1. If you lower the price it would devalue the brand. They are a luxury brand that has a niche clientele.

  2. You should be getting a full inspection when you buy a house. Most mortgages require you get one. If you choose to buy a house, cash, and not get an inspection. Then you are just an idiot.

  3. Say, "I'm having trouble seeing clearly and need to go to an eye doctor".

  4. This is what happens when homeless people leave their shoes on for months at a time. If anything those maggots are saving that mans life by eating all the dead tissue.

  5. Capacity Planner and Reporting Analyst. I am salary, but broken down it's $60.09, not including bonus.

  6. Pretty bad. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional. Alex Jones is a complete piece of shit.

  7. Sharia Law doesn't explicitly ban abortion. The bible doesn't even say abortion is wrong, it damn near explains how to do it and encourages it in some situations. Abortion laws are strictly right wing christian, based on their own made up belief.

  8. Not at all. A large portion of my tattoos have absolutely no meaning asides from I liked the design. A lot of times I come up with an idea and let my artist take it from there.

  9. Whatever I want, whenever I want, how ever I want.

  10. The power of teleportation, the ability to never be tracked (such as my finger prints are never left behind or my face never comes in clear/camera messes up every time I walk by) and the ability to heal my self and others of any ailment.

  11. On social media, “ratio” refers to the number of replies or comments as compared to likes. A post being referred to as “ratioed” means that it has more replies than likes and is likely divisive, unpopular, or generally controversial.

  12. All sailboats think the have the right of way at all times.

  13. I never knew a butterfly knife is actually called a balisong.

  14. You should see how much crabbing gear is in the Chesapeake Bay or lobster gear up in Maine. It's absolutely mind boggling.

  15. Let's Go Eric should become a thing for Fuck Donald Trump.

  16. Most bank call centers start at around $20 an hour.

  17. The chords for Taps (the military music played via horn during a funeral) was written by a confederate soldier who was from the north but in the south for music school. His body was found by his father, a general from the north, who had ordered his men to bury the bodies of the found men, out of dignity. When the son was found amongst the dead they found a piece of paper in his coat with music notes on it. The general had his horn player play the notes and those notes are called Taps today.

  18. I tried the magnetic pei bed until I got a glass bed and haven't looked back since. I prefer the glass bed.

  19. Yes, they use special barrels but fire like normal. They are primer only, and act like paintballs. Think of them as paintball rounds for service pistols.

  20. When I had to get my handgun qualifying license we shot these rounds. They sound and feel like the real thing but can be shot safely inside a small room. The guns that shoot these rounds are treated like a standard firearm and require being purchased through an FFL.

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