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[DISC] Mieruko-chan ch 45

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  1. For turn 3, if you managed to survive and have evil twin lil-la and ki-sikil on board. Sometime, You can go for the kill.

  2. I played so much twins for duelist cup but never thought of link climbing that way. Good work.

  3. Meanwhile i am just sitting here wishing the duel masters mobile edition to port to english...

  4. As broken as herald drytron was you only had to deal with one monster.

  5. I used to wonder why denglong was banned too.

  6. Of cause they were studying quantum mechanics.

  7. Tried Twins for a while, They were cheeks. You must've avoided all the adv tenyi or pranks in that case.

  8. How important are the crossouts? I'm currently building twins but have 0 cross out and may have to skimp until I can get the UR dust...

  9. Very important. You basically wave handtraps at your opponent and they wave it at you. And you need the crossouts to reliably get plays out.

  10. Other companies: "that news doesn't look like nothing to us"

  11. Have you used lilia and kisikill, the boss monster to defeat edlich? I did it once by reducing them to 2 Edit: why the downvotes? Did nobody else try it?

  12. The people who downvoted never played the deck before.

  13. That's explain a lot on why Miko cannot differentiate between the living and the ghosts at time, while Romm can. Timing aside, Miko-chan can see things so clearly that they look just as good as the livings (so basically 8K definition?). Romm, while he can see everything, his vision is just clear enough for him to both see AND differentiate them. Grandma and Julia are obvious enough.

  14. I still remember the scene where julia thought the ghosts were getting sent to to heaven or something while Miko sees them being eaten by a monster in the wall.

  15. They are seen as "too good to be fair" "too easy to run in every deck"

  16. The game has been trash since the devs added this broken economy system. There no reason why something as basic as character customization should cost so much in game currency.

  17. The devs are waiting for the players to come up with the mods themselves to make this an easier process.

  18. I thought it was very jank when i saw the first promotional CV.

  19. Obviously. Why would he be licking the leak...

  20. why the hell are they not called beetletroopers? konami what where they thinking?!

  21. That is literally their kanji forced reading in ocg.

  22. And it's not crazy but people are acting as if it's garbage by itself. It can create a decently oppressive board, can easily OTK and is really consistent. But it's best trait is it's recovery.

  23. If I had to pick the lesser of two evils I'd rather it be the vape. At least vape hardly leaves any dusty residue or disposable components.

  24. Vapes are worse in that it can contain anything, and is not heavily regulated like tobacco.

  25. You can always legalise and regulate vapes. We don't worry about accidentally smoking opium in cigarettes right?

  26. Problem is, it is not legal now. No regulations. Dont do it. Simple.

  27. "Pot of Greed is not that broken because sometimes you can draw bad cards"

  28. Shhh. Dont talk to him. He either dont play twins are is not very good with them.

  29. Yeah it’s senseless and I think they’re incredibly foolish for racialising the conflict between their nations but that’s just human nature. If there’s a silver lining to that whole fucked-up situation it’s that our ability to get along in our own little corner of the world should be cherished and protected at all costs. One could say it comes naturally to us because we’re Singaporean and not China Chinese/India Indian but that kind of complacency could prove to be our undoing as the allure of the “motherlands” increases with their growing strength.

  30. Stay there for a week. I am sure you will hate it there.

  31. Plenty of colleagues from India, so I can understand what you are saying.

  32. Taiwan was a tributary state in the ancient dynasties.

  33. Meanwhile i run 3 ghost ogre and pop any halq, moye, floo map.

  34. Impern, veiler the first Link. Ashe the normal summon. But honestly it's hard to stop them from at least making Trouble Sunny since they often have at least one extender.

  35. You imperm and they chuche so you droplet your imperm. Negateception

  36. Of cause you choose to hang out at the gym with Ryuji. You dont need this drama.

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