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  2. It not moss sorry it's hair. I sent it off too Meldrum to have it tested years ago. It's got white flecks that are skin cells. But don't match anything they have yet!

  3. Hair is dark brown and sun bleach white on the tips I haven't seen this in an animal here before here

  4. Nearly identical in race to the wild people I have met here in Oregon recently. It's their grey noses that always stand out, one of the few things not covered in hair on their features. This one to me looks younger or perhaps a woman, the males I have seen have what I would gently describe as quite "rugged" facial features, as well as very bushy and/or long mustaches and beards.

  5. Check my post history starting from the first. We have only just had these encounters in the last months or so. Hard to say what was and wasn't them before that, but 110% them in the past month. It was like they slowly started moving in and then their activities ramped up until this weekend and now the woods here have been quiet. Feels empty too, as well, the multiple odd sounding owls that hooted literally 24 hours a day for the past two weeks or better are also suddenly gone.

  6. I have a group by me in spring into late fall along a river here. But i see no signs of them in the winter. So I think some migrate and some don't. I have a group that does bird calls so listen close to what your hearing!. Best of luck and stay safe!

  7. Nice! That’s really cool - I always hope to have a sighting some day, but at the same time I don’t. Know what I mean? I guess it would depend on the situation.

  8. I've still not got a good view of one just a dark spot running off. I got a picture of one but never saw it. They blend into there areas perfectly!

  9. quite a nice track. Did you by chance attempt a soil depth test by attempting to replicate the depth of the track? Measuring the depth of your own track next to this one can help you calculate body weight and rule out hoaxing.

  10. It has step on a patch of moss with its toes. But no I couldn't replicate the original track. The big toe measured 2inchs wide. We had action here in the past.

  11. The possibility of finding DNA from tracks and water sources where they drink Is amazing. Footprint could help shed light on this. Environmental DNA (eDNA) refers to DNA that can be extracted from environmental samples, such as water, soil or faeces, without first isolating any target organisms. Origins of environmental DNA All living organisms, regardless of their size or ecology, leave traces of DNA in their environments, reflecting their current or past presence.

  12. On July 20-22, 2015 Theresa and Jeff Yelek investigated a new promising area in Northern Colorado for the first time. The first day Jeff did a wood knock and got a response back from the woods in the form of a rock clack. However, it was distant, so Jeff payed little attention to it. Jeff and Theresa experienced little the rest of the night.The following day was cloudy, rainy and the sky’s were overcast. With intermittent rain and colder temperatures hovering in the 50 degree range, I forayed out. I was hiking by myself between rain showers at about 4:00 pm mst.

  13. Are you willing to share it? If not with the subreddit, at least with me? I promise not to show it to anyone else.

  14. Definitely looks like a deer I hit with my brand new restoration ‘66 Bronco about a decade ago. He was basically ripped in half. Shot him in the side of the head with a 9mm hollow point to put him out of his misery, top of the head looked exactly like that.

  15. No one else was here. End of the road no gun shots heard. I thought hunters at first too but I could see the teeth marks on skull ,bone broken into the skull. Not blown out like a gun would!

  16. i just seen 3 baby deer and their mothers killed killed, laying next to the road, literally 1 pair after another, last month.

  17. Active research online is in a few places. The leading scientist in the field is Jeff Meldrum but others such as Jane Goodall have weighed in. BFRO.net and nabigfootsearch.com are a couple active sites related to the subject but there's probably thousands dedicated to it in some manor. Welcome aboard the squatch train!

  18. I've been out with Jeff Meldrum. Looking for real sasquatch reporting site then!. With real researchers. Thought this was it guess people don't want the truth.

  19. Page looks totally dead, last update was in 2014. Why did you post the logo? Just think it's cool?

  20. I just got on reddit. Thought it was a active sasquatch blog. Where a active sasquatch site at on here?

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