1. Last time I cried was in bed because I finally got a loving and caring gf who means so much to me, and I struggled with horrible loneliness for a good long while, and I realized finally found someone who genuinely loves me for who I am

  2. German one looks like one of the Spetnaz soldiers from MGSV: Phantom Pain. Good job

  3. These are so badass! Love the face decals

  4. It's ironic to hear Sonny there complaining about people that give criticism but can't take it when a few weeks back he couldn't handle everyone here calling him out and downvoting him.

  5. https://www.heroforge.com/load_config%3D17227139/

  6. Woah what did you do for the sleeves? Gauntlets? Great work by the way!

  7. basic plate mail gauntlets! sorry for the late reply

  8. God that first one is so simple but it’s SO fucking good! Great work!

  9. Someone tried to do this and nab squad lead from me, so the second I place an order they just leave. actually pathetic lol

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