1. When you say “miss a wake window” what does that mean? Do you keep trying to put her down for the nap, or just let her stay up until her next bottle and try again then?

  2. I’ve read they are supposed to be awake 45-90 minutes. So if she goes beyond that she stays up for like 10+ hours and we can’t get her to sleep. So we try to put her down in that time frame if she doesn’t go down on her own.

  3. Also a Halloween baby and she does the same. The wake window isn’t as long but definitely normal. I love it though because she’s showing social signs and it’s fascinating

  4. Yes! Halloween baby! Okay that makes me feel better. I get so nervous I’m just letting her sleep the day away.

  5. Their circadian rhythm doesn’t start being adjusted until 8-9 weeks, they may have their nights and days confused and be on womb time. Such as my nugget was always awake in the womb from about 6PM-12AM and is the same on the outside. You’re supposed to feed 2-3 hours until they gain their birth weight. They’re only able to see 8-12inches away and are memorizing your face. They’re pretty much sleeping, snuggling, eating and pooping is all they need to be doing. For the first 3 months they think they’re an extension, basically an arm, attached to mom. If your baby is not hungry or need a diaper change they may be gassy or overtired/overstimulated. If you don’t let your nugget sleep during the day they will be overtired and not sleep more at night. Get those burps out. They can sleep in the bassinet or crib during the day, night whenever you definitely don’t need to contact nap unless you want to/you don’t need to be trapped contact napping if you want a breather from your little one. Put them in the bassinet or crib if they’re willing to sleep there.

  6. Thank you! I appreciate your insight! I think I was feeling guilty about the napping because I didn’t want to feel like I was forcing baby to sleep all day and then everyone says to you that you never get this time back, so I felt some guilt putting her in the bassinet for a scheduled nap. FTM here and oh so grateful for this community!

  7. Hey, my girl is 4 weeks old. She feeds every 3-4 hours. Occasionally hungry again after 2hrs. I watch the clock from when she starts feeding and make sure I’m settling her back to sleep within 60 mins. In this 60 mins we feed and maybe have a little chat, a few mins of kicking about on her mat tummy time etc while watching for tired cues. Unless we are out and about she’s always settled back to sleep in her bassinet or cot. If she wakes unsettled before she’s due to feed again we contact nap to extend the sleep.

  8. Thank you! I appreciate this! We have been modeling this today in hopes of a better nights sleep. How many hours per day on average is your little one awake?

  9. Congrats and I’m in the same boat! Tomorrow is baby’s due date and we are having a scheduled c-section. Can’t wait for all of our spooky babies!

  10. Is your husband receiving consistent bonuses? Bonuses are taxed at 22% because it supplemental income. However, if bundled with your paycheck and depending on the state you live it, the employer isn’t required to withhold 22% in federal taxes. Sometimes this is due to even a payroll system limitation. It’s pretty easy to calculate. Just take a look at one of his paychecks where he receives the bonus, is use the IRS calculator for the his regular wages and then calculate 22% for the bonus. Odds are, the federal taxes withheld are not going to match the manual calculation.

  11. Generally the bonuses are issued as a separate paystub and taxed separately from his general pay. They still list it on his YTD income but the bonus doesn't come bundled with his normal pay check.

  12. Maybe double check the percentage that they are being taxed. Or if they are large bonuses, it may be bumping you into a higher tax bracket, which then you can calculate and additionally withhold.

  13. 39 weeks! Same boat! All I want to do is lay in bed.. managed to go to the dog park, take a nap, watch hubby hang some art in baby’s room, and now in a bath. I plan to be super lazy tomorrow. You should too!

  14. I don’t have any advice, as I am in the same boat as you. Also gained 35lbs, maybe more. I am so conflicted. If the measurements are wrong I’ll be devastated to have had a c section for nothing.

  15. I am right there with you! I am giving my doctor my decision on Monday as well. Hang in there, you’ll make the best choice for you and baby ❤️

  16. They wanted to induce me early For a big baby but without GD I declined. My first son was 8lbs 9 ounces and my second 8 lbs. No issues with delivery either way! But if you’re uncomfortable a scheduled C section might be mentally easier!

  17. How early were they wanting to induce you? And how big did they think baby was? I wasn’t offered and induction. It sounds like I would just schedule the c-section for 40 weeks.

  18. “You are so much bigger than last week! And you still have such a long ways to go… ” - husbands grandmother between weeks 25 and 26 of my pregnancy.

  19. Thank you, I think I just get in my own head. You hear of so many people who don’t require vaccines to see baby, and I question if I’m being too over protective. I know/want to build my baby’s immune system, but I want to do it when the time is right. Given the history of my biological mom, I think I’m just extra sensitive about anything impacting baby’s lungs.

  20. I’m in the same boat as you! At 32 weeks my feet swelled up to a insane size. I have been wearing Birkenstock sandals, not sure if that will work with your climate. However, I highly recommend tall compression socks and compression leggings. It took me a few weeks to get on board with this trick along with elevating above my heart, but I have finally seen my ankle bones for the first time in months! Best of luck to you!

  21. I’m a FTM and I hosted and planned my own baby showers with my husband and have no regrets. After my bridal shower, as thoughtful and my bff, mom and MIL are, it was too much stress to navigate between three of them again.

  22. I feel like I can relate to you. My daughters name will be Cora Doreen (Doreen being my late mother) and my MIL is calling her Cora Dora as a cutesy nickname. Although not harmful, and I’ll never say anything, but it always stings a bit when I hear Cora Dora, because the point was to give her a little bit of my mom. Hang in there.

  23. Can you elaborate? Not seeing the upmix mode. Thank you!

  24. Prune juice was the only thing that worked for me. 1/2 cup morning and night to keep me regular. And 1 full cup to relieve a long stint of constipation.

  25. I tested positive for Covid and then positive for pregnancy in the same week. My husband and I had been trying and were just waiting for implantation to occur take a pregnancy test. But somehow got Covid first. Like you, I don’t go many places and WFH. I am vaccinated and boosted so symptoms were mild, but I still didn’t take any meds on the suspicion of being pregnant and not know exactly why was safe for baby. When I went to my first baby appointment I told my dr. this and he didn’t seem concerned. The only thing I can think of to rationalize this is that our immune systems are suppressed due to pregnancy.

  26. Yes! I’m 19 weeks and if I get asked one more time “well have you tried saltine crackers? They are these magic crackers….” I will scream. Of course I have tried saltines! And no! They are not magic crackers!!

  27. Maybe stick her freezer with some frozen fruits so she can make a smoothie when she feels like it? That way it won’t go bad.

  28. Thank you so much everyone! It seems like It seems like in the end everything would be fine, but the fact that the re-schedule is so far out, it just makes me feel like I’m starting off on the wrong foot with this provider.

  29. I would ask why they are rescheduling? It’s weird to have your dating ultrasound in the second trimester. I would’ve asked for the providers next available time. If you don’t have a preference I’d switch to a different OB if possible.

  30. The provider called out sick so they had the reschedule. They told me that April 25 was the soonest available appointment. This just makes me nervous. I asked if that’s the soonest available, are there going to be scheduling issues for future appointments. They said no. Which doesn’t make sense.

  31. This is how mine looked with my second son, I just needed progesterone

  32. Would you mind sharing what you mean by you needed progesterone? My husband and I just started trying. I’ve been told in the past that I have some sort of issue with progesterone (in relation to birth control). I’m just curious if you are willing to share. Thank you!

  33. Hmm sounds pretty solid, if there is no dehumidifier down there or active ventilation you could just move the subfloor insulation out of the way of the vents. I'm jealous..... mine is a literal crawl 🤣

  34. The company that did the install sealed off the insulation with some sort of barrier so we can’t access the insulation to create venting. Im wondering if this is going to cause issues because when we first bought the home we were advised that crawlspaces need venting.

  35. Interesting, I'm wondering what kind of barrier did they use? That could cause an issue as well with trapping moisture unless it's just some chicken wire or something.

  36. It’s a full on fireproof tarp. They were supposed to install the insulation with paper backing, but we’re out of it. So they installed the tarp under the chicken wire.

  37. This is a question for your IT support team

  38. You're welcome! Teams doesn't work well for many VPNs so make sure you disconnect from your VPN before joining a meeting for the best performance.

  39. Since today is devoid of news and the sub seems to be dedicated to rehashing theories/speculation, here's my own take on a few things related to the Laundries...

  40. The picking up of the car baffles me. I wonder if LE has searched the house for keys to the car. If Brian had really driven the mustang to the reserve, he would have his set of keys on him. I would be curious to know if both sets of car keys are hung up in the Laundrie home currently…

  41. Can someone provide a link to live coverage?

  42. Hii! Just curious, what did you end up doing about the documentation of recovery? I had covid but i’m out of quarantine now and I am traveling to mexico next month. Did you need to use it?

  43. We ended up testing negative, so it wasn’t necessary to use. We ended up doing a virtual dr. visit through our insurance company. They basically wrote us a letter stating/including the following:

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