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  1. oh I’m so sorry, I completely understand. It used to be the same way for me. I am on birth control pills and have the mirena iud. I’ve tried both on their own before and eventually I would bleed a ton again. Now I’m on both and haven’t bled in two years. My life is so much better. If i had the money I’d get a hysterectomy

  2. For me it’s extreme boredom or when my friends do it around me. UGH trying so hard to stay strong today

  3. I am also a career woman and I’ve been abusing weed as a means of coping with stress and boredom . It’s day 20 for me without and I crave it CONSTANTLY but I’m not going to give in. If anyone here would like to exchange numbers so we can text anytime we need support I’d love to have that sort of support system!!! A group chat even

  4. Dude it’s fine- I got burnt out too. Now I only go once or twice a year. I always know it’s there if I need it, but ultimately if it makes me unhappy then wtf am I doing there?

  5. As an ex-stoner I can relate ....the weed just made it acceptable to do very little because I was stoned. It will take time to adjust to having time to fill with a clear mind. Take it a day at a time and you will get there. The big shocker for me was having dreams again.

  6. I just hate how much I smoke. Even when I tell myself “hey don’t smoke until after 5pm today” I find myself doing it. I lack self control in this department, and it worries me. What about you?

  7. I have ADHD and also previously drank far too much to get my shit together. I’m 37. I’ve given college three tries and made it about a year each time before I completely lost interest.

  8. Where you went is part of your legitimacy cred even though it doesn’t means that much. Ivy educated are the most snobbish about it. There’s really no good answer that you could give that would make things easier.

  9. I really appreciate this thoughtful and realistic advice. Thank you for taking the time to comment !

  10. Yeah in Britbox now.. I have it in Google drive if anyone wants.

  11. Heyo! I still struggle with weed but it’s been almost 4 years without a drink for me and my life has improved in so many different ways, it’s hard to believe I’m the same person. Happy to chat anytime

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