1. Are you really a uranium glass collector if you don't have at least three juicers.......

  2. I cannot find one for a reasonable price or in the wild at the thrifts for some reason. Been collecting for like 18 months and have about 70 pieces too.

  3. It doesn't count as in the wild, and it's technically cheating, but this link has lots where you can pick up some really great stuff for next to nothing. ----- it's a great place to look for the random shit that we all love ------

  4. But be sure to play it one or two seconds behind so it doesn't mash up and makes them irritated with the delay

  5. It looks exactly like obsidian, not sure how'd you see that color and composition and not see obsidian.

  6. A great starting staple, I have 2 or 3 juicers myself love like ve love ve them💜💜

  7. I'm just a pita with my pickiness when it comes to these things lol I'm from Austin so over priced things kill me cause it's out of control here.

  8. A bit pricey but I'd pay it for a full set in that condition especially because it will only appreciate in value

  9. This has to be one of my favorite displays I've ever seen it's really creative and I am absolutely sick with jealousy for your lamp!!! 10 points for creativity and not going with a black painted black light hutch like the rest of us. (Or me where my pieces are just strewn about a table that makes it somewhat resemble in an estate sale lol)

  10. Omg thank you! It's all spring-based plate hangers and L-hooks for the two smallest pieces. I've since acquired a salt and pepper shaker set, two milkshake glasses, a lidless cookie jar, a sherbet cup, and a shallow dish with legs. No idea how to display any of those but I'm brainstorming ways now.

  11. Hear me out "floating shelves" your system is amazing!! Plus even a cheaper wild catch is better than a perfectly procured antique purchase. I again find myself sick with jealousy!

  12. Sorry I uploaded the pics before i circled the marks. Yes it's the white lines going down the middle and that spot on the lower right. I removed the screen protector last year.

  13. It looks too modern to be uranium, maybe a modern UV powder piece??

  14. There are a lot of ways but the number one way is going to be looking for the imperfections depression era and uranium glass will frequently have painfully visible seams bubbles and sometimes inclusions. This is from the poor quality of glass production that was done during the depression and earlier compared to modern techniques. Also in my experience uranium glows inconsistently many times with it being the brightest where the seams are and at the edges. When something has a solid consistent bright glow like this it tends to mean that it's either a really late piece in production or modern. But at the end of the day the only way to know for sure is a geiger counter. ETA: Style also comes into play, with obvious Deco and nouveau dating from the twenties and thirties for example. Also, many modern UV pieces also won't have a recognized Maker's Mark so you can't date them the same way that you could with depression era and uranium glass because there are catalogs of the makers of these pieces and what the specific marks mean for the date and part of the country or world that the piece was made.

  15. Answer: It's called "foldable optimization" where apps will change size so that they can fit the orientation of your fold screen. The way that you can adjust this is occasionally by opening the app in the phone mode and then flipping the screen open afterwards that doesn't always work though. There are also that will allow you to independently adjust the aspect ratio of individual apps so that they better fit the original ratio.

  16. OMG ikr I hate when ppl comment with their opinions on a post asking for information. I was able to figure out the why though, and a work around I'll be posting soon.

  17. I have so many of those things that I find them randomly in drawers and in the crevices nooks and crannies of my car and I have no idea when any of them are from but I know some of them are blue lol All day expire in 60 days nine have a date. They may not all even be from the same city.

  18. I use dial on a soft bristle mechanical tooth brush set to low in a tiny circle pattern like I'm brushing a baby's teeth. That works with most water safe crystals too.

  19. Did you call it that because you wanted to troll or are you really that unaware of where you live Asking for a city that is tired of people moving here.

  20. ¡¡¡¡¡Please do not put them microwave or dishwasher!!!!! This will damage the pieces over time, ruin their surface with micro abrasions, and could cause the pieces to break. (Which would be a tragedy.) Hand wash with a gentle washing up/dishwashing liquid then air dry laid flat on a towel or other similar soft surface. A lot of these pieces are made from hundred plus year old glass, that can do weird things when heated. They are safe to use, but please use sparingly, not for any other reason than that it will prolong the life of the pieces. When you store them if you're going to store them in a cabinet stacked, please make sure you put at least a double folded paper towel in-between them to avoid chipping or glass on glass abrasions. I'd recommend not stacking them at all. I believe that we do not own these items, as it would be presumptuous to think we could own something over a century old. We're just taking care of them for a while, on their journey across the (at this point) millennia.

  21. What pieces are you considering selling? I seea few id be interested in

  22. If you can inbox me what you're interested in, and where your located I can see if I can get a price and shipping cost for you.

  23. A lot of this is unremarkable in terms of what it will bring price wise. Custards and plates are very common pieces, though unchipped or cracked pitchers and measuring cups are desired. Incomplete candy dishes, or anything that should have a lid is lessened in value considerably. Anything that has damage will be largely unwanted because there are a lot of mint pieces out there that can be had at not much more, price wise. Your bowls might be of interest, depending on condition, but not nearly to your financial needs.

  24. Also I didn't think I was going to clear the balance with just the glass I have other things that I'm selling but not things that I'm so emotionally attached to as my uranium glass collection. I've been wanting to get into uranium glass my whole life and finally found myself in a position where I was financially able to a few years ago. Things go really tight really fast and now I'm having to sell some of it off, but I'm also selling my old video game and stereo equipment from the 80s and other things I collect of value.

  25. Sometimes crystals just have a tint to them because of the composition of the minerals. The way I generally clean crystals is to take a soap like dial and use a mechanical toothbrush on low to massage any dirt out. Whatever stays after that is part of the crystalline structure imo

  26. Hey! Somtimes you can’t fully clean a crystal and there may be some dirt, but some things that can help clean it is: gentle baby soap/ baby wipes, micro fiber towel, q-tips, and more. You can buy polisher for crystals and can buy things to polish it and make it shiny. I really hope this help! Remember always make sure if you can put water on your crystal first because some crystals like selenite dissolve and can be toxic!

  27. It may also be sandstone sediment or chalcedony inclusions, no?

  28. It looks like an ammonite cast. I can't see the segmentation of the inner shell.

  29. HOLY SHIT IS THAT A SQUIRREL!!!! I am so jealous right now it hurts!

  30. OMG me too!! I would play it so cool if I found that but be internally screaming

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