1. If you want to mostly bottle feed, you should definitely nurse in the beginning. Ignore the above about waiting 4 weeks to introduce a bottle, but you'll be better off letting them latch when they're first born if you ever want them to do it again (it's not impossible to start later, but it's harder) and sometimes it's just more convenient to nurse if you're able to than to travel with a pump and bottles.

  2. I didn’t want to wait! We lived 5 miles from the hospital on the same road so I figured it was faster to go ourselves. Plus he was awake and responsive and moving so it probably wasn’t as serious as I thought it was. But there was a ton of blood so I just wanted to make sure the bleeding was going to stop.

  3. Anything at all related to the phrase “Just you wait”

  4. Lots of people said, "we're so happy for you," but only two people talked about having a baby like it was a thing we'd actually enjoy. Everyone else told us to stock up on sleep or enjoy our last trip to a restaurant. But guess what? It's great! My baby was born and I still exist! I'm not even more tired than I was when I was pregnant!

  5. THISSSS. I can’t wait until the baby is here to at least feel productive. Right now I’m just tired of the constant pains and having to pee. Along with a litany of other symptoms

  6. Just so you're not disappointed, you may not feel very productive once the baby is here.

  7. I bought four pairs of designer maternity pants early on from

  8. I bought four pairs of designer maternity pants early on from

  9. I bought four pairs of designer maternity pants early on from

  10. Yes, but not if I couldn't meet the toddler. Obviously I wouldn't expect to meet them right away, but your child is a huge part of your life and it would be hard to feel like it was becoming a serious relationship if I had to be kept completely separate from something that important to you.

  11. Skip a dose and aggressively vomit on her? Just kidding, you probably shouldn't do that.

  12. This got long, but if you're struggling with guilt around switching to formula and/or even slightly open to combo feeding, it might help. If not, skip most of this; I directly answered your questions at the end.

  13. Thanks that’s really helpful. I was confused looking at the different nipples available too. I guess it’s a bit of trial and error there too! Appreciate the advice.

  14. If you plan to breastfeed at all you'll want to start with the smallest nipples you can find so the baby won't start refusing the breast when they realize they can drink faster from a bottle. If you plan to exclusively bottle feed, the nipple that comes with the smaller bottles will be fine. (I do breastfeed and I never bought any of the extra slow nipples, but you probably should if this is your plan.)

  15. Let your doctor know now. I was very worried about this and I'm struggling a little bit now but I was actually surprised how good I felt right after giving birth. I was sick through my whole pregnancy too and I think the fact that I physically felt bettter than I had in months made it easier to bond with the baby right away. I also kept reminding myself that it was the placenta, not the baby, making me sick (I highly recommend this) so I wouldn't feel resentful of the baby after he was born. Because I was at risk for PPD, they had a social worker come to visit me while I was still in the hospital and set me up with a visiting nurse for the first several weeks, so it would have been very easy for me to get help if I had needed it earlier on. I didn't, but I think because I'd had that support in the beginning, it was easier for me to ask to meet with the social worker again later and she's been helping me with resources that make it easier to figure out how to get through things.

  16. I like Billie Eliza Jane G much better than Billie Elizabeth Jane G! Also, my child has 2 middle names and so far the only annoying thing has been that I couldn't have 4 initials embroidered on a lunch box.

  17. Most names & nicknames that end with a double letter: Jess, Gregg, Bill, Will, Quinn, Jenn, Bree, Brett, Rhett, Jeff/Geoff

  18. Most of these don't bother me, but I find Gregg and Jenn very upsetting. I don't even know why Jenn bothers me since there are two Ns in Jennifer, but why spell Gregg with a silent G when you've already used both of the spoken Gs from Gregory?

  19. I’m a one-n Jen who has had this discussion with several two-n jenns, this is how it happens:

  20. I love that you've had this conversation with other Jennifers. Thanks for the breakdown!

  21. I like being around my child but I’m so lonely a lot of the time.I don’t have any friends and my bf works to support us.No I didn’t get any support for my ppd.I don’t know where to go-therapy is 150 an hour I can’t afford it.

  22. I definitely know what you mean. I love being with my baby but he can't speak to me and I kind of feel like I'm going crazy because I talk to him but it's basically like talking to myself all day and that feels pretty lonely.

  23. Honestly feel this.I feel like kms everyday.I feel like I made the worst mistake of my life.It’s probably going to happen one day because of how bad I’m feeling .

  24. Is there anyone helping you with your PPD? I don't think you really want that, even if you feel like you do right now. It's possible to get help so you are able to want to be around for your child and feel like around is the right choice.

  25. I voted breastmilk but I meant I'd rather waste formula. I love that this is tagged "product reviews."

  26. My baby is younger than yours but everything you wrote feels very familiar. I don't have any great advice but my partner is managing most of our food right now and keeps our scale hidden, so that's somewhat helpful.

  27. That’s a good start and idea. Thank you and I’m sorry you’re dealing with that.

  28. I’m a little frustrated with the whole situation. When I was in the hospital during my delivery they really pushed the medical pump. I brought my Elvie and wanted to use that…every nurse and LC was very insistent that I not do that. It’s annoying knowing now that I could have been using my Elvie this whole time with the same if not better results. I was stuck sitting and pumping for hours that could have been spent with my newborn if I’d used the wearable pump.

  29. That sounds really frustrating. I hope using your Elvie makes things much easier!

  30. I'm not doing a great job of taking care of myself at the moment, either, so you're not alone with that.

  31. My baby's "wake windows" have been a minimum of three hours since we came home from the hospital. He's fine.

  32. If he used to take a bottle and stopped when your milk came in, the issue might be that he's getting milk faster from your breast than he is from the bottles, so he's getting frustrated. Try going up a size with the nipples.

  33. It might be common, but I wouldn't say it's normal. It wouldn't hurt to talk to someone about it.

  34. I'm not sure what the advice is where you are but I thought it was no dairy before 1 year old, only human milk or formula?

  35. Where I am it's recommended to introduce dairy products like yogurt around

  36. I know someone said this but Tylenol is the biggest one. FYI, it's okay to buy children's Tylenol instead of infant Tylenol, you'll just have to buy a baby medicine syringe separately.

  37. I do, but that's because if I don't he falls back asleep too easily and wakes up again because he didn't drink enough. If he woke up more easily I wouldn't talk to him during that feed.

  38. At one year old, he technically doesn't need breastmilk. It's great that you're still giving it to him if he's happy to drink it and you're happy to produce it, but he doesn't need any more than you're producing.

  39. If you have a healthy, full-term baby, the fridge hack should be safe. Having 2 sets of parts means you only have to wash one set per day and it always has time to air dry. The Medela microwave bags are great for occasionally sterilizing things, but a pot of boiling water is easy, too.

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