s 50+ texts, other days it’s a handful of texts each. Just depends how busy we are and if we have anything to say. Some days aren’t as interesting, that’s just life.

  15. When we were US-UK for 3.5 years, we only called on weekends. We texted daily. So, 1 week between calls I guess.

  16. I can’t explain to you how amazing it feels when you are with a person who loves you just as you are, even things you are insecure about. I was super nervous but he loves me exactly how I am and it has been SO good.

  17. In the big picture of life, it will suck and hurt if they reject you but it doesn’t mean anything about you necessarily and it doesn’t mean you don’t have worth or anything else that might play in your mind. It will hurt, you’ll work through it in yourself and heal, life has more in store.

  18. They won’t, you’ll have to get a copy and bring it. Your record will be completely blank.

  19. I wonder - do you have things outside of the relationship you look forward to doing? Things you find fulfilling and engaging? This may help reduce those feelings if you’ve got your own things you like to do in your own life.

  20. Yeah I totally agree, keeping yourself busy is good. Think of the time he is gaming as time for yourself before your moment together

  21. To be honest, I don’t even think it should be “keeping yourself busy” because that still implies life is about waiting around for your partner trying to pass the time with something. To me it’s more about having an all-around balanced life where your partner isn’t the only thing you like that you’ve got going on and thus taking some of this type of emotion and pressure away.

  22. Very strange of your school! I’m from the west coast USA and absolutely NOT, we were told nothing of the sort.

  23. Set mini goals to achieve over this period of time. I am pretty introverted and very content on my own. I will also stay inside for days without realizing I haven’t really been out lol

  24. Give into it, be a little sad, feel it for a few days and then make a decision to come back out of that. Get back into your routines. Have fun planning your next visit. Do things you love to do. Think about how will just be one small period of time in the bigger picture of your lives together.

  25. Do you have any money you can use to pay for a separate phone of your own or your own laptop where you can chat on programs like Discord or Skype and email? All of that would then be out of her sight.

  26. Yes we use discord, Instagram, and snapchat. I paid for my phone myself but she's paying for the plan so once I get a job I will be getting my own phone plan.

  27. Yeah I guess I was just thinking have a completely separate thing to where she can’t put whatever email notification thing she has on anything you own.

  28. How you distract yourself in those days when you guys dont talk?

  29. Find things you find fulfilling and engaging besides a partner. Things you look forward to almost as much. If you don’t know what that is, then go exploring to find those things.

  30. Check google flights and mess around with various dates to see what’s cheapest.

  31. There is no normal and people here run the whole spectrum from only texts and no calls to in a call quite literally 24/7.

  32. I honestly feel like these types of discussions and problem solving help strengthen the bond in a good relationship. It allows you each to get to know your boundaries and who each other are in more depth. It always did our relationship good in the start. Now we’re super in tune with each other after 6+ years as a couple that anything rarely even comes up anymore but at the start those convos were refreshing and built us up.

  33. i feel like he shouldve not kept on telling me he loved me, that made me attached to him so much that i can now tolerate him calling me a bitch who should get run over by a car and wants my head blown off

  34. Why are you staying with someone who treats you like this and has driven you to feel so down? I hope this is a wake up moment for you to understand you are worth more than this. Be your own best friend, choose yourself over staying in whatever this is that is making you feel like utter shit. You don’t deserve this. Being on your own will be better than this, I promise. And there’s people out there who won’t treat you like this even a little bit.

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