1. At the half point of this past season the Giants were desperate for WR help and the fans and media were hounding Schoen to make a splash move...

  2. I know Joe hinted at filling out the roster but I believe in Joe and if he were to trade for Higgins I wouldn't consider that a desperation move tbh.

  3. You say you would believe in Schoen if he traded a lot for Higgins, but will you also still believe in him if Giants dont make a splash WR move?

  4. All those takes are valid routes to take with the team, so ofc I believe in him. He's been good so far and with all the holes on the team it looks fine. Even picking a WR in first round is valid.

  5. I'd say OP is doing a lot of effort in trying to enforce the rules

  6. I think Lamar is so overanalyzed. His has proven he is a great QB. The only thing that should be talked about is his health and whether or not he can stay healthy in a season/come playoff time.

  7. He told his Can-Am story how he broke his hand. To be fair, it sounds pretty tame and his wasn't doing anything crazy.

  8. Man, I just want them to sign DJ at this point so that they can use the tag for Saquon. It pains me that one of these will probably have to walk this offseason.

  9. I don't understand these memes. Is the joke that women aren't good police officers?

  10. I think its the girl on the couch surrounded by black guys meme but the police version.

  11. who the hell is going to pay slayton $10m a year? if he gets a bag elsewhere then he should take it. good guy but he's a WR3 at best

  12. Just take a look at the WR market. Worse and older guys like MVS and Zay Jones are getting $8-10 million/year.

  13. Give me Gates or Give me Death. Dude defied all odds, came back from a gruesome injury and was told to play a different position despite being better than Felliciano at Center. Just grabs his lunch pail and does it.

  14. Gates waa better at center. I just don't see him being the starting center. The Giants had opportunities to start him at center but Daboll for some reason didn't.

  15. My heart says Schoen already wants to pay Saquon big money offering $12m, so come on Joe add an extra couple Ms and meet in the middle and sign him.

  16. I'm dying to hear any Saquon & DJ news 😭. I feel like we won't get much until after the SB.

  17. Load up in Rds 3-5 with depth Defense. Sign a young Mid LB and maybe a C. Draft a WR in rd. 1-2.

  18. Solid strategy. Bobby Okereke/Germaine Pratt at LB and Ethan Pocic/McGovern at C are top guys im looking at if Giants want major upgrades at these positions and spend a serious amount of $ in FA.

  19. "Defensive line depth is one of the less-discussed big needs for the Giants heading into 2023."

  20. Then he put my nuts on the dresser and banged them shits with a spiked bat like BAOW

  21. 2 minute drills going into the half. Can't say if its all on him or kafka but felt like they didn't trust the offense and was timid.

  22. To be fair the bar was set pretty low. In the 8 games he's played in 5/8 games were against bottom 10 defense in points/game. Seattle 2x, Dolphins, Arizona, Raiders.

  23. Feel like Joe Judge takes himself to seriously. Glad we have Daboll who knows how to be chill

  24. I believe the expectations will be larger next season. They would want Daniel Jones to take that next step forward and it’s not going to happen without a WR1.

  25. DG worst decision is forcing a WR1. Look at Kenny Golladay and the contract he gave him. Don't forget Oline are also important tools in the offense.

  26. Yes I mentioned DG for a reason. It’s not to the extent of forcing a WR but the reality is, without one Jones will not take the next step

  27. Imo the WR room is going to improve even without spending big for a true WR1. Hodgins/Wandale/Rookie WR/FA WR (6 million or under; WR3/4 money) is arguably an improvement.

  28. When your own sub is so dogshit that 49ers fans have to invade the NFC East

  29. Cool site to see how a player's draft stock dips and rises through the pre-draft process:

  30. Dane Brugler, who is very well respected as a draft analyst, had us taking Quentin Johnston at 25. You never know who will fall- see Justin Jefferson.

  31. Yeah, evaulation will change a lot. To be fair though, JJettas wasn't a top 3 WR prospect in 2020. A lot of people had CD/Jeudy/Ruggs so it made sense JJettas dropped. Johnston however is a lot of people's WR1.

  32. If they get Kafka only fair Giants get their 1st round pick in return.

  33. Not sure if you mean me, but I’m agreeing with you

  34. Man the way you worded that felt like u were saying he was missing tackles all year lmao

  35. "Love earned a career-high 71.5 coverage grade in 2022 and lined up everywhere, with 271 snaps down in the box, 154 in the slot and 494 at free safety. He’s a Swiss Army knife on the backend who rarely misses a tackle. Among 43 safeties with at least 150 tackles over the past three seasons, Love’s 13 missed tackles are the second fewest." - PFF

  36. Down, especially for running back. All the teams will go why would I pay you X when I can go pay someone else for Y. That is unless someone fucks up the market like Jags did last year with Christian Kirk.

  37. I agree with this. I know the stigma against paying RBs but, with so many holes on the team I don't think Giants should make RB another hole.

  38. He’s using the franchise tag # as a starting point, but that doesn’t mean DJ is worthy of that #. This team has to many holes. You can sign him to a 3 year deal, but that deal will be at the end by the time we are a true competitor (only if we hit on the draft and FA). I hate calling him a game manager, but that’s what he has been. Granted its all that Daboll has asked him to be, but the franchise tag is calculated by the top 5 salary cap hits at the position. Is he worthy of the top 5? He threw for under 200 yards 11 times this year. He played more games then threw TDs 16 to 15. You can’t pay him because you think he can be more, he’s got to prove he can be more.

  39. That's Ranaan's point, <30 million is not realistic all. Might as well start looking for a new QB in that case.

  40. As Raanan says, thats the LOW END of the value. Raanan goes on to explain how with Burrow and Jacksons new deals that could push QB top contracts to 55-60 mil a year, with Jones set to get a hell of a lot more than 35 mil aav

  41. By the way Schoen talked about DJ sounded like he was bringing DJ back next year. Unless he has already decided that DJ is getting the franchise tag, fans should expect DJ to get a way more expensive contract that they realize.

  42. I really feel like the Giants don't need to rush for a top WR1 this off season. Too many important resignings, holes to fill, and lack of top tier FA talent at WR. Without trading the 26th pick I wouldn't mind going BPA and getting a WR later. If BPA is a WR then great.

  43. I know you were downvoted to all hell but I agree with you. Unremarkable is what I would also call it. And yes I watched every snap of every game.

  44. HUH those aren't rookies. Kayvon was a one of the best rookie edge rushers, probably only behind Hutchinson.

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