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  1. I don't care what they want to call it, it should not be classed as a remake and should not try profit off an existing title when it has zero connection.

  2. I agree it's a shit movie, but it's still technically a remake.

  3. I'm saying it shouldn't be classed as one not it isn't classed as one.

  4. Next time someone says ''Don't judge a book by it's cover.'' show them that picture. |:

  5. Omg I thought it was just me thinking this lol

  6. One of my favs too, it's so ghostly and creepy.

  7. I mean A24 films (save a few exceptions) are grade A shite so...

  8. This is really cool. I often have a hard time trying to think of how Mr. Freeze could be realistic and this answers that pretty well.

  9. How about no because no one is here to please your self entitlement. Even though it's not irrational, you don't get to demand what people can and can't theorise.

  10. Honestly, the 'Karen' was actually nice about it at first and even laughed about it but then the girl filming was just being a condescending asshole and needlessly followed her round filming her trying to spark drama to post.

  11. Imagine thinking you have a free pass to be racist to a specific race, like how dumb can you get. |:

  12. Is this game ever getting made, it looked amazing?

  13. I wish they wouldn't shout at the kid, it's not like he controls her. |:

  14. I know fat American jokes are funny and relevant here, but she looks EXACTLY like a good majority of the Scottish women when I was there lol. Just give her a fentanyl lollipop and roll her down the hill and she’d fit right in with the UK in no time

  15. One day he'll do that to someone else with a gun and fall victim to the same threat he gives to other people.

  16. She probably would have gasped in so much water as an automatic response to being pushed as soon as she fell in too. It hurts my throat and chest just thinking about that, what a dick.

  17. I'm still saying Terminator, that endoskeleton at the end scared the crap out of me ._.

  18. Then it goes at turbo speed while demanding you exit ._.

  19. If someone actually looked like that naturally, they'd be considered deformed.

  20. Basically: ''So, I discriminated, insulted, played mind games and lied about this perfectly normal waiter doing his job, potentially ruining his way of income all because he doesn't believe in my fairytale book and also technically stole by not paying for my orders.''

  21. I feel so sad obviously for the people inside the buildings and planes but also people that knew their family and friends were in there. :(

  22. The ones in the explosion are blessed. The rest. It makes me sad.

  23. Yeah I can't even imagine having to choose between jump, burn or be crushed |:

  24. Yeah, there was Jenny at the beginning and Jill and Sidney being chased near the end. I was hoping the barn scene with Gale would be a long chase scene but it wasn't. :/ I still love 4 though.

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