1. He’s an actor that plays a role in a movie. It’s beyond me how anyone can hate or dislike something like that. We’re talking fiction here not reality. I guess people will hate anything nowadays.

  2. Agreed. Every PT I know including myself lives an active lifestyle with some form of training or sports or yoga, meditation etc.

  3. Purely 50/50. I can be super extroverted at work with all my patients but my social battery is absolutely drained at the end of the day and I need at least an hour or two of pure silence before I’m ready to even make small talk with my husband

  4. Me too my friend❤️ I’m so happy to see so many likeminded introverts that are also physiotherapists!!

  5. Used to be 100% introvert but after interacting with patients for so long, I just have an on/off switch from extrovert to introvert while on the clock.

  6. I think I learned that as well over the years hehe. That switch becomes useful in other areas of life as well. The cool thing is one can just switch off the brain and do other stuff mentally while outwardly seeming interested in the other person hehe.

  7. I’m pretty sure a lot of people in all their careers feel the same way. It has gotten to the point where employers don’t appreciate good employees and so many people just do what it takes to get by. I’m doing home health and I hate it when we’re real busy but when we’re slow and I can take more time with a patient, I like it a lot more.

  8. After over 7 years at my current workplace I have reached that point as well - I only do the least amount expected of me to fulfill my contract and nothing more than that. It’s just not worth it.

  9. I liked them all. I can’t wait to see how their characters develop over the next movies❤️

  10. I’ve done guided breath relaxation techniques with chronic pain patients and taught them how to do it at home.

  11. Sorry can’t help here - just wanted to wish you a fruitful retreat. What you’re doing is incredibly wholesome🙏🏾

  12. Serving. I’ve been on and off at one restaurant for 8 years so my situation is a little different, and they allow me to just pick up shifts when I want and not be consistently on the schedule. Every restaurant in my area is always desperate for servers, and I imagine it’s the same in many other places. I come late on Fridays from my FT job and I’ll work 5-9/10, or I’ll work 4-9/10 on Saturday. I made an extra $850 on 4 shifts in January, which isn’t bad imo. My serving job is honestly easy as hell, and it’s a nice break from the therapy world.

  13. Man that’s nice. I’m thinking of doing some wellness massage as a side hustle and may take 5 patients a week or so.

  14. I wish for one too. I had a best friend that I have known for many years. Now he’s got a girlfriend and I’m out in the cold. He has never time for me and I never hear from him anymore. I’ve decided to just end it here since I see no point in this friendship anymore.

  15. I remember of my friends and classmates had one and I was in love with it. I wish they would make a black MacBook Pro. It would be awesome.

  16. It’s illegal to discriminate against pregnancy when hiring staff although financially it doesn’t make much sense for a clinic owner to hire someone who’ll be away on maternity leave shortly after and then having to spend more time and money hiring yet another PT. Some owners may not have the money to do that these days with inflation, post corona, war in Ukraine, energy crisis etc.

  17. You’re going to cause pain. As long as you’re not injuring a patient, don’t worry about it. Listen to your patients, adjust and move on. Stop comparing yourself to others. There’s always someone better with more experience. You’ll spend the rest of your career feeling like crap. Just do your thing, learn and improve as you go.

  18. That’s great advice and very wise words. So much bad stuff comes from comparing oneself to others. I’m still working on that as well.

  19. We’re all works in progress. You got this. Cheers.

  20. The other thing to watch out for is that sometimes those jobs don't actually exist, they can be posted by hiring agencies, they get you to apply and then turn around and say sorry this job isn't available but I have this other opportunity that just happens to pay a lot less. I have seen the same thing with the travel market.

  21. I thought I’ve seen it all. That’s a disgusting practice. Isn’t that illegal to post a position that doesn’t exist?

  22. You have to be able to either back it up with data that you are outproducing coworkers or other clinics, or you need an offer in hand with another job. I’ve done both successfully in the past. It’s stressful, but if you have demonstrated your worth and the clinic can’t afford to lose you then you have leverage and can hold your ground. If you’re expendable then you have to tread a little softer.

  23. Always get such stuff checked out. Might not be anything after all but it’s important to solve such stuff if present. Good luck.

  24. I give them 10-15 minutes. If it’s a patient that’s done it before I sometimes only give them 5 min.

  25. I’m looking at the possibility of getting into a contract with rent costing 1300 per month and goes up 200 every two mo the for the first 6 months progressively. Probly too much to begin with, as a new cash pay business. The plus side is that it’s part of a group, so I may get referrals.

  26. I hope that’s a joke - 1300$ AND going up 200$ every 2 months for 6 months. I smell a scam.

  27. this is good if you're rarely taking it out of your house, as 18" screens are a little too big for good portability

  28. I don’t think the laptop will be that much larger if they slim the bezels even more. But you’re right that an 18 inch laptop is a pretty significant extra carry weight and it will be interesting to see how it fits in sleeves and bags.

  29. Thanks. Regarding the Scar 18, I only found this article and it says Q1:

  30. I need yout advice regarding gpu driver update as 980M user. My driver version stuck at version 446.14. If i update the driver i cant play anu games(witcher 3, batmat,etc) but if thats why i rollback update back to 445.14 version. Any suggestion?

  31. Need to check my own driver. I don’t think I’ve updated it for a while. I never had any problems with this laptop.

  32. I have a GTX 980M on my MSI Dominator Pro that’s 6 years old and it still works flawlessly.

  33. It will only do that if the chassis is roomy and the cooling system is beefy and highly effective. Or else you won’t gain much.

  34. Well it depends on the laptop. If it has a roomy chassis with a beefy and effective cooling system that allows the 4090 to stretch its legs then you will have top tier performance which might make it overkill for some apps and games.

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