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  1. Yep. Not to mention that atm Nvidia is miles ahead in applications outside of gaming, mostly due to their very much proprietary and walled-off CUDA. Going red or blue would mean losing GPU support for my 3D scanning software, molecular dynamics software (or bending over backwards to try to regain some functionality via OpenCL) or image recognition software.

  2. Personally, I haven't found a good alternative to RTX Broadcast.

  3. That’s why I learned about acupressure points and pressure points in general. Combine dim mak, Krav Maga, bjj and aikido together and you can throw someone off balance, disable or disarm them, control their own flow of power and cripple them with about 3-6 techniques alone.

  4. did you just say dim mak is real

  5. How tall are you? How much do you weigh? I’m trying to decide between 3 and 4 as well

  6. 5"5, around 170ish. I'm going with 4 top and 3 bottom. I've already shrunk the 4 top slightly once, and it fits pretty well now.

  7. late teens, hopefully done growing vertically.

  8. im not up to date on this subs drama, could someone tell me wth is going on?

  9. mods basically have had this sub in approved only for a while, but recently they only allow a new post through every week or two.

  10. That’s great and all until you’re with someone else who can’t run that fast.

  11. Take me. I have a foot condition and can't run more than 5-10 seconds.

  12. Yep. He could have had his skull bashed in, or he could be in jail.

  13. Look, I get what you're saying, but it completely depends on the circumstance. You cherry picked your examples to not be as bad of a situation as in the video

  14. There are only 122,000 registered Japanese judokas at this point. By comparison France has over 550,000. Judo is actually pretty hard to find in Japan, especially as an adult. Similar to wrestling in the US, it’s not a recreational sport like judo in most of the world, or like BJJ and MMA. You either do it since you’re a kid and end up in this elite training pipeline, or you burn out and quit. Also like wrestling in the US, Judo culture in Japan is much harder on the kids than it is in most places as well, so attrition rates are very high.

  15. When people say "judo is more popular in Europe", do they really mean it's really popular in France specifically? Because all the numbers I see are always French participation numbers.

  16. I assume he means fatal for his judo? strange wording

  17. trophy hunting = sense of satisfaction (for weirdos who take pleasure in taking a life but whtvr)

  18. This isn’t really the point of this post I know (the original post is a massive wtf and I’m just gonna leave it at that), but I am going to gripe for a minute about how much I can’t stand the “oh honey” and other pet names that commenters love using on any advice related subs. It comes off as so condescending and like they think the poster is some naive child. A person being abused isn’t stupid or immature if they don’t see (or really, don’t want to see in a lot of cases) the signs of abuse in their relationship and they don’t need to be talked down to or patronized by some strangers on the internet. Abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of their intelligence, education, social class, upbringing, age, race, or gender, and just because abusers are very good at making victims feel powerless and unsure of themselves doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to talk to them in such a way too. I don’t know if I’m saying my point really clearly, but it’s just something that grates on me every time I see an “oh honey” comment.

  19. oh honey, are you feeling better now? the comment you just wrote feels pretty deranged and like something an abused person would write. are you currently in a relationship? if so, I think your partner is abusive, because normal people don't go off on rants like you did. you should probably divorce them and go to therapy 🤗

  20. Hahaha damn thanks for that, 10/10 very rage inducing

  21. marinara flag!! get help NOW honey! Sudden mood swings are always a sign of abusive partners - I should now, I've seen it enough on AITA to know.

  22. I made as much noise as I could, tried to convince as many people as I could to not take the shots. Lost friends over it, was ostracised by my family and threatened by my boss. Got booted from every relevant subreddit and had very public fights on facebook.

  23. Yeah, but this is all anecdotal. In contrast, my whole immediate family (vax+double boost) came down with Delta, we were all back to normal in like <5 days? Something like that. My aunt and uncle and their kid got Omicron. None of them were vaxxed. It took them around 1-2 weeks to recover. Does this prove anything? Not in tge slightest.

  24. I stopped using it after Play protect started showing it as unsafe. Also checked it on Virustotal. Shows up as a PUP.

  25. play protect marks plenty of shit as unsafe. Virustotal marking it as a PUP doesn't mean it's "malware" necessarily. I haven't seen any hard evidence showing that Aero is unsafe. However, I would never transmit anything sensitive using Aero/trust its security anyways.

  26. I mean, every comment is laughing at OP for how stupid this post is.

  27. That Star Wars is nostalgia bait trash... do you know what sub your on?

  28. Do you know what sub you're on? This is poorly thought out bait, honestly. Who fucking cares? He wants to do this, so what?

  29. Yeah, there's always a risk of injury, I got elbowed and hit in the head a few times on accident during ground randori, but nothing so serious. My recommendation is to just do neck exercises to strengthen it, it'll help a lot and reduce the chance of you hurting your neck. Ik you didn't really ask this, but I suggest you watch bjj or regular jiu jitsu videos to learn some chokes and holds, it's also a lot about improv. From personal experience, a normal jiu jitsu stance is the best, you grab your opponents around the waist with your legs and from there you can go into chokes, triangles, arm bars, etc, and this is especially good if you're not bigger or stronger than your opponent, but you also have to be quite quick while doing it and learn other skills along with the ones that come with these. In my country, the judge allows only about 3-4s to get your opponents into a hold(after a throw) before he tells you to get to your starting positions.

  30. What neck exercises do you do? We do neck rotations as part of pre-class stretching, and I think I'm going to start doing those head elevation exercises at home (you lie on your back/stomach and elevate your neck as far forwards or backwards as you can for 10 seconds, repeat).

  31. A few days ago my sensei invited me to a belt test at his jujitsu/aikido dojo. We were practicing some kind of finger lock? Basically you push down the end of their finger and then you push backwards. It was all technical, so we just tapped once we started feeling pain. I was paired up with this massive brown belt. Whenever he would practice the technique on me he would go all out 100% I would have to tap immediately because he was applying so much force. When it was my turn, as soon as I touched his hand he would tap. Later, once class finished and I was driving back, I realized he had sort of pulled my nail out a bit (which shouldn't even be happening with this technique AFAIK) and I was bleeding everywhere. Assholes gonna be assholes.

  32. I wouldn’t personally miss them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  33. etiquette is a strong word. kinda more accurate to say it's abnormal to respond to your own comment instead of adding an edit.

  34. It doesn’t change those are innocent athletes who aren’t hurting anyone why don’t we restrict Israeli athletes for what they do in Gaza? They’ve literally blown up schools with children inside

  35. Yeah, but if you are good enough some throws can be made to look like an accident.

  36. I get what you're going for. There are lots of easy trips that you could pull off, without a ton of training. At the same time, I feel like the standard bully's response to being slightly injured + humiliated is to be out for blood, which just makes it worse.

  37. Can we expect to see buffs to Kayn or do you guys think they'd rather buff cultists or add better cultists later down the road to improve him?

  38. Yep, him being a 4 drop vulnerable to Quietus (1 drop) is absolutely bonkers.

  39. This! He is supposed to be entering, killing, and then backing away, also, SA feels so much weaker than Rhaast because he does not have any fancy secondary effect going on, I would suggest, that if the shadow assassin kills 2 units, it rallies, which makes sense with his kit.

  40. Maybe not Rally, but start a free attack with SA?

  41. My honest vote is to take away Elusive and give him First Strike. The First Strike/ Challenger combo with a growing attack stat is actually pretty good. If you want to really buff him, give him a “When this unit slays an enemy unit, deal 2 to the enemy nexus.” Would give him the feel of a shadowy assassin whittling away at the enemy forces and slowly weakening them (though it does overlap him a good bit with Rhaast, at least he’d be semi-viable then.)

  42. I like this. Choose between healing himself + Nexus, or damaging enemy Nexus, but you get Quick Attack.

  43. They also need to fix the darkness card shown in close-ups of darkbulb acolyte, etc. to show your actual darkness damage (rather than the starting 2 damage one)

  44. Believe this goes for twisted catalyzer, senna, veigar, and ixtali sentinel as well.

  45. rhaast can be interpreted in so many ways, it's awesome

  46. Sorry if it wasn't clear, but that's my point. To you Platinum is your base level of skills. You can breeze through gold in a season.

  47. I remember seeing a write-up call this 'intrinsic' rank.

  48. Thats AMAZING on kayn if you have the enemy/nexus strike relic on him. What happens is kayn strike, ephemeral strikes > lvls up > recalls. Because you haven't chosen a form yet the kayn on board is just 3/6 and the one in hand doesn't turn into champion spell - then you play him for 0 mana (say you chose rhaast) and rhaast and it's ephemeral copy strike AGAIN, and the copy on board transforms too. So for 5 mana you get 2 permanent rhaasts, one ephemeral, and 4 strikes on enemies overall. Worth the weapon loss lol

  49. Yep, just pulled this off. Super fun.


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