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  1. Yeah it's a newer feature. If the server dies you auto leave with your stuff but whatever quest objectives you completed are reverted as tho you never did them.

  2. Vepr-136. Use ps ammo. Put a handguard and foregrip. Pick your sight of choice and the gun slapps for cheap.

  3. No because BSG support is notoriously unresponsive, and false ban appeals are incredibly easy to handwave away as "you're just a lying cheater".

  4. To be fair the majority of people who claim they were falsely banned are in fact cheaters.

  5. I'm not saying you are wrong, but what proof do you have that you are right? Simple because they remained banned does not necessarily mean they were cheaters. I see posts almost every day asking how to change emails because they lost access to their old email account and BSG support is completely unresponsive.

  6. Cheaters have every incentive to try and undermine the average players trust so that it will cause an uproar and get the masses to ask bsg to be more lax on bans. If I remember correctly a few years ago after a massive ban wave someone on this sub linked screenshots of a cheat website telling their clients to make posts about being falsely banned for this exact reason.

  7. 100 percent I can tell you the solution. I have ran into this while sherpa'ing a lot of people. They have to play the game by themselves. They have to learn not to freeze in combat and they won't be able to do that as long as they are relying on you to make the big plays.

  8. God is merciful. God remembers that we are just dust Psalm 103:14. If you are saved trust when it says our sins are separated as far as the east is from the west Psalm 103:12.

  9. I understand his concern all too well from when I was young. But in an effort for clarity. His next thought going forward will of course be not to make any new promises. But not upholding the ones already made, will it be a sin everytime he chooses to drink responsibly?

  10. I'm not sure but I think there is a passage in the Bible about not making any promises to God. I remember this from a sermon at a church I attended some years back and can't recall where this is in the Bible to get any clarification on whether this is true or not.

  11. Yeah, you are right. We are not supposed to make solemn oaths or vows. We are to let our yes be yes and our no be no.

  12. All those lines were the errors that came from Arminian Fundamentalism. I can see how you could miss that.

  13. I think you’re still missing the point of the original comment. (Also, Arminian, not Armenian)

  14. Thank you. I have reread the post and had misunderstood. I thought he was endorsing those beliefs. Thank you for pointing it out.

  15. I think their should be more emphasis on the damage hoarding billionaires cause the economy. When you have such a large amount of money taken out of the economy and never spent it causes inflation. 90 percent of Americans share like 30 of the total wealth in America. That means that billionaires keep 70 percent of all the wealth locked up in their bank and investment accounts. Its never spent but instead always growing larger due to how interest works. So we now have to split that 30 percent with an ever increasing population. All the while the 30 percent turns to 29, then 28, and so on.

  16. The Eucharist is a metaphor. He was never saying that it was actually his body and actually his blood. Just like in Matthew 18:7-9, he wasn't actually saying to cut off your foot or pluck out your eye.

  17. He wasn't, though. Which is why when the crowd was shocked to hear what he was telling them, that they must eat his flesh and drink his blood if they were to enter the kingdom of heaven, he didn't backtrack and say it that it was just a metaphor. Instead he said:

  18. When the thief was on the cross next to Jesus. Jesus told him that would be with him in paradise and yet that man did not have communion.

  19. Ol' boy said it during a stream a while back. Not gonna go look for it, it happened.

  20. Adam and Eve weren’t satisfied with what God gave them, and they thought they knew better and tried to add to it. I see this as no different. I’m shocked any of you think this is okay. I would encourage you to discuss this with your Session.

  21. This is a matter of conscience and clearly it is against yours and there is nothing wrong with that. I believe that you should abstain. But to say that all must abstain on a matter that is against your conscience is incorrect.

  22. And I would encourage you not to twist Scripture to attempt to justify your sin. This is wrong for everyone, not just me. Repent.

  23. Could you show me where this is forbidden? What are you basing your belief off of? Where does the Bible condemn certain things within the marrital bedroom?

  24. You have a great understanding and a thoroughly enjoyed your comment. I also love your subtle reference to the Parable of Two Brothers.

  25. It is heretical and not borderline. The bible clearly teaches that there are “sheep” and “goats” and the goats receive God’s wrath while the sheep are saved.

  26. Romans 9. Where he writes about the objects of destruction is referring to those who are not the elect.

  27. OK, on the one hand, we're going to disagree about whether or not it's a sin to play the lottery and I think that's OK (Paul says to be gracious to those who won't eat meat sacrificed to idols and I can buy into these being comparable).

  28. I agree. I do not think gambling is inherently sinful. I personally have bought a few lottery tickets in my lifetime but other than that I choose not to gamble. However, just as having some alcohol is also not inherently sinful getting drunk is. If someone is gambling away their mortgage payment and not taking care of their family then it's an issue.

  29. Ahh okay. I’ve been struggling with being the third steward. I feel like I’m not bearing much fruit for others or the kingdom at the moment.

  30. I am feeling the same way and your question here gives me comfort that I am not alone.

  31. Puritans were a Calvanist sect, and Calvanism taught/teaches that there are a group of people "the elect" who are predestined to go to heaven. The "elect" will be known by the blessings that God gives them in their lifetimes - aka by their prosperity. It is the origin of the very American "prosperity doctrine" religious movement and is ABSOLUTELY tied to capitalism. It is one of the reasons why in this country and others we view being poor as a moral failing - people are poor because they are bad. We may not think that as overtly always, but it absolutely impacts how we view poverty and the whole "bootstraps" nonsense.

  32. You are misunderstanding Calvinism. While you are correct about the elect, the blessings are not necessarily for this lifetime but for the kingdom to come. After death the elect will be rewarded with a glorified body and they will be rewarded in other ways.

  33. Oh, I'm not claiming that those practices are in line with "true" Calvinism, which has naturally evolved over time (I'm not seeing a lot of calls for theocratic city states that are purged of bad influences like Geneva under Calvin) - but the origins are there nonetheless. It is not a single source of the attitudes or the issues, but one of the threads that influences the modern issues. I was responding to the "Puritan work ethic has nothing to do with capitalism" which is just.... Wrong.

  34. Thank you for clarifying. I just didn't want true Calvinists or true Arminianists to be categorized by the disgusting Prosperity gospel that is plaguing the world with false teachings that are contrary to scripture.

  35. They are just a bunch of dudes who happened to make a half decent game. They aren't star developers or anything special and it's been very obvious ever since I purchased the game. A team that actually cared about the community would be jumping all over this trying to make it work. Hiring better developers and some project managers for a solid vision, and technical leads to implement that vision. Right now it's literally like hobby level developers fucking around. The game won't last unless Nikita is booted and someone else with better motivation takes over.

  36. If Nikita were to move off of the project this game would die over night. I get that you may not agree with all of his decisions but this never would have gotten to where it is without him and his integrity. He could have made this game full of micro transactions but he didn't. He could have continued to make the game easier to attract more players but again he kept the game difficult. There are so many things he could have done that would have directly helped him collect more money but he stayed true to the vision. Nikita being booted off this project is the last thing we want for tarkov and I am dumbfounded that you received as many upvotes as you did for this comment. That is shameful.

  37. Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?"

  38. I saw some online forum that said that same path, but I couldn’t find anything like that on my pc. I have deleted it and am currently waiting for it to install, after I will try that path again

  39. App data is a hidden folder. You need to turn on your ability to view hidden folders in windows. Just Google how to find app data and I'm sure you can find a tutorial.

  40. Gunsmith is quite honestly the easiest questline there is ??? Enjoy buying your DVL for 300+k and various gun parts on the flea next wipe to progress. I'll be sure to put them up there for you while I barter with traders for next to nothing.

  41. I have done gunsmith before the flea existed. When all the parts weren't for sale from the trader. You would not believe the difficulty and the frustration of never finding what you need.

  42. They extend early wipe for streamers who cry about being bored 2 days in, these changes aren't for little timmies like yourself to have a fighting chance

  43. I mean not everyone that kills me is a hacker. Usually I just get sprayed down in factory, but I've legit had people teleport in front of me on Customs. So I know its an issue.

  44. This sub has a really bad habit of calling cheats when they dont understand how they died.

  45. Ah, comunist gringos, that explain why they think that importing prime materies is stealing.

  46. He is defining stealing as "buying at a minimum price or controlling who the oil is sold to". He doesn't mean getting oil for free.

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