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  • By - Jwirv

  1. How do you even get your dick hard for a lizard, those men need to be killed.

  2. Kylie looks good but also strange, it’s like her small head doesn’t match her body with all those enhancements. Khloe looks ok, I wonder if these women just never have to pee, cause imagine needing to go pee and having to take that off.

  3. I’m guessing this Karen is a foreigner that doesn’t speak English very well yet

  4. Kim. I think she spends the least time with her kids, I used to think Kylie was a good mom to Stormi but she seems to be completely ignoring the new baby. Kourtney sucks too but I think she at least spends more time with her kids than Kim.

  5. I didn’t even finish season 1, but I guess I will watch like the first episode to see if there’s something spicy and that’s it.

  6. Imagine having that jawline naturally🥹 Shiloh is so lucky to have won the genetic lottery

  7. I think the 25 looks better overall but I don’t like how the crotch area looks. Honestly they are both too big on you, you should return them and buy pants that fit you better.

  8. Mine was like this too, I fought, I prayed, but it still wound up dead.

  9. Aesop sounds terrible to me honestly, if you are regretting it and have the chance to change it do it. It’s okay to make mistakes, he’s only 3 so it’s not gonna affect him too much. He will thank you when he’s older for having a name that people don’t keep misspelling and mispronouncing it. You shouldn’t live with so much resentment and regret, if that name is causing this just change it.

  10. A private island is probably very expensive to maintain, why having to be responsible for an island when they can just fly to Turks and Caicos whenever they want

  11. This reminds me of Downton Abbey, if you ever watched that show, they would have kids and immediately hand them to the nanny and spend one hour a day playing with them and that’s it.

  12. When Covid started I wrote down in my notebook that my family was safe and healthy, I thanked the universe for protecting them, signed with my name and the current date and saved it. I also prayed every night thanking God for their safety and they are all good thankfully. You can do it, I have prayed for people in my life before and it has worked.

  13. He’s obsessed with perfection, he got lipo himself, and I bet he probably encouraged Kim to get her butt bigger and bigger until it looked like a couch.

  14. Leo here. Aries and Gemini. I mean I can get along with them, but they’re not my favorite, many of the Aries I’ve met started off really strong and we bonded but they ended up being fake or something. With Gemini I’ve just never formed a strong friendship with any of them, also don’t trust them.

  15. I am so sorry for all that happened to you, I hope you are receiving help.

  16. I can’t know why, but they want to protect you from him

  17. I know someone who has a daughter, she was interviewing to work at a store and the guy asked if she had kids and she said yes, and then this man straight up told her sorry I don’t hire people with kids. It’s fucked up.

  18. I haven’t been able to do Sats cause I just fall asleep

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