1. So if free childcare would boost growth and the UK government has avoided doing this (and will continue to avoid it) does that mean the Tories are at the vanguard of the anti-growth coalition?

  2. Still such a binary conversation! What about joining the Customs Union? creating a bespoke one? The Single Market? Total lack of nuance, since 2016 😕

  3. Having previously voted Labour for generations, with nothing changing.

  4. Well now they have voted Tory and things have changed - they have lost 9 years of healthy life expectancy.

  5. Seems amazing to think that a year ago there were enough hard of thinking to give the Tories a poll lead.

  6. Ukraine was the main exporter of cheap car parking.

  7. That's nothing, it turns out that Putin underfunded the health service for over a decade - the absolute bastard!

  8. Whilst I appreciate a link to a clearly non-biased source (/S) I’m not going to take any video seriously that cuts someone off mid-interview, it feels like they are taking something out of context.

  9. Whilst I am not a fan of Starmer's stance - but understand the reasons behind it it - tory mouthpieces desperately trying to make it an issue makes me think the reasoning was correct.

  10. Yep, these once in a lifetime financial crises seem to be cropping up more than once a decade these days.

  11. Is this better or worse than a red white and blue government

  12. Tl;Dr Osborne's pension reforms and the frozen pension allowance highly incentivise retiring

  13. The thing is food price's are going up world wide so its not just a Brexit problem as its trying to make out.

  14. I don’t understand why they would tbh

  15. Does the existence of AirBnBs create additional demand then? Are people just travelling more than several decades ago? I suppose that's true to an extent. But I assume there is some competition with hotels as well.

  16. Initially yes. Airbnb was different to hotels and eas supposed to give a more "local" experience. It was also cheaper in most cases snd brought in a different kind of customer.

  17. Highways Agency, The road maintenance and "Traffic management vehicles" union doing Union stuff.

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