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  1. The writing in this episode left me severly disappointed, especially when the acting was the best it has ever been.

  2. just me or did the ending kinda suck? just didn’t feel fulfilling enough

  3. This girl is a very mediocre actress. THAT is why she isn't getting roles.

  4. Parlay is just so icky and unfun to play and against. For one mana you possibly can steal your opponents win condition and there is nothing that they can be done about it.

  5. If they don't let eddie on S5 but do argyle im so rioting. If they let argyle on S5 regardless im still rioting.

  6. I skip S6 in most of my rewatches. Perhaps it’s time to dust off my S6 DVD.

  7. Oh, it is absoloutely not time to dust off that poor excuse for TV. Trust me- you skipped it for a reason.

  8. "I don't give a fuck who you fuck- just don't fuck with my investigaion, you fuck.

  9. I don't remember my first legendary so i'll go with my first golden legendary, Pyros. My friend who had been playing the game for ages didn't believe me initially because he never had one and i only played the game for like a month at max.

  10. I think its still relevant enough for a meme, as do the people who viewed it clearly.

  11. The last time i used kik was to buy a mod menu on black ops 2 💀

  12. He is so humble- rightfully so, but nontheless. When he dies he goes into self deprication mode and its equal parts cringe and comedy. I love it.

  13. Belinda is 100% core to the deck, varden is just a good card.

  14. If anyone wants to know who the the drag queen featured here is, i believe its Yvie Odly.

  15. I also have the sam problem. Any time i want to buy something i use the moblie version and it works just fine

  16. Ah. I think I've made a grave mistake. It seems to work in the mobile app, but I'd have to pay ANOTHER 17 quid, with the original money still stuck in my Blizzard account...

  17. I would advise contacting support at this point, i personally have never needed to bc i would just use my phone so it wasn't really an issue.

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