1. I don't really know if that will happen. I think it will probably be a recast at this point even with the new WB people.

  2. I think you’re right BUT I think Cavill is the perfect casting for some reason he just looks like Clark Kent. Hopefully Zaslav will pay the man. They’ve fumbled the brand too long.

  3. Zaslav is famous for being somewhat frugal and the fact thst it has been a while. We will see. I wouldn't mind either recast or a return.

  4. Well, stories will get more open about potraying gay relationships in a sexual manner as viewpoints and understandings of media is constantly shifting.

  5. Again I watched it because the Sandman graphic novels were some of my first. Again, I don’t care about gay scenes being in the film, I’m not one of those bigots that can’t have any “woke” propaganda in my films. It just has to be tasteful.

  6. I get it, I just feel that this post might seem unfavorable to yourself bc of well a very dicey subject.

  7. Justin Lin would be great for the third Suicide Squad movie.

  8. Is the tweet in reference to Batfleck or just a joke?

  9. He is only 48?! I thought he was much older tbh.

  10. Yeah, he is in it. Allegdly they even show him in the trailer

  11. I mean they are right. It is entertaining as hell haha.

  12. Tbf, I also dont think anyone expected Joker to be the hit it became. No one predicted the movie would make the same money a Star Wars movie made on 1/4th of a Star Wars budget.

  13. So it is basically playing similar to how Venom 2 played domestically.

  14. We have heard the same words for the past 4 years. He either comes back or he does not. End of story.

  15. Looks solid but I am more excited to see the suit in motion

  16. So an action TV series based on airport level novel was a success?

  17. I can see WW 3 be the last DCEU movie then.

  18. Mad Max is the kind of theatrical film experience he’s looking for the studios to keep making. That’s what Zaslav is pushing for. Same with Dune.

  19. Mad Max was great, but didn’t Fury Road famously struggle in theaters? “Although it is the highest-grossing Mad Max film, Fury Road underperformed at the box office, grossing $375.7 million worldwide against its $154.6–185.1 million production budget and incurring overall losses of up to $20–40 million.”

  20. We will see how Furiosa does but yeah.

  21. That's true, that is a big concern as well

  22. They aren’t. WB made some poor decisions pre Zaslov with the Theatrical/Streaming release but canceling a film that’s coming out poorly or taking over completely is pretty normal. As long as they respect the ones that make quality films they’ll be fine.

  23. I have no reason to believe a man who has never produced a movie will allow this team to truly flourish. It is on them to convince me differently.

  24. They don’t have to convince you of anything. They don’t care about you. Their job is to make money and to do what will make that money. Zaslov is good at making money. That’s all that matters.

  25. We will in 2024 if he and his team are able to make good movies and money as well.

  26. I was excited bc I liked the cast and the crew, I wasn't jumping up and down for it, but it could have been a cool movie.

  27. Is the Witcher really going to go that long? I've heard it had some icy reception, but is it super successful or something regardless?

  28. It is very successful, basically it is Cavill's franchise

  29. It makes sense to bring back one of the big stars of the DCEU, regardless of the quality of WW84. Hopefully the next couple of DC movies she appears are quality

  30. Horror franchises are like zombies, they keep on living.

  31. It is kinda wild that Nightmare is still langushing tbh

  32. I mean they haven't even made one in over a decade. It's not really languishing anymore, it's just dead (for now at least).

  33. It might seem correct but I don't see Zaslav making it work. I think he is pulling our leg as fans and trying to maximize profit as fast as possible before WB gets sold again

  34. Good on Sandberg's part for finally making it clear what Hamada has probably done for the past 5 years. With all the good and bad parts.

  35. Scared away by one flop its so ridiculous. He's clearly not cut out to run a movie studio, you've got to let your guys do their passion projects even if you take a hit on them so they come back to you to finance and produce their big moneymakers. Would not be shocking for Clint Eastwood to deliver another big success like American Sniper, Sully, The Mule. Those are all recent, he clearly still has the ability to put out financially successful films.

  36. Literally this. If you are so gun-shy about producing movies from the guy who brought you so much money and awards, how are you going to convince other talent to join? Such a massive error on WB's part.

  37. He’s also not primarily a producer. Producing movies is a very specific skill. Zaslav and Horn should be looking at movie producers with a passion for comics and blockbusters. Only way they can compete with what Feige has built

  38. Also Feige spent 10 working on good and shitty Marvel movies before Iron Man. But also, Feige himself is just a good producer first, fan second.

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