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  1. I remember arguing with a kid years ago who was insisting his family wasn't rich while he was in university his parents paid for, living in a condo his parents paid for and driving a new BMW his parents paid for lol. His argument was that he knew families with wayyyy more money than his so he wasn't rich. This is in a town where the average FAMILY income is around $50k CAD lol.

  2. So do I just leave then? I'm recently 'common law divorced' I guess you would say and I'm currently staying back home with my mother. I have absolutely no idea how I'm supposed to afford my own place right now and things just keep getting worse and worse. I didn't think I could afford to leave but it really feels like I can't afford to stay either.

  3. Whoever installed that post ought to be arrested.

  4. I worked at a place that sold columns, they were all super thin wood or fiberglass, very delicate and not meant to hold weight at all.

  5. I went to a concert and accidentally parked in the wrong place that only accepted credit card and I didn't have one. Just pushed the help button and explained the situation, after a pause the gate opened and he said "have a good night"

  6. I'm not going out of my way for it but its definitely not going to stop me if yhats the way things are headed.

  7. I hate the massive plot holes that could be easily addressed with a line or two but end up being left gaping for no reason, also when people just do the thing that no logical person would ever do ever like go deeper into the torture dungeon with weird noises coming from it when you could definitely just leave lol

  8. Streets, Winds of Winter, Half-Life 3, Portal 3, America being great again, The Apocalypse, what else we waiting on?

  9. If you were in the parking lot of the store they absolutely would have just replaced it for you.

  10. I don't know about you but I swim in dopamine every time I extract

  11. Same, not that I play the game anymore nowadays but if I did I would switch to yellow, gotta support the boys if the devs wont

  12. Not close enough to tarkov to pull many of those players, too similar to warzone to really make anyone wanna jump over...who exactly is going to be playing this?

  13. This is better than the constantly changing screens that most places use these days.

  14. Just went through a drive-through for the first time in forever and I literally couldn't place my order because the menu kept changing every 5 seconds and I didn't know what exactly they served. Just got my friend to order me something excuse he knew the place

  15. I know a lady that works two 20h shifts a week but she is allowed to sleep for up to 8 hours during the shift. Its an elder care facility so they mostly just give out food and do general housework. The 8 hours is basically just considered "on call" in case of an emergency. She enjoys it. I also get that this doesn't really apply to 99% but I thought it was an interesting arrangement

  16. I am morally against pre-ordering games. I've been hurt before.

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