1. Our generals were too busy trying to gets its gd balloon pronouns right probably to appease Joe

  2. Yes please let's go to war with drugs again, that'll totally work this time for realsies.

  3. This is the result of a mechanical failure. This dude's car broke down. EVs do battery conditioning automatically, bringing the batteries up to operating temperature with a heater, but the resistive heater in his battery pack must have failed.

  4. Why? If Europe was able to grow with a low population why do Africa need such a large population to grow these things?

  5. This looks bad. It's an annoyance but if you are championing free speech, you cannot exempt yourself from the process.

  6. Its his version of "free" speech. We all know the saying, there are no free lunches.

  7. It would be our fight against a stronger Russia eventually if Ukraine hadn't put up the fight they have... Russia would have continued their repeated aggressive expansion, eventually into a NATO state, and by that point who knows where our readiness would be

  8. Somehow I don't buy that, Soviets didn't try it and Russia's wouldn't try take on NATO alone.

  9. I for one get what you're referring too. The cancer can't bother him anymore.

  10. Does this decrease or increase chinas chances of invading Taiwan?

  11. Eighteen is already bullshit. Leftist like to always point out how rules made centuries ago are not immediately valid today, but they always forgot the ones that favored them. At 18, on average, a man was already working independently or at least specializing on a trade. A woman had already taken on house responsibilities with her mother and also for lower part of societies worked on the fields or support for trades. At 18, both sexes already had mostly clear what is something that may support or hinder their future families.

  12. This is a confusing headline. Did they identify who the shooter was, and his name was Andrew Bing? Or, was the shooters name Andrea and she identifies as an Andrew?

  13. Hoping for something fresh. Was disappointed when the first announced the Hot Wheels DLC after having done that already in previous installments.

  14. Interesting bit here, since most school busses are stored outside. If a bus is electric and uses lithium batteries, during the winter time when temperatures regularly reach below freezing, lithium batteries cannot hold a charge below freezing temperatures, which means those school busses wont be going very far and it would turn into kids not having school during winter.

  15. On PC, you have to use a mod for that so ...And I doubt we'll get those on consoles.

  16. Maybe also people getting fed up with Chrome and Edge being the default Windows browser and it is actually a relatively good browser.

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