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  1. Or you can homestead in areas of low population density and be as close to self sufficient as possible so it won’t matter how long it takes for the infrastructure to be rebuilt. The reason the infrastructure comes back quicker in densely populated areas is because is because the people there don’t have access to the naturally occurring resources necessary to survive long term without it.

  2. I also homestead and that’s why I said as close to self sufficient as possible. I am not dumb enough to think I can make it forever on my own but I can damn sure make it longer than someone in the suburbs. And the things I can’t produce on my own are the things I prep or I prep for not having them. Things like making sure I have the hand tool to do the same work I normally use electric or gas for, or having the parts on hand to convert my well into a hand pump, or having a root cellar and a wood smoker so that I can easily preserve food I would normally refrigeration to store. No one is ever going to be completely self sustaining but unless my house and my barn burn down my well pump explodes my root cellar collapses and I become deathly ill all at once I am fairly confident I can make it at least a couple years.

  3. Been insane where I am at. Thought wouldn’t be because of gas prices but it hasn’t stopped people from getting on the water at all.

  4. I didn’t even consider that but it could totally make sense, I was totally thinking on the same lines of OP because that’s a joke I would make for that reason, but now I’m wondering if my brain is just dark

  5. His would be too. Foster child tend to develop a very dark sense of humor about about their abusive or neglectful lives once they escape them. It’s seems perverse to an outside observer but it is a very effective tool for coping with or overcoming trauma.

  6. Yes and I also use my middle name for everything other legal documents where I am required to write my full name.

  7. huh! well good for you! (reminds me of the Fae and Reasons For Middle Names, lol)

  8. It should.My biological parents were both from Ireland and researching the culture as a child is what gave me the idea. I also frequently use the name I was born with (it was changed when I got adopted) for restaurant reservations and the like.

  9. Counter proposal. Buy shit tons of fireworks and go launch them at your federal representative.

  10. No, but i suspect stopping and/or going as fast as possible are equally against the rules and both make you look like a pos

  11. There are 2 in my town and at both of them you are specifically instructed to only use the brake in the areas designated by signage and openly encouraged to go as fast as possible everywhere else.

  12. Double my current pay. I like working a lot and overtime doesn’t bother me but it really bothers me that I have to work 50 plus hours a week in order to pay my bills.

  13. Fun fact. The music was most likely not why the owl was bobbing it’s head. Their eyes do not move in the socket like human eyes do so when they Bob their heads like that it helps to judge distance and positioning of things around them.

  14. I’ve been planning for years to have a huge national park road trip for my 40th birthday next year. Now I’m thinking it’s gonna be a cabin at Table Rock Lake instead.

  15. Mark Twain would be a good option. Lots of gorgeous views out the and it’s not much further than table rock.

  16. So I spent a few years managing a candle store and the best advice I have is buy the more expensive candles. They use a higher quality was that burns slower. In addition to that buy a wick trimmer and always cut your wick to 1/ eighth of an inch before you light your candle and make sure to let it burn long enough that it melts all the way to the edges of the container.

  17. So the gardening part of my brain is intrigued but the nerd part of my brain just started screaming “EXTERMINATE!”

  18. I might do that! I have a feeling they’d be quick to comply so I might just stick a friendly note in their mailbox

  19. If you are in the United States I would not recommend that. It is against federal law to put anything in anyone’s mailbox that is not had US postage paid on it. Most people aren’t going to care. But if your neighbor decides to be a dick about it you could have to pay some pretty hefty fines.

  20. Ehh the chances of the post office investigating an anonymous note are slim to none. The rule is more so other delivery services dont use it.

  21. The head of my HOA had to pay a 3,000 dollar fine when someone complained about him doing exactly this.

  22. I know what will get people to stop profiling me, behaving like the person they’re profiling me as.

  23. It’s a car wash… have people on Reddit never been to a car wash where you get the inside cleaned. You give you car over, they wash the outside and then bring it around and detail the inside, most places have places you can go inside and watch your car being detailed. The noise your hear in the back is the vacuums. I’m amazed by how many people aren’t able to pick up that bit of context.

  24. I have never been to a car wash where someone washed my car for me let alone detail the inside of it.

  25. Whats the carwash there like? Where im from its pretty common and i pay only US$2(converted)

  26. You can either go through one of the automated drive throughs or you can pull into a stall and do it yourself. I usually go with the second one.

  27. Still haven’t finished. Having a rough time getting through it honestly.

  28. Not everything is for everyone, don't feel pressure to love it! I have a feeling the lore will be important to c3, if you watch that, but just read up later if lore matters to you.

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