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  1. Jesus.... you might have just saved me a world of pain. Thank you!

  2. I hope it helps! Everyone with ADHD should get their thyroid checked too, and if you are even in your 30s, you should ask about perimenopause affecting it.

  3. Did we get bingo with all three? Let your doctor find out! It's like the worst roulette ever...

  4. Out of curiosity, it seems pretty common that people with ADHD have funky reactions to anesthesia. Is that also true in dentistry?

  5. Hm, I personally haven't experienced any differences when numbing people with ADHD specifically, though there is a subset of patients known as "rapid metabolizers" whose bodies will eat through anesthetic like there's no tomorrow. There are different types of anesthetics, some long acting ones, that might work better, but generally a rapid metabolizer will still burn through those faster than expected. Anesthetic also doesn't work as well in the presence of a dental infection/toothache.

  6. That makes sense, thank you for sharing. Maybe it's not related to ADHD, but it runs in my family - my mom had this issue too.

  7. I haven’t found a doctor yet that’s been super supportive of my journey. My parents don’t believe I have ADHD, it sucks. I’ll have to try that app out!! It sounds that it would help a lot. I love the routine idea but I have trouble sticking to one. I find myself saying “I’ll just do it tomorrow”, but that’s when the “routine” ends. I’ve been getting better at washing my face and self care, so your comment is definitely motivation for me!

  8. How old are you? If you're in the US, I might have some info that can help you find a good doctor.

  9. I am 21, just moved out of my parents house. My sleep hygiene is usually in a cold, dark room. I always wear my eye mask and have a fan going. I am usually very comfortable, I just cannot turn my brain off. I think about everything that happened in the day and what will happen tomorrow. I recently am obsessed with the new Call of Duty game, I played it for a few hours the other day. When I went to bed I couldn’t not stop thinking about the game. Seriously, my brain was rotating COD maps ALL night. It was awful. This happens a lot when I have a hyper fixation on something.

  10. Ohhh, you're at a great age to find a good psychiatrist and your parents aren't relevant to your treatment! Do you have a psychiatrist you like? Mine has a specialty in treating ADHD which has been so helpful.

  11. I don't know exactly what it is but I also attribute some of it to trauma, just always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  12. As someone who always struggles with imposter syndrome and questioning myself, having an official diagnosis has been incredibly helpful because I can go back to it and say that a psychiatrist who I really respect looked at all the relevant information and concluded definitively.

  13. I would not consider them worth it. I've used a bunch of different styling tools and you can get an inexpensive curling wand basically anywhere that works great.

  14. Nah I'm queer af pal, none of my sex is straight and you don't get to decide for me that it is.

  15. Could not agree more and you said it much more succinctly than I did. This feels like just the weirdest sort of erasure.

  16. That's correct. I do attend school, but due to the program I'm in, I'd almost be willing to bet money I'm the only non-straight guy in that program. I also went to a private school. I know there were a lot of queer girls in that place, but I was one of, if not the only queer guys. I never knew if there were any others besides me.

  17. Yeah, that is really really tough. I'm so sorry, I know it's really isolating. I hope that meeting people online is helpful until your life is organized in a way that you can connect with more out people your age.

  18. It’s actually the other way around lol. Men always compare themselves to attractive, privileged women. Never those of us who are overweight, or disabled, or poor, or victims of physical or sexual assault.

  19. That response is something I see on Reddit all the time. "I know a lot of women and none of them have ever been sexually assaulted, I think women are exaggerating." My dude, you are very clearly a misogynist, why would women feel comfortable disclosing that to you?

  20. Also that they don't know any rapists (and honestly there's a chance a guy did tell them about it, just didn't use the word "rape")

  21. 1,000%. There are also a lot of guys who think that it's only "really" rape if you use force or it's a stranger.

  22. This is the sort of thing that leads to push back against programs that support the homeless. "The city solved homelessness last year with XYZ program, so anybody on the street at this point must be perfectly rationally deciding to stay there for fun."

  23. "Frequently, homeless people with severe mental illness are brought to hospitals, only to be discharged a few days later when their conditions improve slightly. Mr. Adams said the city would direct hospitals to keep those patients until they are stable and to discharge them only when there is a workable plan in place to connect them to ongoing care."

  24. I went through something really similar. I ended up having to say that if it was a quick and easy answer I could just text a couple of words about, I was happy to answer. Anything more complicated than that and I would start charging my consulting rate and send a bill at the end of the month.

  25. People in the 50s and 60s lived a less sedentary lifestyle, though, even if there was less intentional exercise. Manual labor, walking, and housework burn a lot more calories than a computer desk job. Portion sizes were also smaller and foods were less processed as well

  26. I think people are dramatically overestimating the amount of activity most people in the 50s and 60s got. Working out wasn't a thing and most people weren't farmers by that point. A very significant number of people were already working inside at desks all day.

  27. But also kids don’t really go out and play anymore. Even in the 1990s my over-protective mom let me walk by myself to friends’ houses and I roamed the creek in my backyard. Nowadays, parents have had the police and CPS called on them for letting their kids walk alone in the neighborhood.

  28. Stranger danger has fucked this country up in lots of different ways. I work in child safety so I see the negative aspects of it every day.

  29. Thanks! Perhaps by then you have an ounce of self-awareness. ;)

  30. The left trying to understand that someone doesn’t want to fall into the dumb Red vs Blue game (they must secretly the evil alt right nazis!!!!1!)

  31. As if this said anything to do with Republicans and Democrats. I don't care for either as an actual leftist so try harder next time or just head on back to 4chan or wherever you normally sniff glue.

  32. American Gods is probably in my top 5 fiction books but I've always thought that many of its flaws come from the fact that, in my opinion, the book is trying to be an extremely condensed exploration of the same artistic and thematic ground that Gaiman explored already in the much longer Sandman run. Like Dream, Shadow drifts through the lives of many people (and gods), getting to know them and their fears, and like Dream, he's often pretty passive. In that sense, the structure of American Gods is really clever. That feeling of drifting in and out of places and people on a long journey is remarkably similar to the feelings conjured up by road trips and the books chronicling them (also old mythical epics, like the Odyssey or the Prose Edda), so the travelogue structure's what Gaiman adopts, but in a story about an ongoing war between gods, the slow, meandering story can be off-putting. And obviously Shadow's character arc being heavily back-loaded on purpose is thematically important and an interesting subversion, but it also makes him a pretty bland, slightly unpredictable protagonist. In Sandman, Dream is often passive or absent, but the first couple volumes focus on him and his character growth and establish his arc much more clearly, so he's not as hard to follow.

  33. I really like American Gods, but I think you're right. I think there's also a lot of potential in the story that can't really go anywhere. A lot of it is just picking up existing threads like Greek classics, that people are supposed to know but often don't. There's also a lot of richness to characters other than Shadow that you want to follow but can't. So even when you're done, you feel a vague sense of uneasiness or lack of satisfaction.

  34. Agreed! But a lot of people don't say that in their entertainment because they get to experience it so much in real life.

  35. That's often my problem with the "took too much" videos. The ones where a couple of friends are recording another friend who got a little too stoned and then called his girlfriend? That kind of stuff is great. The voyeuristic stuff aimed at people who are clearly suffering from a debilitating addiction, the aim is dehumanizing them.

  36. While I completely agree, I would hope these videos show what can happen to people that get addicted and hopefully, HOPEFULLY at least turn some people off from getting drugged up.

  37. Unfortunately, having worked with people with substance abuse issues for years, it might help them if they're already thinking of quitting but it's unlikely to be the sort of thing they consider for the most part.

  38. I am. I'm high risk, pregnant with twins and Don't want to risk anything.

  39. I mean in the US that's also because of the abysmal state of sex ed

  40. A lot of the anti-mask wearing stuff is politics but a good portion of it is definitely the abysmal state of science and public health education.

  41. Wtf he looks mid forties at the earliest.

  42. It sounds like OOP's son was seriously bullied by Adam, I can't blame him for leaving. They're his family, they should have protected him and instead they supported the bully. It sounds like the son didn't even get an apology yet was expected to move on and accept it.

  43. I work in child safety and there are some folks in this field adopting the term "peer aggression" and I've even heard "peer abuse." Because bullying doesn't really seem to capture the intensity and the trauma that often happens in these situations.

  44. Damn! Sometimes it’s the guy you least expect, and sometimes it’s the guy who was confirmed to be at the bridge at the time of the murders who also matched the description and outfit.

  45. Honestly these most recent developments make me feel potentially a little bit insane.

  46. Since Elon took over my twitter feed is full of far-right pieces of shit like Dinesh Desouza and Kyle Rittenhouse and I don't follow any of them. This shit is way more extreme than Elon and the right are pretending, it's a full-on white nationalist site now

  47. I'm a queer left woman, I got recommended Rittenhouse the day he was back. Not because anyone I know or follow interacted with him. I mainly follow podcasts, fashion, and mostly FFXIV content.

  48. It’s sad that some people still don’t get it, or maybe they just don’t want to get it, but this girl’s body language is very clear. She’s physically pushing this guy away while trying to diffuse what could quickly turn into a really dangerous situation if he’s the type to lash out over being rejected.

  49. Exactly, it's funny that Reddit can see this happening when there's a video, but then we get so many upvoted threads asking why women aren't direct when we reject men.

  50. Came here to say this! As a woman watching this was really uncomfortable and I'm glad his friends stood up for her

  51. Me too. This is what a lot of coercive control and assault looks like right before it gets bad.

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