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  1. We should abandon signoffs and greetings in emails.

  2. Always wore earplugs, never listened to loud music, never went to concerts, and had remarkable hearing my whole life. Got tinnitus anyway. Yay aging and genetics.

  3. Listened to heavy metal as loud as I could as often as I could from like kindergarten onwards and still do. 36 now. Don't know what my hearings like, but it seems to be as good or better than those around me - I hear shit they don't all the time.

  4. You can buy fully automatic rifles at Walmart?

  5. Die hard, then the extend version ofthe entire lord of the rings series on boxing day to nurse the hangover.

  6. Something to consider is that in original wrath we had recruit a friend xp bonus that I’m sure a lot of people used to level alts. A 50% bonus up to level 58 is parobably closer to what the majority of players experienced 15 years ago so I see only benefits to re-introducing the buff again

  7. + grant levels and summon to the other person

  8. Our boys have been a piece of cake to raise, so long as boundaries are enforced. Our girl though...

  9. If in wearing a belt, I definately use it.

  10. In this case it sounds like communication is coercion

  11. tbh I can't quite figure the tone of your comment, are you agreeing the linked post is communicating in a way that is coercion or are you saying my point is not valid, honest question.

  12. I took your comment to imply that in your opinion the person in the link is effectively coercing the other party. I have raised this before as a reason why some sets of conversations can't really happen as even with the best intentions and delivered in the softest possible way, the ultimate message is still "do as I say or suffer the consequences".

  13. Damn straight. I always wanted to do that, man. And I think if I were a millionaire I could hook that up, too; 'cause chicks dig dudes with money.

  14. At least the kind of chick's that would double up on a dude like me.

  15. This one weird trick will make your penis bigger

  16. No, but most of them seemed enthusiastic about oral sex. I’m just criticizing the whole stereotype of women only pretend to like doing oral sex as mostly hogwash.

  17. I married and divorced three! Oral sex, of all things, was never the problem.

  18. OK, so 3/3. Think we are going to need a larger sample.

  19. Make the same rules apply in both directions.

  20. Are guys really this bad at reading signals?

  21. I see people say this about being seen as a creep a lot, and I really think that comes down to how you ask and how you take rejection if you get it. Like, as long as it's not somebody who is dating another friend already or a coworker or something, nobody has ever called me a creep for saying "hey would you be interested in just us grabbing coffee sometime?" and being fine with the answer being no.

  22. Alright, so asking 1 girl in social circle = not creep, but all girls = creep. What is asking 1/2 of them?

  23. If they won't pay you for doing nothing, then do nothing unless they pay you.

  24. I dont have a protocol. I assume I would notice their attempt to enter before they achieve it, and as such would use a corner/ doorway to negate their range advantage and attempt to disarm them or control their limb.

  25. We just get a paladin to to chuck righteous fury on and face tank them all. Doesn't really matter what spec.

  26. “Did you see anything?” “The radiologist drives a much better car than I do so he gets to say.”

  27. Need an extra zero on my paycheck to answer that one.

  28. Contrast resolution is the ability to distinguish between two neighbouring pixel values. In the real world, this can be described as differentiating between different tissue types - you can visualise the trebeculae pattern in bones, you can see the different abdomen parenchyma, etc.

  29. Out OK the cost today - you guys can keep that bulshit Canberra wind from today

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