1. Love him or hate him, this was a frivolous charge without much merit. People ultimately trying to get their day of fame

  2. Something that's overlooked by a lot of Elon haters is that Elon didn't sell a single share of Tesla during the chaos this tweet caused.

  3. MSNBC just said he was convicted and would go to prison. Was that yet more fake news from them?

  4. Media outlets, in their rush to be first, often write articles in advance for stories like this, and sometimes post the wrong one by mistake, or post it too soon. They did the same thing for Amanda Knots when her conviction was overturned, mistakenly posting articles that she had lost her appeal before they finished reading the judgement. There was a several minute period on that day when Google searches on her name returned up both stories that she had won and lost her appeal posted by the exact same media outlet.

  5. I’m still using my iPhone XS Max, same damn phone 11 12 13 14

  6. Besides what others have said, if your phone is old enough that it no longer receives security updates you should probably consider getting a new phone for security reasons.

  7. Anyone would lose a war to an enemy with vastly superior technology.

  8. I remember reading someone failed a assassination attempt on him,

  9. For clarification it was a walking stick (i.e. a cane), not just some random stick he picked up.

  10. This. They’re expecting and wanting people to cancel. Because if there’s 6 people sharing an account all they need is 1 of them to resubscribe to make their money back and if 2 do then they’re making more. And they will.

  11. It's also worth noting that if you just share someone else's account you aren't really a Netflix customer in the first place, as you don't pay them anything. So Netflix doesn't care if you quit "stealing" (from their POV) access to their service with someone else's account, it wouldn't even show up in their subscriber numbers as long as the primary account owner who's paying them keeps their subscription.

  12. The streaming service announced an agreement on Thursday to feature vehicles including the Chevrolet Bolt, the electric GMC Hummer pickup and the Cadillac Lyriq in TV series and films "where relevant."

  13. The "where relevant" part might vary a lot depending on who's interpretation it is.

  14. Agreed. Job mix may change from less WFH & large corp, but at least where I am nearly everyone still seems to be short staffed with a hiring sign out.

  15. There's also a big labor market imbalance. A lot of lower paid industries that are traditionally seen as more minimum wage jobs (like the service sector & retail) bled a lot of jobs during COVID as people changed careers, those sectors are the ones with the biggest labor shortages today. And there's much less of a shortage in higher skilled white color jobs that pay better.

  16. I very much doubt 7-15 million are youtubers/sneaker flippers. Maybe 1 out of 100k of that generation, or 1 out of 10k, but 7-15million is impossible.

  17. I also very much doubt that people making a career out of Youtube aren't being counted in the employment numbers. Most career Youtubers register their own business even if they're the only ones who work for it, and they're paying taxes to the government on their earnings. So yeah, they know that they're employed in a non-traditional job.

  18. Interesting, is there a reason you chose Spear & Shield over dual wielding Swords? I always thought that was the better option because it deals more damage having two weapons, and it lets you stack both more elemental damage for physical immunes, & vampiric + the best damage dealing sword you can find for a good balance against everything else.

  19. Seriously. People started to mix the usage of “tech company” and “growth company” interchangeably.

  20. Google is a growth stock today, but that doesn't mean that it will continue to do so in the future. There's a ton of companies that were once strong growth stocks that eventually stalled out and became loser stocks & bad investments.

  21. This reminds me of the idiotic idea some people proposed of "disintegrating e-books", where overtime the "pages" would start to fade/look wrinkled like a real book and eventually the e-book would be deleted from your reader.

  22. Gerber once tried to market baby food to single adults, it was just bigger jars with the same pureed mush inside. It flopped.

  23. It sorta lays bare the real reason southerners worship Lee, and it’s not because he was a strategic genius. He just had the good fortune to go up against a series of fuckups and incompetents. The Civil War is a uniquely stupid series of battles.

  24. What's forgotten about Lee is that many didn't have a high opinion of him at the start of the war. In the early years he had nicknames like "Retreating Lee" for having his army flee from battles that he judged as hopeless or too costly.

  25. I'm pretty sure when it comes to financial information it's deliberately hard coded to give an ambiguous answer at the end just so it can't be held liable for anything. Kinda like how everybody on reddit, twitter, youtube, etc that talks about stocks always do the Not Financial Advice disclaimer.

  26. Unless it's changed ChatGPT can't give good advice on stocks because it's latest data is from 2021.

  27. In 2 years, I predict META will be my biggest individual stock winner in both absolute/relative terms. The company was priced like its time in this world was coming to an end.

  28. Its dying if they dont like the person making the product.

  29. I don't think Facebook hate is much about Zuck, it's more about all the scandals the company has been involved in. Facebook is basically a modern day sin stock that many on reddit (me included admittedly) will refuse to invest in no matter how cheap it is, just like they do for other traditional sin stocks like tobacco companies.

  30. No you wasted money on trash ideass. No one cares about Harry and Meghan, who knows how much they were paid.

  31. Not to mention all the people they paid to move solely to their platform's podcasts like Joe Rogan.

  32. Your arguments seem to basically come down to "people will decide EV's are bad because of China", and "prices for EV's will never come down", both are ridiculous.

  33. As far as I know, from listening to Rob Maurer, they’re not recognizing the full amount right away, since they don’t consider to have delivered “full self driving”. However as they get closer and closer, they recognize more and more of that revenue.

  34. This. Tesla has recognized additional deferred FSD revenue before when delivering key new features like car summoning.

  35. While I agree that chip shortage and supply chain have largely been fake excuses, it's a hard fact that sales are entirely production constrained. Every unit built is effectively pre-sold. If they could have produced, say, 20% more units, those would all have sold too.

  36. You should do some research into the car market, especially the used car market. There's some car salesmen on Youtube who's videos have gotten a lot of attention in investing circles in recent months.

  37. Should I be worried about trying to enter the IT field with all these big tech names shrinking their workforce?

  38. From what I understand corporate spending on I.T. (as a percentage of their budget) has held relatively steady for a very long time even though recessions. So all else being equal, unless you're talking about a company that specializes in I.T. (i.e. they sell I.T. services) your job is probably just as safe as the average job at the business.

  39. She was also held at knifepoint in a park and several sources say she's been the victim of several crimes, likely due to her being unable to identify dangerous situations as easily.

  40. It may be a different woman with this disease that I read about, but the last time the "held up at knife point" story was posted here the source said that her fearlessness actually helped her in the robbery case. Basically the robber was apparently freaked out by her lack of fear that he didn't even take anything.

  41. Cisco is one of those Dotcom era companies that I would never invest in for one key reason: despite the 20+ years that have passed since the dotcom bubble (along with 20+ years of inflation) Cisco has still not been able to surpass their old Dotcom bubble highs.

  42. Queen of the Dead wear black clothing, this coloring fits a Necromancer.

  43. ATMs running win XP... Kudos to EA running a bit ahead of the game.

  44. Most ATMs still run applications written in COBOL, an ancient coding language only kept alive because it's deemed too expensive to migrate all the really important systems they run over to something more modern.

  45. The problem for PARA is that they're losing money in streaming, all while their Cable TV income and over the air broadcast income are both in decline. Both industries have been seeing a decline in viewers for a while.

  46. Warner Bros. is currently in the process of selling off properties to other studios and networks. If they released this, it's probably because they knew there's no chance in hell they'd be able to sell it.

  47. I don't agree with this. HBO has been canceling TV shows and movies that are already filmed, and they've made it clear that they're a tax write off, and not getting sold to someone else.

  48. If there’s one thing I absolutely will not consider it’s literally anyone’s opinion on the fair price of TSLA.

  49. Agreed. Professional stock analysts would have told you to sell TSLA at it's lows 3 years and then to pile a ton of money in when it had already run up a ton and was at all time highs.

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