1. Nietzsche's sister was a staunch nazi, and by association they used a lot of his philosophical writings after his death to justify their actions during the Third Reich. This perversion of his works has continued into the modern age for various supremacist movements

  2. As most people have mentioned on here likely the tourney at Harrenhal.

  3. I don't know if burgy the burger counts but if so burgy the burger

  4. Idk, I thought that was kinda quirky and fun. I'm glad they didn't keep it as their mascot tho

  5. Well you're obviously free to have that opinion I just think it overstayed its welcome lol

  6. Awful lotta people on this sub not getting the joke lmfao

  7. I'll probably get downvoted but I had a real problem with the ending. She tried to kill a guy. Not a guy who did anything evil or wrong but wanted her to shutdown her monster safari. Because let's presume Kate has to be there why does it have to be a campground? So not only is she cool with people dying every year, because they deserved it for not following the rules, but will kill a sheriff for wanting to keep people safe? What's the moral of the story here? You know what's funny I bet everyone who disagrees with me would say the mayor of Jaws was wrong for not closing the beach, because of revenue. But Kate is somehow different because why?

  8. Absolutely agree. I made a post complaining about Kate a couple weeks ago and among my complaints listed Cummings' portrayal as the sheriff as perhaps not quite on the money compared to the characters' motivation (protecting people lol). When you take the benefit of the doubt away from Kate for being the protagonist she's kind of terrible lmao

  9. Holy shit this is so true. I don't care much for Danny now but boy when he's playing the game he's simultaneously so amusing and professional

  10. I’ve loved this story since I first read some of the early chapters online, and I’m enjoying this adaption (is it weird I kinda ship Kate and the new sheriff??).

  11. This newest episode has basically solidified for me that we are meant to view Kate the way the community does. Like sure, she's the protagonist so you start out rooting for her but I've found myself wondering more and more if the townsfolk are unjustified in not liking Kate.

  12. OP on every comment: Nope it's way less my account is now 790 days old

  13. I don't imagine so, they've been pretty open about being treated badly as employees in the past coughcoughmarkipliercoughcough so it probably would have come up by now

  14. I think Dan has a talent for harmony, and I think the harmonies in his songs usually offset the genuinely off-putting timbre of his voice, he can keep a tune on the whole but boy that voice is bad.

  15. “As long as he doesn’t actually sing then he’s good” is like... Actually sad to me. Like you’re not wrong. It just makes me sad though.

  16. That's not really what I said but yeah that too lmao

  17. This is, like, the first episode where he's ever done it on the show. But apparently of you have a drink as an adult then you are instantly a drunkard without anything in between.

  18. It's wildly inappropriate to drink at work, he should be called out for it lmao

  19. " scientists also found that mosquitoes exposed to the song had sex "far less often" than other mosquitos without music."

  20. here's a little factoid: humans are diverse, not stagnant. Of course we are going to have skeletons in our closet, what matters is how we go forward.

  21. So like you do or don't like the whole situation Dan was involved in?

  22. I think I remember reading somewhere that he potentially has a body count in the hundreds

  23. I don’t know why you are being downvoted. When they found his little secret stack of pictures it was hundreds. Yes, I know he was a “photographer” but I believe he had way more than 7 victims.

  24. Yeah LMAO no one likes this post for some reason I keep getting notifications saying "you got your first upvote!"

  25. I don't know if "dying" is the right word, they sure seem to be on the decline, and I'd attribute it to the number of dedicated fans. I'm definitely not an expert, but it seems to me a YouTube channel with ~ 5 and a half million subs should be getting more than 400k views on their most popular videos posted in the past few months. I've looked at channels like Call me Kevin, who has about half as many subs, but averages more views per video than GG. Subs don't mean anything if you don't get people to watch them, and even their sub count has been dropping lately.

  26. Agreed. He’s professional only in the sense that he miraculously gets paid for his garbage voices. I couldn’t fucking stand him in The Owl House.

  27. "He's a professional only in the sense that he...gets paid..."

  28. Thank you for taking the time to explain that to me. I had no idea. I hope you have a good day!

  29. Knowing their terrible taste in humor, I wouldn't be surprised if this shoddy job was intentional for the aesthetic

  30. See, why in the world is this anyone’s business, but you and Dan’s. Being wishy washy, aka noncommittal, is certainly a personality trait that some people have. However to share these experiences in this way is just so incredibly shady. It’s not like you’re outing an abuser in which case I’d applaud. You’re just saying you dated a noncommittal guy in a forum where people are going to run with it and blow it up. You said yourself he said he didn’t want a relationship. Do you have screenshots of him saying he loved you? It seems like we can’t get anything verified that he ever said these types of things. All we get are screenshots proving at best that he knew the person and had a physical relationship with him.

  31. I love how the GG sub is like "if it's none of your business then don't have an opinion" but when someone whose business it actually is comes on to talk they're shut down

  32. TL;dr You don't think women have agency over themselves so by default they're "manipulated" - because god-forbid they actually get pleasure from sex.

  33. This is a loaded post, and I can tell already you're not changing your mind towards my intentions here, and that's fine, but I've mentioned a few times that obviously people are free to make their own decisions, I'm not judging the women Dan's been with and even said in the post that if they wanted to just hook up with Dan then get it, ain't nothing wrong with that. This isn't and will never be a judgement call on the women in this scenario

  34. Right, but my point is that Dan’s sex life has nothing to do with us. I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to watch the show after this was unveiled, but we need to understand that parasocial relationships are extremely unhealthy, and that includes parasocial relationships against a person.

  35. See a lot of people latch onto this "they're not your friends" vibe but (at least from my POV) these vibes are misplaced. I'm not personally hurt or surprised in any way at his actions, I'm treating them the same way I would any person, and disagreeing with them. I mentioned this in another post, but a lot of my frustration with this scenario COMES from the (seemingly) parasocial relationships the fans have about this, where any mention of this is immediately pushed back hard regardless of standing, likely in a lot of instances BECAUSE we're calling out Dan. This is just how it's seemed to me, I could be wrong but that's def how it looks.

  36. So on the one hand every community has toxic members and this sub can’t be held responsible for the actions of every person, yet Dan and Arin should be held responsible for the actions of all their fans?

  37. This isn't being shitty, this is a genuine suggestion: if your question is "Do you have records?" You should take a look at the Major Controversies threads. Any records that are known are there

  38. It was widely panned but I'd still take Kevin over Ben any day. Kevin wasn't even that strong of a personality but he seemed like a nice dude.

  39. For clarification, I liked Kevin, he seemed cool, but considering how badly this post was received is proof that either none of the users who were here when Kevin was editor are here anymore, or that your perspectives have shifted wildly lmao

  40. I thought we were above picking on physical characteristics in this sub?

  41. Sorry, Ive just never heard the controversy ab dan. And everyone here just acted like it was fact so I was taken a little aback. At first I thought this was a trollish gg hate page but ... Now idk bc you don't have any proof

  42. You were literally provided a link to a masterlist of proof you noodle

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