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  1. Well, they would like men to measure themselves to what women deem usefull to them.

  2. That's not how that works. It's not people's daily task to disprove every claim made online. The one who makes the claim has the burden of proof.

  3. My wife has stage 4 cirrhosis and we've discussed getting divorced so she would qualify for medicaide and not have medical bills piling up just as our daughter is going to be graduating high school.

  4. The system is set up for family units to fail on purpose. Single women create debt, they hold 2/3 of it. And debt is how new money is made, now that we no longer use the gold standard in banking. 90% of marketing is geared towards women. Big investors anticipate a she-conomy and put their money in wine and cat food.

  5. If I had mr beast money I’d do a whole room around a drum set. Make a warp tube. But reality of things says never.

  6. I agree he needs professional help. I think he was traumatised by the divorce and is lashing out at everyone and everything.

  7. It just sounds like victim Vs oppressor Identity politics. Women could contribute to a cultural change if being the one to approach men, instead of having this prey mentality that forces men to be forward with their advances if they ever want anything to happen. The obvious downside here is obviously that approaches, even well intentioned, can come off wrong. So I'd love to see some accountability and proactive changes.

  8. Just when I thought these stupid tiktok videos couldn't get any more cringeworthy.

  9. I remember a time when a video like this would get you mercilessly bullied until your social life was over.

  10. I like how she's all like teehee this is where I shit 🥰

  11. Wonder what kind of job allows her to afford all of that 🥰

  12. This person hit the stroller on purpose you can see him slow down than speed up to run over the kid. This person deserves horrible things done to them

  13. Or.. they slowed down for the intersection. Looked to the right for traffic that has the right of way. The lady and stroller now obscured by the left frame of the windshield. Then accelerated again to cross the intersection.

  14. That’s the whole point. It isn’t about her and him, just about other men being envious of him. Making a literal object of her.

  15. The examples you are thinking of probably don't illustrate the issue.

  16. That answer was kinda based ngl.

  17. I read "removing the leg" and thought of some cruel punishment.

  18. White oppressor confiscating traditional Mozambique garment?

  19. Why are we all the way in the back row? I can't see anything.

  20. Where is the line though? Can I hand draw pornographic imagery with celebrities in them? What about using Microsoft paint to do it? What about Photoshop? What about 3d modeling and rendering? Why is an AI image generator fundamentally different from any of those things?

  21. I'd guess just like with counterfeit money, the issue is the quality.

  22. When it comes to online porn in the UK I guarantee this is a cover for a some shady way to remove people's right to digital privacy.

  23. "Up skirting" law, "Down blousing" law, what's next? The "Near navel" law?

  24. As long as they are not in contact it will have to fade.

  25. A comic book by a Belgian author. That must have been a big thing in his youth in Antwerp.

  26. Great idea and input, but we kinda went throught something like this and i did exactly that like a year and a half ago.

  27. Yeah it's a dumb idea. Because she's playing a power game and is not trying to keep things going well.

  28. No you are 100% in the right. It should not affect your sex life.

  29. Personally I really enjoy hot peppers. Fantastic plant, not too big. As easy or difficult as you want to make it, for crop results, and cross pollination, etc. And reward of peppers at the end to make your own hot sauce.

  30. You are still slim so they can just hit it from behind with a bag over your head.

  31. Your fiancé is in competition or trying to get revenge on your ex. Understandable but you need to tell her she can't manipulate your kid to do so. That would not make her any better than your ex.

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