1. I think when it originally aired it was made to feel like boys were watching more of a "grown up" cartoon what with all the action and that cinematic kind of soundtrack. It felt fresh but it's got those rigid good guy/bad guy archetypes with very little nuance, not like today's more complicated characters. It's gonna be seen as a kids show, but some of the storylines are still pretty good.

  2. Just grease it up. Should last a couple decades.

  3. okay so is the second pic photoshopped or did someone mod their watch?

  4. Would love to have a turbo button and LED display on a modern PC for shits/giggles.

  5. Hint: You can easily repaint the light button with some yellow paint, a toothpick, paint thinner and a q-tip.

  6. Thanks for the hint. Could you recommend color brand/type for this, please?

  7. A little bottle of Testors yellow paint and their paint thinner will do the trick.

  8. There isn't enough money in it, to go back and reprint games for their original system. I personally have no interest in paying near $100 for a reprint, burned on cheap NAND flash chips that will go inoperable way before the original mask ROM carts will. I don't care how much xeroxed artwork you include in the box.

  9. On some of the licensed reprints they go for above the original price (sometimes double the price) on the secondary market, so demand is there.

  10. The demand is there for the few that want them. That doesn't necessarily translate into thousands of copies sold to make it worthwhile. There is a reason they only do limited runs at high prices.

  11. $100 high for a licensed repro vs $5000 high for an original like say Earthbound is a no-brainer.

  12. I͚̹̟͐̓̿t'̟̺̮̝͋̽͝͞s ͖̼̾͛18̡̛̯̦̩͒̈́̌:̰̟́͝6̇͜2̭̀ o̰̿ ̩̺̱̍̽̊ĉ̗̤̻̗̝͊̂̇͌l̰̰̬̠̎̊̑̕ȯ̠̮̪̖͓̿̔͗͂ck̮͒.̦͎͚̹̐̋̇̇

  13. I remember a version with more refined graphics and a floating Mario head voiced by Charles Martinet. Might be the same one, IDK.

  14. I didn't have this one, but I had the Hot Wheels version. I rode that thing, slamming brakes, spinning out, to the point that all the wheels had holes in them from sliding on the driveway.

  15. The front wheel was notorious for splitting in half after a while, and sometimes the handlebar would straight up pop off mid-ride. Wild times.

  16. I watched it recently and it held up a lot better than I expected.

  17. Did Cammy crash the car, or did she cause the car crash?

  18. My dad wore one of these for many years before he passed away. Unfortunately we can’t seem to find it. I went on eBay and found this one as a non runner.

  19. So cool to see old Casios resurrected. These models were total tanks and had a pretty successful run into the 90s. Condolences on your dad's passing.

  20. Probably check the screws. Usually the fakes have phillips screws on the back case but Casios use phillips screws with an extra long slot on one axis for a flat head screwdriver.

  21. Can I ask, are the module numbers on the back of these watches the same? I'm trying to find a definitive way to identify the incandescent backlight versions apart from the LED versions, as I'd like to buy one to add to my collection. So far I've come up with nothing conclusive though.

  22. The ones with the white light say Assembled in Korea on the back instead of Made in China. The rest is the same.

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