1. Not any cheaper than google flights, slower results, and the site looks worse. Literally fails in every category.

  2. That model year came with the 5.3 and an 8.1. I am not really well versed in the chassis, but usually, the model years are just one frame made for the engines to be interchangeable because it's easier than making two different frames. The wiring harness will most likely need to be swapped along with the engine, transmission, and most likely the drive train. It will be a big job and may be difficult to source parts depending on where you are located. The upside is that that motor is in the LS based series so any LS style engine should be a relatively easy swap, save for anything with turbos/superchargers due to engine bay fitment issues that might arise(unlikely as trucks usually have large bays). The weak points will be the tranny and drive train after an ls style swap(LS1, LS2, LQ4, LQ9, Etc). 4L80Es are reasonably ubiquitous, the 8.1 version of your vehicle came with a 4L85E(higher torque model). To answer your question more directly. Yes, you can swap a 6.0 into it with the tranny, but it won't necessary be straight forward and the juice may not be worth the squeeze depending on engine/tranny combo and if you upgrade the driveline or not depending on max towing you want to do. I know this is all pretty general, but you didn't specify any numbers nor a specific engine so I kept the advice as general as possible. On top of that, I don't know the vehicle personally so take this with a grain of salt.

  3. Thank you for the information! I’m in central Texas, so I don’t think it should be that bad, and what is LS based?

  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Motors_LS-based_small-block_engine

  5. Your exhaust is your priority and the subframe bracing is secondary? I have no words to express how angry this makes me. If you can't understand, I support your position and accept that I am old and stupid.

  6. Could it be this style of Civic?

  7. I can see what looks to be a grille area below the front of the hood, plus the big headlights makes me think it's not a 92-95. It looks more like a 96+ or an Accord coupe because of that.

  8. I looked again. Agreed. I missed the grille in my first look.

  9. Try doing yoga/walking so your muscles can recover after each time you exercise. Yoga/walking long distances can count as an exercise session. I suggest starting off with one cardio/weightlifting session, and do yoga/walking long distances for the other session, so that's two sessions per week.

  10. Make sure you are stretching. Work those muscles. Get jacked, fit, whatever you are looking for... make sure to keep limber. You will appreciate that during recovery now and when you get older. You got this. I believe in you.

  11. I had a similar issue in my NA, the device that kept the battery in place loosened and grounded out my battery while driving. Had similar symptoms but I can't say for sure.

  12. Same boat same question… bought a 987.1 this year.

  13. Check the other class vehicle section which your Cayman is under. You should be able to put in for the settlement. As a second hand purchaser, as long as previous owners don't put in for your VIN you should get the full amount.

  14. How is a man and a woman gay(Homosexual)? Even if it involves sex toys which have no gender?

  15. That isn't a flooded dry suit its just a wet suit.

  16. It looks like a Semi-Dry suit. Something happened to get that much water in it. Usually they only have a thin layer.

  17. You pretty much have to manually open your suit to get this much water in, I used to do this as a kid. I don't know why he's having so much trouble getting it out tho.

  18. I agree. As I said in another comment, he probably unzipped his suit, took the hood off then climbed out of the water.

  19. Sounds like a great suggestion, especially since I'll still be able to wear them when I can get in a suit.

  20. In addition to a hood and booties, which is a great suggestion Dingo, gloves. Also, a thermal rash guard could be an inexpensive gap closer or just a rash guard. Something to slow the heat loss and extend your time out in the water(burning more calories and helping your journey while having fun) while costing a relatively reasonable price.

  21. We need to be fundamentally "wrong" about something because, given current knowledge, some of these things we need to leave the solar system and truly explore (and colonize) the galaxy simply is not going to happen.

  22. Someone much smarter than me said "It will not be we, who reach Alpha Centauri, and the other near by stars, it will be a species very like us but with more of our strengths and fewer of our weaknesses. More confident, far-seeing, capable, and prudent." We don't need to be "fundamentally wrong about something." It can simply be another level in the great filter. We humans think that it will be us exploring the stars. More likely, it will be human 2.0, or AI if we don't use genetic engineering. If we create AI and don't decide to take advantage of genetic engineering, we will become obsolete. AI will take over and organic sentience will most likely become extinct.

  23. Do you know how well these hold up compared to ARB lockers?

  24. Neuroplasticity. The brain has a harder time the older you get, but in general, it can adapt and change as required. If you had some serious childhood trauma, it will likely be with you for life, but that doesn't mean you are stuck with the "damage" forever. Your experiences impact who you are. You choose who and what you want to be after that. Don't let your past hold you down. There are plenty of people over at

  25. Naturally aspirated options for increasing power is going to be DOHC head swaps and EFI swaps. Expensive and not a ton of power. Forced induction is a better route if you don't want to engine swap. Turbocharger or Supercharger. Below is a kit I looked at before I decided to go 1.6 16v.

  26. Currently rebuilding a 1.6 16v with a very similar issue. I purchased some epoxy to strengthen the area and keep it from cracking further. The other option was to drill and weld it, but based on where the crack is, I don't think that will be necessary. As far a frankensteining the G13, I personally haven't tried it. I would suggest forums, specifically the Suzuki Swift forums because they had a relatively large tuner scene back in the 90's with a fair bit of g13/g16 part swapping.

  27. Land use isn't really a big issue in terms of environmental issues. How positive or negative in CO2 production is really the issue. If we all go vegan and reduce that land use, then it becomes a desert, it is terrible for the environment. Not saying that is going to happen, just looking at the impact these numbers actually mean. Regenerative Grazing could allow the increased sequestration of carbon while still allowing some meat production(at greatly increased cost, effectively making people mostly vegetarian) and replace the roaming bison herds(probably with cows) that helped make the great grasslands across America and other countries also. The overall effect would be the huge reduction in meat eating, the reduction of CO2 production from farming(combined with getting rid of diesel powered equipment) to a possible Carbon Negative agriculture business with meat still being available for those that still want to afford the luxury. The kind of change that changes mindsets of generations towards meat not being a staple of the average diet.

  28. From the movie Idiocracy. The color and consistency just reminded me of it. Not saying anything about the quality or deliciousness of your food.

  29. Ya my uncle is a welder and has tons of things at his work to custom make engine mounts etc.

  30. Mounting isn't going to be the hardest part. Wiring is going to be the most difficult. Definitely hop on the forums and get a hold of wiring diagrams. Might want to go with an aftermarket "build your own" harness instead of cutting and pasting the stock harness into oblivion. If you are looking for power, you can run no more than 10psi(8 is safe) of boost on the stock block. Swap the stock sleeves for iron then go forged pistons and connecting rods to get your boost up. 15psi should put you in the 300hp range depending on other factors(injectors, pump, etc.) Just a thought, unless you are looking for an ultra rare project.

  31. I never had any doubt that you would find the right one. Only wish I could have been there to meet her myself.

  32. Granted. From now on you will only speak true prophecies. No one will believe you. You are right about everything that will happen but no one will listen to your utterances. They will forget that you warned them of exactly what happened to them and they will think you are crazy for telling them that you knew all about it. People will shun you as a crazy and dangerous person. Fearful of you, they will run away as you speak their future to them, trying desperately to warn them of the fate that awaits them.

  33. Higher speeds mainly and it’s not in a samurai it’s in a x-90 trying to set it up for Baja style racing

  34. If you want speed... I would caution against the 1.9tdi. The weight is significant. You could get similar-ish power from a 1.6 8v with a turbo/supercharger for much less weight (unless you know someone in the WRC/SEAT Cupra/Infinite money spec scene). Here is the issue(rant time). You have a very light car/cross-over-thing. A good plan is to keep the weight light and get some good power. Keeping it light is nice because the weight distribution is relatively unchanged, IE RX7 4th gen(or in the realm of 50/50 "ish ish", double ish for effect). Otherwise, just drop in an LS3 and call it a day... But I am pretty sure you don't want to bury your nose like an ostrich(The LS3 is pretty close to the 1.9tdi dry weight, about 100 ish lbs off.) The 1.6 8v with a supercharger can be had for less than a swap(if you shop right, and have some welding/fabrication skills) and put out the power you need to take it to the next level. Your 16v is worthless for FI because no one cares about intake efficiency with forced induction(to a point, obviously). Forgive the rant, I may be drunk. I think I got the wording and spelling ok.

  35. I get what your saying. I came up with a different idea, I think I can fit in a miata engine, that should be light enough and cheap to upgrade as well as an abundance of info online to work them

  36. As an owner of both a samurai and miata, the stock miata engine has an iron block. Heavier than the 1.6 16v. You would be equivalent to the 1.6 with a suzuki swift DOHC swap, except more weight.

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