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  1. Is there an ATF requirement to have some sort of number engraved on an SBR? I am unaware of any such but this thread title implied some special relationship between SBRs and engraving.

  2. The manufacturer name, model and serial should already be in the lower or firearm. You need this info on your Eform1. I included an image with my application, some filers don’t include it and gets approved. Once approved, your name or trust names on approved Eform1 with the city and state needs to be engraved on the firearm.

  3. That light is an old workhorse. I love the wear on the finish. There is nothing in the world quite like a well used, well loved tool.

  4. What happens to my materials when I head to New game+ ?

  5. You satchel is empty when you start a new game+. No no leather, iron, silk, etc.

  6. We should do the same to their stuff

  7. Lol. Trump tried that and everyone said he is a racist

  8. To bad this little gem won’t get a lot of attention. This is low key the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while

  9. I agree with those saying GoT is good enough and should be a stand alone. I already don’t like how the directors cut shoe horned Jin’s father death into Iki island instead of the Yarikawa rebels.

  10. Hey all im trying to get the khans armor and I am stuck at the fishing village. I have found all the hostages and killed all of the mongols however the last 2 hostages will not come along and it says enemies are near by. I have run around the entire village and it’s clear…. Any idea how to complete the task?

  11. I’ve run into this problem a time or two. Crouch and listen and look up for red outlines on the second and third stories of buildings

  12. This! I too am looking for a way to have less light while I kill my batteries by converting all the volts to heat!

  13. This blade is small and unassuming. I read a review from 2016 that describes it as a tactical steak knife. I think that is spot on as the familiar profile and wooden grip make this look like a knife at home in any kitchen, but the thickness of the spine gives it the strength required from a knife that you would use in the field or to defend yourself with.

  14. As someone who’s building an Ar10 in .308 win to hunt with. How much was all this? I know it’s gonna hurt to hear it

  15. I remember when you could find these on sale for like 70 cents a round. Oh how times have changed

  16. Could you post a picture of what it looks Like when you’re aiming? I’ve never see one of these in person before and I’m curious.

  17. When looking through the scope, at the target, the kill flash is not visible at any magnification. It is impossible to ascertain that there is a kill flash at all without coming off the scope and looking at the front of the objective lens.

  18. How far were you looking? It most definitely plays a role at longer ranges. But I shoot small targets, not people

  19. From 10 yard to infinity on the parallax adjustment. One cannot see a flash kill in any scope at any time at any range.

  20. Very nice build out. It looks good. I also like your table.

  21. Thanks. I use it for photos a lot

  22. First impressions on the scope? Looking at that in either the 4-16x or 6-24x for my 20” AR10

  23. My impression so far is that is is a great value. I’d like something at a higher price point because I’d like an illuminated reticle. It is a good scope, very clear optics. The 6-24 zoom tuns easy. The reticle is crisp. The parallax adjust also is very smooth.

  24. If you can't trust them with a gun, don't trust them in society. The 2nd amendment doesn't make an exception for felons. We shouldn't keep punishing a person after they've served their time.

  25. Definitely not a bad idea. At least your able to separate the two ideas. Seems like few people are able to have a thought without believing it should be forced on people.

  26. The most dangerous words in the English language: “there ought to be a law…”

  27. Sadly, I bought the wrong knife, the "Williams HZT 004", instead of the largest, ??? 002. (HZO 001 or 002?) If there's anyone who would like to sell or trade his largest modell, please let me know. It would mean the world to me. And I'm okey if it's used, even hard as long as it is not broken in any way.(

  28. Also, keep checking the Williams website. The HZO 004 will drop someday and you will have your Otanto.

  29. You have the numbers and letters mixed up.

  30. We do not have any, but Mk Machining would be a good one to check out, as already mentioned ,and Tenebraex would be another option to look at.

  31. Will Tenebraex flashkills made for other makes of scope in 50mm objective thread onto the above model?

  32. It would depend on the thread pitch. If we had to guess, no. Finding one to slip over the objective lens would be the better fit. Otherwise, here is the tread pitch for the Diamondback Tactical FFP 6-24x50 objective: M52.5x0.75

  33. Thank you so very much for the info!

  34. If it’s a stainless blade, I second this.

  35. My dad was stationed in West Germany in the 50s while in the Army. He had that exact knife when I was a child in the 70s. He passed on in 1980. I would give much to have my fathers knife.

  36. It shares a common purpose with the Fairbairn-Sykes. A little more production quality provides the leaf shape rather than parallel edges. This provides better slashing without sacrificing penetration. The trade-off is increased cost.

  37. Welcome from the DMV (District Maryland Virginia)! That is a great looking bike. I really like your mods.

  38. I think it is easily the best looking mod goin. An absolute most.

  39. Man I really like that setup but why does it have to be $300+??

  40. Nobody told you this was a cheap hobby🤣

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