1. I switched recently after being with virgin for 11 years. I don’t feel a difference.

  2. Before I made the switch I was pretty familiar with negotiating terms with virgin. The whole “loyalty” team thing. I told them the offer I had at shaw and they said they couldn’t match it. I then switched providers within minutes of that phone call (pre ordered the shaw SIM card). After I made the switch and shaw made the request to have my number ported over I got a phone call from Virgin. They said they would offer me the same deal shaw did if I switched back. I already paid the new sign up fee for shaw and told virgin it would have to be a better offer then what shaw gave me, that they couldn’t just match the offer now that I switch. She said she would call back but never did. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. I had a friend who recently left. The work that they did they loved, but the expectations and work load put on the team was not healthy. Their executives were not providing the support they needed when it came to resources. And these same executives didn’t understand the importance of the work they were doing.

  4. Its insane. I feel you. Recently a unit became available in my building. Identical to mine. They are advertising it at 62% more the. What i currently pay. I honestly feel trapped.

  5. I'm not in vic but a fairly recently built "affordable" apartment building here had the price of one bedroom units go up from 1200 to 1500 in a year. Was almost affordable last year for me but not anymore.

  6. Truly mind boggling. I could not afford to live in my apartment if i were to move in today.

  7. I like that we can see progression from the participants. Rather then just 1 make-over and performance episode.

  8. You’d think restaurants would realize that when wages don’t keep up with inflation, dining out is one the easiest things to cut back on.

  9. The season starts with a split premiere (nothing unusual). When the queens meet on episode 3, they find out the other queens are their ex partners from a past romantic relationship.

  10. I have beta access. But I’m not really a fan of the 5v5. I feel I have to be better hahaha.

  11. The question is about drag race UK. Meaning UK references

  12. Waiting for tonight. Every time I hear that song now all I can think of is the chaos of all those queens lip syncing for their life on stage.

  13. Being on 1 season of a Canadian reality tv show doesn’t quite compare to Taylor Swift in my opinion.

  14. I’ve had terrible seasonal allergies all my life. Like really bad. But this year nothing.

  15. We are the employers! Encourage your family and friends in victoria to get out and vote this fall :).

  16. Could be true, I mean they can be pretty flexible with the order of the challenges this season since everyone will always be there

  17. Grindr isn’t just/meant for gay men. As per the description of the app in the App Store.

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