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  1. Trust your gouges over temp probs. Then trust your temp probs after you swap them.

  2. I’d replace that cable with a piece or two of rigid conduit and a weather head, proper supports, new conductors. I’d need to get the power company to tie in the new drop so we’ll need a permit. $1200-$1500. Done in one day.

  3. You can use pvc though because the pipe isn’t supporting the lateral

  4. Carlon super blue boxes are way sturdier than the grey cantex boxes.

  5. Yeah the grey ones suck, you have to be careful not to strip out the 6-32s. Also I just got one of those templates that has a built in level and it doesn’t work with the grey ones because there outline is different

  6. Used a DeWalt table saw. Made a 45 degree angle jig/sled to cut cleaner mitres and minimize blowouts.

  7. Ok, just curious because I’ve tried using ammunition DeWalt sliding miter saw to build frames and even with the miter saw tuned and set accurately, the miters still suck. I ended building a dedicated 45degree sled for my table saw and have had much better luck, but not as nice as yours

  8. Check Michael Alm's YouTube videos on frame making. He's got great tips like taking multiple mitre cuts until you're super close to your line, then small shaving cuts for cleaniness. Having a high blade teeth count also helps. More than 60T would be minimum to get nice clean cuts.

  9. Cool thanks, I’ll check that out

  10. Scrape off whatever loose paint you can get off, caulk the joints, and then float it out with durabond. Sand the durabond down until it's seamless, prime and repaint.

  11. Does it last though? Just with the wood movement would it cause cracks in the durabond

  12. Even bondo would crack eventually imo, wood wants to expand.

  13. Or just get pushed out of the joints

  14. I used to remove them then a customer years ago complained she doesn’t know what bulbs to put in never removed another one since

  15. I did take them off, but then it turned into a 30min ordeal because it left a bunch of adhesive that I tried to wipe off and ended up having to acetone or rubbing alcohol to get it off. Side note wd40 or any other type of I think petroleum based lubricant takes adhesive off really well, but then you need to clean off the lubricant

  16. Grounding. Needs to be accessible for inspection/repair.

  17. I like that they left the tag on it, lol

  18. Right it’s private damn it! I don’t own it, but it’s private and I still wanna tell these kids to shut up!!

  19. I really like it when something looks good besides working well.

  20. I’m an electrician, but follow this sub because I’ve always been interested in your trade and would love to be able to design something and make it. I’m pretty good with cad, but dont have access to a mill or lathe, other than at work where I’ll have an excuse to use them every once in a while

  21. That would make sense but the single pole is not affected by the three other switches on the circuit.

  22. That would make sense the single pole is only controlling the fan, the 3ways are controlling the light so it’s a separate switch loop

  23. Right, newer fans come like that, but older fans that were probably installed when this was wired had independent switching. What was the original issue you had that you needed to troubleshoot this?

  24. I'm a paramedic in England. I've been a paramedic for 5 years. I work in a major city. I have never been to a shooting. My crewmate, who has been on for 25 years, has been to two. Two, in 25 years.

  25. I live in upstate NY near a smallish city and we have at least one shooting per day and usually more, it’s crazy right how many shootings there are.

  26. Looking like a real bang up installer did that even years earlier, how that manicured wires lasted that long is amazing. One thing about FPE you didn't have to worry about nuisance trips, just the building burning down.

  27. Yeah we were changing out FPEs in a townhouse complex in the winter, so me and another apprentice wanted to see how much it would take to trip one of the 15amp circuits, we plugged in a bunch of the heaters and got it up to 23-24amps before it would trip and it would take a few minutes with that load before actually would trip, it was a fun experiment

  28. What were your assessments? Because even if you were at $60 an hour and 6% (stupid high) we're talking $3.60 an hour less to be making more. And $3.60 isn't much less hourly. Can we see the numbers?

  29. Also your not putting as much into your annuity/401k and probably don’t have a pension

  30. Yeah this is must more damn that’s really sad, not interesting IMO

  31. Also people think that anything a master electrician says is law and there interpretation is always correct

  32. Something could be shorted out . Did you remove all field wiring to board and reboot . You may get the system to respond normally and take it from there

  33. Yeah I was thinking just remove the boiler zone loop at the panel and or remove the resistor to see if anything changes

  34. Probably is there too. You're asking me to diagnose this from pictures.

  35. And get a dehumidifier running running asap

  36. So that's what that liquid electrical tape is for...

  37. Yeah but I didn’t know they had colors other than black, wonder why they chose green in this situation?

  38. Because green is ground, the world around... they wanted you to know where the ground fault was... as soon as you removed the proper wrapping paper.

  39. Now that’s a great explanation, thanks

  40. Oh I did, and then ten minutes later he goes right back to questioning it, going "but the bottom step is an inch less, the lady is right these don't work."

  41. What was his reaction after you finished and it magically worked? Did he at least take it as a learning lesson?

  42. That's a bold statement. If the same procedure is applied to several different methods and the results are compared, it can mean a lot. If the test procedures are British standard, ISO, DIN or JIS, would that equate to the standards not meaning much?

  43. It’s completely meaningless unless it’s to UL standards!!!!! /s

  44. Is there a UL standard for UL standards?

  45. Hang on trying to think of funny comeback

  46. I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV, but I’d go see a doc for that.

  47. Not a doc, but stayed at a Holiday Inn so OP definitely get medical attention

  48. Psssst. Hey, you can also cut them one at a time😂 it happens to the best of us, just be glad they werent a pair of strippers that youve had for years and grown attached to. I have a brand new pair of klein linemans and i cant bring myself to use them because my years old, and first pair of linemans is still working. 🤦‍♂️

  49. Not saying your wrong at all with always acting like it’s live and cutting things one at a time and not touching the box with your cutters at the same time. In way though I’d rather sacrifice my cutters and either trip the circuit or realize it’s hot, rather than after cutting them all one at time and then grabbing or moving the wire and get hit. Not saying you wanna cut 500s and ground your cutters to find out if it’s hot and cause an arc flash

  50. Yeah was that considered mansplaining? Or just I don’t know

  51. I’m her mind she’s not wrong, and the fact that he was taking care of the three children while they were dating was an obligation that she thought would continue after they broke up, which it wasn’t. Makes me wonder if the other baby daddy/s did the same while she was dating him, if not this chick is just dumb af for trying to even shame this one guy and not the others

  52. Yeah if she simply said to baby dad, that from now on can you please bring all the kids food, so that one kid isn’t eating it front of the other starving kids that I can’t feed. This is a co-parent convo not a chance to shame baby daddy #4 on social media.

  53. Very efficient also, it’s the future

  54. Unfortunately we can’t get the occupancy permit until everything is inspected and approved by the city unfortunately they won’t let us open with generators, if I don’t miraculously find a panel soon we’re pretty much fucked there is no telling when we can open. We ordered the panel back in march now the supplier said there is nothing they can do they won’t even give us a time frame.

  55. Look for used, surplus electrical dealer, might be able to make something work, unless it has to be this exact panel

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