1. It’s extremely conventional, but I don’t do it in my adulthood because I don’t care about anniversaries. Every day with my S.O. is special and important to me.

  2. I absolutely love art. My whole life revolves around art. My collection of antique books has some of the most beautifully embellished bindings. Even my bookmarks are special. My practice of writing poetry is one of the many art forms to be indulged. My wardrobe consists of elaborate vintage clothing which was masterfully crafted by artists of different cultures. My designer journals are replications from various centuries and decorated with charms and endpaper, antique wax seal stamps, illuminated stationary, washi tapes and hand-collected ephemera, my photographs, my calligraphy art, and colorful inks, my sketches, paints, and artists' tools; all contained within my elegant writer's bag, the exterior of which I stamped an 18th-century textile onto, and the interior which contains brooches and pins...but my bedroom has the designated purpose for sleeping. It has forever eluded me why people so much time and attention into decorating their rooms. Such things are a distraction from dreaming about my next art project. The blank walls are the canvas onto which I project my mind's eye; the most important artwork of all. I don't even have a bed.

  3. What’s a copypasta? Beds take up too much space, and I don’t need them to sleep.

  4. It’s okay; this can be fixed with off white correction tape, or washi tape. The watermarks certainly give it character.

  5. This is awesome; the marble pattern, the washi tapes, the pressed flowers. Love it.

  6. Why can't you put sticky notes in a library book? And yes, you can highlight using

  7. I keep them up because I try to practice the art of writing while journaling.

  8. Exactly. The "jam writing" technique aside, these answers are quite disturbing. Such flippant attitudes probably correlate with the plummeting literacy rate. I hope these comments are from very young children.

  9. I'm trying to better understand how you formatted your entries; can you post close-ups of your writing?

  10. Congratulations on overcoming the fear that holds so many people back from experiencing beautiful life changes! Yes, it can be whatever you want it to be. Welcome to the club.

  11. This reminds me of the homeless guy who would pick up women so that he didn't have to sleep on the streets. Get game.

  12. This feels like divine synchronicity to me because it was only recently that I discovered that

  13. haha same here. I read it when I was young, and it stayed with me, I thought it was great. A couple years ago I tried to read the sequel and couldn't make it through.

  14. That's why I stopped recommending objects of interest past without revisiting them first. I would tell people x movie or y book was great [based on my memory of it], and then they'd think less of me after seeing it for themselves.

  15. The word "bible" means book, so yes, it should be encouraged to post them here.

  16. It’s just blank inside, no lines or anything.

  17. A few petite journals in my possession are used for poetry, affirmations, little notes and gratitude, but none are in micro size; just midi. I see people making entire entries in very small journals! It’s crazy.

  18. Beautifully put. All of my journals are a mess, so I agree that it’s not what’s important. I get my value from using them, and I usually don’t worry too much about wasting any of my notebooks, since I adore working in them!

  19. Search on other websites for it. It was a six-month duration before I finally found my intricate inlays journal.

  20. I have dreams like this and it’s always horrified me how people like you have to see this while waking. I hope you can find a new med combo that helps. But it sounds like you’re doing ok. I’m so so sorry, this is just and awful disease to be cursed with. Not to say you’re bad!

  21. Your comment reminds me of when I had a repetitive nightmare for a decade. As with all nightmares, I would wake up and be relieved to find it wasn't real. One day, the nightmare came true. I waited for days and days to wake up. It took a while to sink in that this was my waking reality. It’s one of the worst things that ever happened to me, but it’s just funny how my brain was unable to distinguish reality from my nightmare.

  22. Because things change, no matter what. All things have a beginning and an end. Good things end, and the bad does, too.

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