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  1. Ngl that bird looks like it's riding its prey absolutely gloriously lol

  2. I would have tipped that try on the floor before letting them walk out

  3. It is our right to know what game we won in a giveaway.

  4. It is, especially when it’s “watch shitty stream, get stupid game that messes with my steam profile”

  5. I 100% agree. Got a key from this channel in the past and yeahhh it was just as worthless then as it is now.

  6. Jesus christ they are killing this franchise with shit like this. "Grand theft auto except now you don't need the auto" . Stupid.

  7. Damn this is just a half life alyx situation all over again. Sheeeeesh

  8. Lmao this dude looks and acts like someone I grew up with lol. The smack sound from that can is incredible

  9. I agree. I think all the encounters being named after songs is really cool.

  10. If you bring weapons to a fight, you better be prepared for those same weapons to be used against you.

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