1. I wouldn't call it a disease but I do think a lot of cases stem from emotional issues. Poor life choices and negative reinforcement.

  2. Actually its primarily about access to fresh and healthy food, not just good individual choices. There’s a direct relationship between obesity and poverty, which seems contradictory on its face because you’d think less money = less food = less weight. But the quality of food that’s available to poorer communities is way lower than wealthier communities. They might only be able to afford heavily processed foods with lots of excess fat and sodium, or they live in a food desert meaning the processed food is all they have available. For instance, Native American communities have high rates of obesity and diabetes, because after much of their farmland was stolen from them, the US government and big businesses gave them highly processed rations and groceries.

  3. no one forced her to have sex or unprotected sex - if she's mature enough to have sex, she's mature enough to understand the risks. in cases where WAS forced to have sex, then your argument applies.

  4. Getting impregnated and being pregnant are two entirely different things. Consenting to sex does not automatically mean consenting to 9 months of pregnancy. You can take birth control, use condoms, have an IUD, but there’s always that rare chance it doesnt work. An accident is not consent. A broken condom isnt a contract.

  5. Consenting to skydiving doesn't mean consenting to hitting the pavement at terminal velocity but it's a risk regardless.

  6. How do they arrest 2 guy's for assault? You think they like flip a coin? Or do they make them fight it out.. loser is the assaulter.. I bet they actually do that! Literally!

  7. Yeah, they arrest both of you. How is this the first you’re hearing about this? Literally if two guys start assaulting each other, they will both get arrested, unless its a very clearcut case of self-defense.

  8. So.... Like spontaneous combustion? But assault.. I thought assault was only if you attacked someone else.. I'm obviously not a lawyer

  9. Because different diseases mutate at different rates. Covid is a coronavirus, which is in the same category as the common cold, except much more severe. We don’t even bother making vaccines for the common cold, because it’s so mild, and it mutates so quickly that a vaccine against it would only last for a few weeks before a much different strain comes along.

  10. Segregation: the separation or isolation of a race, class, or ethnic group by enforced or voluntary residence in a restricted area, by barriers to social intercourse, by separate educational facilities, or by other discriminatory means.

  11. They were separated, voluntarily, by race. There was one ceremony, then another separate one that was NOT for everyone

  12. Lmao you’re trying so hard to paint black solidarity as anti-white racism. You realize racism still exists, right? This second ceremony exists to give black students a better sense of community at a mostly-white school, it’s not about “separating” them from white students, its about celebrating and valuing black success in a society that is stacked against them.

  13. Haha. Well there ya go. But ultimately the survival of the species is paramount. Our species is still unique for the amount of termination of births. We kill ourselves, kill our unborn babies. We have politicians that cheer it on. Media that celebrates it.

  14. We got 7 billion people on this planet, our survival is not in question. Or at least, having sex for pleasure isn’t the thing threatening our survival, we already have plenty of people, and plenty of kids in the foster system who need families.

  15. I'm not. I hope we get wiped out. I want Nature to destroy our species, recycle our bodies and build something better.

  16. Yeah, we all know Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist, basically every modern field of science was founded by some racist 100 years ago. Modern gynecology is all based on the experiments of a man who removed enslaved women’s uteruses without anesthetic, modern psychology wouldn’t be the same without the Stanford prison experiment, the field of immunology would be years behind without the inhumane Tuskeegee syphilis experiment, and countless scientific advancements by the US government after World War II were thanks to the work of Nazi scientists the US government employed. It’s a disgusting history, but it doesn’t make those modern day fields of medicine automatically illegitimate.

  17. Well it’s kind of hard to protest the entire world economy being affected by multiple economic factors like the pandemic, russia going to war, increased fossil fuel consumption, fossil fuel regulation, and increasing scarcity of oil. Like, who are you protesting against? Are you just screaming at God?

  18. You really haven't seen any news on celebrities getting their kids hormone shots?That is the beginning of all sex changes.You really hadn't read about that?

  19. Hormones are not “gender reassignment“. “Gender reassignment” is the name of the surgery. If you’re gonna talk shit about trans people, just do it accurately please, because you aren’t doing yourself any favors by misunderstanding terminology and mixing things up. If you’re trying to talk about hormonal treatments, call it HRT or hormone replacement therapy. And I’m not saying this to be a woke-scold or anything, I’m just telling you to use the correct terminology so you can have clear and accurate discussions about this kind of thing.

  20. OK first of all, that’s a terribly written article hahaha, its like two paragraphs and doesnt even say what the treatment is, just calling it “hormonal” and “drugs”. Also, the source they cited for this claim is a Russian tabloid, and they didn’t even link the article the claim is from. I looked it up and can’t even find the site anymore.

  21. I think you may have missed the point. Actually, you're 180 degrees off. Dems have tried to suggest that by using these EXACT words Trump committed sedition. If you have a tv, you're probably aware that there have been trials focused almost entirely on these EXACT words. Now, useless mouth breathers like Maxine Waters say EXACTLY the same thing that they have called seditious when Trump said it and there is no reaction. Well, no reaction except for boot lickers like you who are trying to twist this.

  22. The difference is that Trump‘s words encouraged a crowd of people to break into the capital, assault police officers, and threaten to hang the VP, all to “stop the steal” by interfering with the certification of the election.

  23. So when a democrat says “fight like hell” its a literal call to seditious violence, but when Trump said “We fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore” to his supporters an hour before they stormed the capitol, that’s totally innocent right?

  24. Yeah its almost like she…. I dunno… didnt expect maga rioters to storm the damn capitol. Yknow, because thats never happened before in the history of the United States.

  25. Lol and of course the racist didn’t bother to actually read his own link, that takes brain cells and effort.

  26. What are you talking about? It was never claimed that Africa's comparatively lower IQ was due to race? Why are people like you so obsessed with race?

  27. Dude the whole “Black people genetically have a lower IQ“ idea that the guy was implying is one of the oldest racist stereotypes in the book. And don’t pretend that implication wasn’t there, because the guy was clearly saying that IQ is to blame for Africa’s financial failure, which also implies that he thinks Africans just aren’t as smart as people from other continents.

  28. Wouldn't that protect the grandmothers though? I mean, if you caught the pussy omicron version and hardly suffered effects but were immune to it thereafter, would that stop the spread?

  29. No, because the omicron variant is different enough that antibodies against omicron don’t always protect against delta or other variants

  30. Oh, so the shots aren't going to have that edge either?

  31. Hence why we get boosted, so we have resistance to newer strains without getting infected by them first

  32. Smh man of course not, its the old cultural norm that counter-culture moved us past a long time ago. Bringing that dusty old practice out of retirement is just a return to a pre-“counter-culture” culture. The whole point of being counter-culture is to do new things, being bold and daring and challenging the mainstream, not sticking to a mainstream from 50 years ago.

  33. Being counter culture is not about that, my friend. Being counter culture is being against the current culture, these people think the modern culture is leftists, im willing to agree with them, do you understand now?

  34. If it’s killing another person it’s nothing to do with her body, it’s not like her body by itself created it. It took two people, there is no difference than shooting someone in the street than having an abortion besides that one is at a later stage in life. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or what you believe, the western world has laws against murder and going out in the street committing mass genocide so shit like abortion should not be legal.

  35. Nobody’s been killed for being straight, because the killer thinks straight people are bad. Like of course straight men have been killed for fucking the wrong guy’s wife, and straight women have been killed over who they slept with to, but no straight people have been killed for the mere fact that they like the opposite sex, by a killer who hates straight people.

  36. Use the right word(s) then.

  37. Both words are right, and reform is actually the word most people say nowadays anyway. But yeah defunding is just one step of the reform.

  38. Defunding police = less money/safety equip = less hires = ineffective force = getting rid of police

  39. Police don’t need to be spending millions of dollars settling police brutality lawsuits, they could just teach the police not to brutalize people.

  40. If you’re looking up “how are shitty people created” Shiite makes a LOT more sense than changing shitty to white.

  41. Dude you’re literally trying so hard to get mad at an algorithm right now its sad

  42. Yeah, but google thinks its more likely that this white American male between 18 and 25 is looking up “white people” than “shiite people”, especially since “white people” is a common phrase while you’d usually look up “shiite muslim” instead of “shiite people”.

  43. 97% of all protests nationwide were totally peaceful, and resulted in no injuries towards police or protesters.

  44. Yeah and its funny that you go from “what are you talking about its not the 1880s gender roles arent a thing anymore” to “boys just naturally won’t stop running around its just science” with no self-awareness that you’re literally just parroting a social gender role and acting like its natural.

  45. Not smart, just well-spoken. Most of his arguments sum up to just “tradition is good”.

  46. Notice out of all those incidents you listed, the only one where the cop was immediately arrested and not put on leave with pay was the one that occurred in south Carolina, a southern state that many of you liberals claim is racist.

  47. Yeah because he literally shot the man in the back as he was running away. That’s not proof that North Carolina isn’t as racist as we all think it is, because the state of North Carolina is still the one who gave this guy a badge and a gun and trained him how to use them. It’s just proof that there are limits to what cops can justify.

  48. Lmao but it is normal and natural, and it should be accepted as such. Gay people have existed for literally all of human history. In ancient Greece, men having sex with other men was just considered normal. In fact, spartan wives would have to shave their heads and dress in men’s clothing when their husbands got back from war, because they got so used to banging other dudes that they could only have sex with their wives if they looked manly.

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