1. I feel like this is really just a plan to f*ck Wonder Woman.

  2. Collect aluminum cans people throw on the side of the road and then cash them in for money. Down backroads is where most of them are lol.

  3. So if you sleep would that count as you stopping or taking a nap break? There's an easy fix for that but I want some clarification.

  4. Can it be the entire extended cut of all three lord of the rings?

  5. When I audibly hear a girl cuss. I think I know why but I’m not particularly proud about it 😭😭.

  6. I would stay in Diamond City and do nothing.

  7. Nikola Tesla thought they were batteries and modeled several inventions after them and they worked. Also, where they’re located IIRC coincides with literally the center of the earth or something.

  8. What happened to the lost colony of Roanoke. I think that would be kinda cool.

  9. Interestingly about that, I think it was recently found that some people, descended from the Native Americans near Roanoke, from a nearby island share DNA similar to that of English colonists. So it’s very likely that the Native Americans and the colonists formed peace and then moved to the other island together when food became scarce and then interbreeded.

  10. Why are you calling yourself "it"? You are a person.

  11. I was telling it like a story. I said “it” before I revealed that “it” was, in reality, me. I don’t see myself as an “it.” You’re right, I am a person lol. Thank you.

  12. What interface are you using to write that dialogue exactly?

  13. What do you mean by that? If you mean what program, I use First Draft Mobile on my phone.

  14. I’ve been a dedicated notepad user on my iPhone. I’ve looked into several different dialogue formatted programs. But only just used one a buddy of mine recommended. That in which cost a substantial amount of money. Which also caused me to discard it. But I’ve not seen much cheaper options. Which is why I asked you.

  15. Yeah, I’ve used my notepad, too, and on two different phones lol. I have a friend at college and we exchange our ideas and dialogues and that’s what he uses on both his laptop and his phone. It’s only like $10 on the App Store, and it’s really helpful for beginners who don’t really know how to format scripts that well yet. I love using it. It makes my notepad drafts look more professional lol.

  16. You are entirely correct, minus a few details. The oscorp tower and poster were cut from the movie, but the theory still holds up because of the venom-theory I came up with, if you want elaboration I can explain.

  17. So, this theory is made to find which of the spider-men is in the Sonyverse, this is excluding any "new" spider-man Sony might do. We also know Venom universe and Morbius universe are connected with direct confirmation from the director. Since Venom has never been to the MCU prior to NWH, I feel like it should rule out Tom Hollands spider-man. The next one is Tobey's Spider-man, which is ruled out because it ALREADY had a Venom symbiote, and it was way different from the new Venom. The last one is Andrew garfield, who has never had a Venom, and which perfectly lines up with some of the details in Morbius such as the deleted Oscorp logo, Vultures wings, Daily bugle logo, and the "Where is Spiderman?" bus set leak which was meant to appear In Morbius, and the only other place this was said was in, The Amazing Spider-man 2. Also, happy cake day.

  18. See? It basically lines up. Plus, didn’t they already confirm TASM 3?

  19. Cut content, maybe? 🤷🏽‍♂️. If they put it in the trailer I’d still like to think it means something, IMO.

  20. “The one chance to send a civilian to the moon and they don’t send a fuckin’ Flat Earther.”

  21. I am willing to read and accept any and all criticism relating to the “verbal abuse” of my grandmother. I deserve it, I NEED IT as a wake up call, and I need to change. That’s all I want is a change. If that “change” needs to be or is me then it’s time to suck it up and accept it as such and do better. That’s all I can do.

  22. Ong I literally just put “H”. Every other title was long and that was easy to find lmao.

  23. No other issues in your life with fear of commitment? There's anxiety all over your post, you know.

  24. Yes! I have anxiety problems. I can never seem to relax and I’m currently on a low dose of Xanax right now, which seems to be helping a bit, but it’s hard for me to relax. I have ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome, but my anxiety has really flared up at home, but I didn’t know it was “spreading to other parts of my life”, if it is.

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