1. i think they should just stick with the tweaking specific settings in the menu

  2. I just really hope Bonelab isn't gonna be taken over by quest 2 gorilla tag kids

  3. You forgot to mention that the laptop needs to have a Thunderbolt 3 connector for that method to work...

  4. aw shoot. okay my laptop doesnt have a thunderbolt 3 connector idk why i never thought to check but do i just stop trying to do the whole egpu thing or is there any different way to do it

  5. by a mount do you mean like how some people have it kinda like this person?

  6. Please, shut up, its a placeholder. I'm going to guess your a quest 2 kid who plays gorilla tag

  7. i have a quest 2, yes and i have a very capable pc to play other games like blade and sorcery or boneworks and i have them installed ready to play through airlink or normal oculus link at any time, and no i dont play gorilla tag and if you see posts like this a lot, im not on reddit 24/7 and i just posted this because i was curious.

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