1. It's my favorite. Idk how a scent can be outdated, if it's good, then it's good.

  2. madalas naman ang jeep pababa sa lower campus PERO noon yun nung pre pandemic. Hindi ako CFNR student pero my estimate is 10-20 minutes para maghintay at magbyahe.

  3. how important are the supposed data? Naisip ko lang ulitin mo ung survey then maybe retract the thesis and just update the data. but it depends kung madali un.

  4. Can you tell me how you improved your nutrition and hormonal balance? I used to have thicker hair 3-4 years back so I had thick hair genetically but now I have only quarter of that. I have become malnourished over the last few years with low hemoglobin and I am trying to improve my nutrition.

  5. IMO improving nutrient absorption of your intestines and balanced diet. Silicon rich foods will help in thicker hair. Eating diatomaceous earth will easily help but I already stop eating it due to potential risks. I mean I am in doubt if it's really non toxic but some says it's completely safe.

  6. I compared edp and edt, and i also didn't like EDP. It smells like a bitter herbal or medicine. this is the one that puts me off. Is it the suede? I'm a newbie.

  7. mkdr says:

    What would the Bromelain actually do why is it sold in the combination? Does Bromelain also could help lower Histamine?

  8. The G7x is significantly better in low light at the telephoto end because it keeps a fast aperture.

  9. what are the examples of g7x physical controls that g9x doesn't have? I'm a newbie and planning to buy my first camera

  10. G9X is a nice little camera. One of my best pics was taken with it too. It's not even my main shooter.

  11. I'm planning to buy g9x or g7x for photography (to upgrade my phone camera). Is g9x almost the same as g7x, what are the cons?

  12. Hey, I don't own this laptop but been looking for comments of owners about it.

  13. yes i agree. I am personally scared of some tagalog words being extinct or matawag na "malalim" sa kadahilanang di na nagagamit.

  14. Magaling naman sya, lalo sa revenue creation. Pati nga UP sinubukan nyang gawing money-earning enterprise lol sya din ang ama ng STS a.k.a. "may flush ba kubeta nyo" scholarship.

  15. Hindi ko alam yung issue na yan kay ex UP President Pascual pero kailangan naman talaga kahit papano ay money earning ang universities. Not to the point siguro na iyan ang focus ng universities pero through its products and technologies ay may mabalik na pera. Milyon milyon din naman nilalagay ng gobyerno sa education and research so dapat lang magbunga yan in terms of finances. Kaya mahirap pa rin ang marami dahil sa ganitong mentality.

  16. Yes, earning is necessary for university sustenance, BUT if it sacrifices principles and values in the form of corporatism (PAEP being a banker by career), then it's different. If you'll read previous posts about this and how he leased several UP lands for questionable purposes and pushed the eUP and SAIS even if it was faulty and more expensive than CRS, then it's a compromisation of integrity that UP is fighting for in the first place.

  17. What's the best way to take curcumin to achieve the best bioavailability?

  18. I'm curious if fluid acrylics are opaque enough as compared to other types of acrylic paints. Could you please describe your experience? Thank u!!!

  19. Hi. It's been a while since I used any paints but I would say my complaints with those paints were not the opaqueness but the consistency. If you like very runny paints, similar to the consistency you'd use for pouring, then you will probably like these. I mean, they are definitely nice paints but I prefer something with more body to it :)

  20. seems i will not like it lol. I bought a 30 ml fluid acrylic gold paint because a 60 ml one is expensive. Maybe I will just mix it with a gel medium.

  21. For context, dried parsley contains 45mg Apigenin per gram and has superior bioavailability.

  22. Marami akong naging Chem subjects. At totoo, mahirap in a way na totoong aalamin kung naintindihan mo talaga at nag aral ka talaga, and second, pinapahirap lang talaga nila to the point na exag na at di naman na relevant sa buhay. Ewan ko ba, naging culture na yan jan. Haha.

  23. Gross ba yung namention mo? Kung fresh grad 25-30k nga siguro ang starting, gross yan.

  24. i agree with san pascual. mabait and considerate nga to the point na parang di ko deserve grade ko.

  25. We switched to induction like 5-6 years ago, and never went back. Cost was not the main reason though, but safety. Too many stories of exploding LPGs. Initial expense was pretty high as all pots, pans and kettle had to be replaced, and they tend to be more expensive. Also had to buy an induction-compatible pressure cooker which was a bit costly. I'd say it's worth it.

  26. Nakatipid po ba kayo? Considering now na 1k pesos na ang lpg, mas tipid na kaya ang induction?

  27. If praying did anything, life would be significantly better for I don't know Name-An-African-Country

  28. Religion is not the answer. Besides you're not in the position to give opinion because u're not a Christian.

  29. I'm genuinely scared of that too. I might leave UP and get to vocational school. And yes, my thesis is about Philippines and the USSR.

  30. Why will u leave UP po? I guess the reason why we go to UP is also because of the country.

  31. Eh you only vote 1 person sa presidency. Future ko at ng mga anak ang nakataya. So bakit ako magbibigay ng chance sa isang pangalang madumi kung meron namang kandidatong mas angkop iluklok?

  32. nope it's not the point of the statement, ako I'm not voting for BBM. Pero wag naman tayo exag magforesee ng mangyayari.

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