1. I really liked how Ziin's arc played out. That moment when he feels genuine fear of death for the first time because Ace's life is in legitimate danger in front of his eyes was really well done. Glad that he's an example of a good fan, and that he learned a lesson from Ace. Plus, his heart to heart with Ace was really well done, made his final gift to Ace that much more impactful. Though I like the story behind LaserBoost more than the form itself. It's fine, but it just looks too busy compared to Boost Mk II. Though the superspeed effect looks a lot cooler, and I like that Geats gets Ziin's powers in the form.

  2. My thoughts exactly, but at this rate, I want him to hold firm and actually be punished for it by the heroes, rather than get a last-minute face turn. He's been this way for so long now, despite numerous instances that showed him he was in the wrong, that I can't help but just want him to follow through on everything and get his ass kicked.

  3. That's true, he is already seeming incredibly irredeemable at this point, which is saying a lot when being compared to people like Micchy, Kuroto and Gai...

  4. Hexproof finisher hm. The minus effect I guess is more mulching instead of actual graveyard recursion, so they can't return an already milled enchantments. No reach though, I think this would be sided out vs delver

  5. I had to check my subreddit. With Hearts Aligned is god tier though

  6. Guilting someone into hurting their education and risking potentially missing a class while the environment is not hostile to a cats? Seems quite rude

  7. Especially since OP clearly didn't know any better at the time...

  8. If you think this is nuts you haven't seen the pure unhinged energy the image captions of the transformers wiki give off.

  9. Oh my god lol, I just went there and checked the featured article's captions... wow.

  10. you're welcome, it's still very likely for them to die in the present tho since they don't have the luxuries of the future

  11. Yeah, it seems like their "only defense" is being Riders themselves.

  12. Yeah i agree like its like the true successor to Geats's MagnunBoost where Magnum is replace with Laser while Boost replace with Boost MK2

  13. Never thought of it this way but this feels absolutely correct. He uses the gun-handle part of Lazer's device after all

  14. Yep. I still try to play them the way it looks left to right, based on the left and right on my controller.

  15. That's actually a really good point, those have been fucking with my mind for awhile now and I think it's because I've been treating those as interchangeable

  16. Hot take, I'm really getting sick of super form that give the user a side effect when or after using it only it to be cured with a brand new toy or a form. Ever since Build started this trend and the first one to did it well and the best, every other tried to copy it and It's getting boring now.

  17. OOO and Drive both had it too. OOO had a decent implementation I feel, about as good as Build's, it was very impactful.

  18. I'm pretty sure he's done the pose before, but I liked Buffa’s henshin this episode. How they did the Jyamato Buckle effect was cool, and also because I remember the cast joking that only Keiwa’s henshin pose was anything notable early into Geats' run.

  19. But they've shown to fight without the suit before in ep. 13 (for Keiwa) and ep. 14 (for Neon). Though they started performing good as Riders since ep. 4 (for Neon) and ep. 8 (for Keiwa).

  20. We did have a lot of out of suit action this episode though, not just for Ace, Keiwa, and Neon, but even Ziin, and Tsumuri (who doesn't have a suit but that's still interesting).

  21. Nah, hard doubt there. Bloodlusted Sephiroth would be an Ultimate level fight. Throwing in a blind WoL (since no prep was given) is just asking for a wipe.

  22. It doesn't matter. WoL canonically doesn't lose. Losses are just the Echo being WoL's danger sense.

  23. "You literally got this already coz you're me, but take this anyway"

  24. I'll point out that for Tengen at least, he uses actual tiny bombs, so his explosions have a proper explanation.

  25. But Satanael is so damn big. What the hell is a majority of the OP verse gonna do against it?

  26. Sure, but even then, I hardly think that's Universal level...

  27. This is what I was hoping they were going to do with the Wanderer for a while. Ikoria had [[Blade Banish]] where she just showed up for the card. I wanted each set to feature her in at least one card but that never panned out.

  28. Her mystery just didn't end up lasting very long at all.

  29. Ankh's medal throwing has always been beyond god tier. In the first Tajador henshin, the woman assistant/agent (I forgot her name) has to use a gun to fire the Kujaku robot bird to launch the medal towards Eiji, hand-delivering the medal to Eiji, who grabs it out of the air and inserts it manually.

  30. I'm more getting the impression that ALL of the DGP is set in a pocket dimension/simulated world. Hence why Jean calls it a 3.5D world.

  31. Before this episode I was thinking simulated too, but I don't think so anymore. After they said "we'll leave this world and you'll have no memory of us", well, if it's a simulation, why would they not just shut it down? It must be a real world in some fashion.

  32. I honestly just don’t like her character when they’re down in Florida. When she comes up to Scranton she’s like a godsend. I can’t stand manager Andy, for the most part, so when she comes in and starts messing up his world it’s hilarious to me.

  33. I actually think she was fine in Florida, it was the whole stealing Andy's job thing that was absurd and unreasonable

  34. "I see you've met Benjamin. That's what I call my box full of photos of Henry." - The funniest line in the entire series. I was cackling so hard I had to pause the show.

  35. "...why not just call it-" "Not now Dwight"

  36. It's different, but naivety is also a bad trait like stupidity.

  37. It wouldn't be hard to say "wait, the other dude wasn't it, so maybe it WAS Keiwa"...

  38. Fair criticism, he should be able to play how he chooses. Just wanted to see how others may have handled it, if anything at all.

  39. What is there to "handle"? Has he been actively losing, solely because he has no ramp? Does he end every game dead, with lots of cards in hand that he couldn't play due to lack of mana?

  40. Hey I never said the card wasn’t good in legacy. In fact “obviously better” was my exact phrasing.

  41. I think you're both just having two completely different conversations...

  42. where to read it!? and look at her so proud, using a zero one driver and a hairclip based on decade!

  43. Oh man the Decade hair clip is so subtle, I kinda love it. I love low key references that could be easily overlooked, like I could easily wear stuff like that.

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