1. I have nothing to lie about. I wouldn’t waste my time or anyone else’s time over something that was my fault. I’ve been using Patreon for a couple years now with no issues except for this fuck that is trying to rip me off.

  2. You sound like you may be dealing with some anger issues. Patreon isn't going to step in. They are a third party service and don't dictate what the artists can and can't do. Maybe just watch yourself on future discords?

  3. At the 10th reunion where they all came for Denise ,Rinna was the worse and had printed out messages from Denise to Brandi. Andy asked Denise if she minded if Lisa read them out. Too which Denise said “ Go ahead if Lisa is alright about me sharing the texts she sent me” Lisa panicked and asked if she was threatening her. So to me there was stuff Lisa had said about the show /Women to Denise when they were friends. Because if she had nothing to hide Lisa would have said go ahead.

  4. Something seems… off about him. Idk how to describe it.

  5. Just out of curiosity…what company? The marina? Because, just to clarify, ‘Marlin lives matter’ isn’t a company.

  6. the company was wlmapparal_clothing but they deleted their instagram after the controversy.

  7. One of their shirts was of a confederate flag with marlins in place of stars. Classy.

  8. They should just make a spin off called bachelor in stagecoach.

  9. Why does so much good shit happen at Stagecoach? We need cameras there at the very least. (for accountability as much as my entertainment)

  10. Good, he deserves to be happy! I love him and Alex. Political views aside he deserves someone who wants to be with him and doesn’t listen to others in bach nation about if they should stay together or not.

  11. Political views aside? Is hating immigrants kids enough the throw them over Trumps wall, hating trans and gay kids, bashing fat women and calling victims of a mass shooting actors what passes as politics to you? I'm so glad you love him. You sound like a great person.

  12. I’m not saying I condone anything. But I also find it very hard to believe that Becca had zero knowledge of his views on things the what 2 years they were together. If she disliked his views on anything and it was a dealbreaker for her she should have left long before anything was made public and Rachel made it clear she didn’t approve.

  13. Oh I am not defending Becca in any way! She absolutely sucks. And she stayed with him for 2 years! But he's still the actual villain.

  14. I think part of the issue is that there really isn't a space for rational-minded conservatives, which only further creates division and radicalization.

  15. No there isn't room for rational-minded conservatives because they don't exist anymore.

  16. I know someone who was friends with Zach's mom and said that she is very MAGA. This friend also used to live near their family and said the area is 80% Trumpy. Now she doesn't know Zach's current beliefs and as others here have pointed out, people can have differing beliefs from their family but seeing as he's extremely close to the parents and seeing as how Rachel said there was political talk in the fantasy suite and that they didn't align on some issues, I'd say he's Republican at least and a Trumper maybe.

  17. There's also all the articles and books and stuff.

  18. LOL. Cite some articles then. You are basing your opinion on "being a fan" and "listening to Juicy Scoop."

  19. The article is about Kathy and Kyle's mother. You came out of the gate literally accused Kathy of whoring out her sisters. Reading is fundamental.

  20. In his defense, paradise is like 20 days as opposed to The Bachelorette which is like 9 weeks.

  21. This is exactly why it doesn't sit right with me though. We're going to defend him because he's just there for some easy influencer money? Because if that's the case, and it probably is, he's thirsty AF since he was already an influencer from his season on the Bachelorette. He really needs to be more of an influencer? Enough to leave his young kid for 3 weeks? 3 weeks is not nothing in the life of a child, btw. Personally I think it's kind of gross and if your theory is right he's a user and exploiting his dead wife and his child for influencer money.

  22. Word on the street is that he’s angling to be the next bachelor after Zach hence the glow up and “my kid told me to date” theme.

  23. Bored AF is really funny. One of the hosts is a movie reviewer so she has a lot of gossip and they talk about a lot of pop culture but they are both comedians. If you like recap shows I like Pink Shade. Other than that I listen to mostly TC.

  24. GSJ has been problematic for several years! He's argumentative about it too. He was all proud of himself for his Blue Lives Matter bullshit during the George Floyd protests and he follows Candace Owens and is a proud Garrett supporter! How did Serena think that's attractive???

  25. I never enjoyed Kim Richards' alcoholism and relapse antics and really and truly never want to see her on the show. She is not a stable narcissist and I don't like to be genuinely worried about any housewife's mental health.

  26. Agree. I’m feeling the same about Sonja on RHONY. I can’t handle all the drinking. I don’t want to watch it anymore.

  27. Oh yeah, the Sonja stuff is awful to witness. And it never really gets better, only worse because alcoholism is progressive.

  28. I 100% agree. Cutting off toxic family members is often the healthier choice. I hate the whole "but that's your mom!" etc. More people need to set better boundaries.

  29. Her entire life was funded by money that belonged to victims and families of victims of people who survived horrible ordeals. She literally calls herself the victim because she says she lost everything. She had 21 million dollars of his money which was the victims' money. She currently has a glam squad, beautiful house, second bedroom dedicated to her clothes, multiple cars, and doesn't have to work other than shoot some scenes for a reality show. YET. She claims she has zero compassion for those "alleged victims" who may not be victims at all. She told us that she only cares about herself. So I truly don't get how you find her to be the victim. There is no scenario where she's completely innocent. Either she was involved in the scheme or she is trying to hold onto dirty money. There is no other option.

  30. Remember when they decided they would go from living together to NOT living together but EVERYTHING WAS FINE? Me too.

  31. I agree the show needed to address the racist act of blackface. Good for Rachel for putting her words into action. As for Becca, Michelle, Mike, Bryan, and Kaitlyn, I don't see them quitting the show. This show pays their bills and they are still supporting it.

  32. I tried to say something similar about Becca and was downvoted into oblivion. I deleted the post. Why does Rachel have to do all the heavy lifting all the time?

  33. Yeah look it’s good what she’s doing now but it’s not even clear Becca DID break up with Garrett for his views. She didn’t say so, and the way they were acting around the time made people think Garrett broke up with HER. She was with him for two years and probably would still be with him if he was ready to commit.

  34. Thank you! I was starting to feel crazy like I'm the only one who sees this!

  35. This isn’t fair to Becca at all. Taking race out of it, she was deeply in love with a person she thought she could change. I, along with a lot of others, always feel like we can change someone.

  36. She didn't do anything! She let Rachel L. do it. She never once put Garrett down even when she broke it off. And how is okay because she was deeply in love? So is Gabby but people are rightfully upset that Gabby isn't criticizing Erich more. I don't see how this is unfair to Becca. She STILL hasn't spoken out about Garrett.

  37. Where were all the fans to cast shade on Becca for staying with Garrett for TWO YEARS? His SM likes were recent and racist, misogynistic, bigoted and insanely awful. She barely discussed them on ATFR just to say "he's willing to learn." Now she gets to be part of the chorus of voices criticizing Gabby? I'm not buying what she's selling. Garrett was trash and continued to be trash and is currently trash and Becca has more explaining of her own to do! She never even came right out and said how despicable he is! She let Rachel L. do it!

  38. UPDATE: Zach has gone back and cleaned his twitter feed of all Chipotle references! This is outrageous. Did he think we wouldn't find out?

  39. Their fries suck. McDonald's are a hell of a lot better. There I said it.

  40. The hate for Tino is disproportionate at this point. I’m no fan but I think he’s suffered more than sufficient consequences. The pile on is kind of sickening. He did not seem okay on the show, let’s have some consideration for his mental health too

  41. I'm 100% team Tino at this point. Rachel has acted HORRIBLY. I just don't get the die hard support while this guy just twists.

  42. Yeah perfect, bring the Brett Kavanaugh stan, the "I don't believe women" housewife back. I'm sure she'll make RHOBH great again.

  43. I don't know. I watched the video three times and I didn't see a single actual tear. Is it possible a GFM is coming soon? Sorry to be cynical.

  44. She's a drama QUEEN!!!!!! She constantly starts shit and then plays a woe is me card whenever things don't go her way. Stop falling for this bullshit..

  45. As opposed to the rest of these women? She's the only one who actually called Erika out. I'll take that. Doesn't mean I enjoy her whining when it isn't warranted and I'll be the first to call her out.

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