1. I'll fitting clothing, not dressing for the occasion (especially first date), unfashionable choices and or not styling oneself properly, unkempt hair (including facial), appropriate shoes for occasion that are in good condition. Just a clean cohesive look would be fantastic boys!

  2. And… where was Erika’s apology?

  3. That's not true! We haven't forgotten!! But for now our hate for Rinna reigns supreme until she is gone. Then Kathy can go too after Erica!!!

  4. I would have loved for Kathy to give this energy to those two bitches this week.

  5. Should I downvote on Netflix? I won’t hit the Play button The trailer was odd

  6. I only got through the first 15 of Dahmer and I shut it off

  7. I haven't even bothered as I can imagine how awful it is. Ryan Murphy always likes to sensationalise serial killers and it's not something I enjoy. Glad I'm not the only one.

  8. Thank you OP that was awesome....plus Modern Family; so sweet, he's just like the rest of us with our background showson all day, whole we be working.

  9. When I watched the documentary all I thought of was Jackie Rohr (City on a Hill) absolutely chilling.

  10. That scene was hilarious, but realistic seeing as Theo probably has never seen a female elf

  11. My son (18) and I (f) laughed so hard at that scene, it was fantastic. It stretched a little longer than needed to ensure you were seeing Theo in absolute awe of this Goddess and it was perfect. I actually liked Theo after that; made him seem a little more human. Not sure why but he really irked me up until that scene.

  12. He's nailing everything. The fight scenes, the quiet scenes, the moments where he's not even speaking. I hope the exposure he gets from the show kicks off a successful career for him.

  13. He wasn’t smoking weed that day because it was Ramadan. The day Cathy was recalling where Adnan was high wasn’t the 13th it was a totally different day.

  14. Then why does he not recall that day? I always thought it was because he was high, never knew this. Ty.

  15. I think a lot of people do...Until everything is listened to and read you get all the pieces and see that Cathy was referring to Adnan being really high was a totally different day because all of the schedules for the conference she said she went to that day was actually for a different day entirely.

  16. Yes in the HBO documentary they actually realise that it's not the right day! How awful! You could see they knew they had made a serious mistake on their faces. Just terrible if he's innocent. People keep asking that if he's guilty he's not done enough time? But he was 17!? Also if he is innocent how do you give him those years (decades) back!? He's done the time either way. Thanks for the response and I shall dig into this over the weekend.

  17. Yes and she was wearing flip flops and a fur coat????

  18. Three words: Pam, Eric, Lafayette. You will understand later, trust me.

  19. Agreed. 9/10 for me (disliked ending) still a great show though. Lots of laughs and eye candy.

  20. Theme song ranks with the best ever, right up there with the one for Sopranos!

  21. On the worst streaming app, with a rental fee—yay

  22. Up until recently they were all available to watch without an additional fee just the new one now unfortunately.

  23. Lord…Where did Meredith find a blazer swimsuit🤣

  24. I have a theory that Erika is trying to be friendly again with Sutton because she wants the fans to ease up on the hate she’s getting since Sutton and Garcelle are the favorites these last couple of seasons. Did y’all notice how the episode felt like the Erika propaganda hour? Her tearful therapy session, wig/extension party, and make up with Sutton just felt way too fishy for me. It’s like she’s on this PR campaign while Lisa is trying to avert the focus on Kathy. Lmfao looks like they are gonna get called out for it tho next week…

  25. Nail. On. Head. 👏 👏 👏 This is exactly what is happening. Sutton will be bitten again!

  26. Tried watching it earlier today. Didn't even make it halfway through. It's bleak and grossly disrespectful. Poor Norma Jean was treated like dogshit by nearly everyone in her life and this movie does nothing more than glamorize the dehumanization she faced her whole life.

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