1. 10. I hate it. I even have a great job i love! But every day I am sad about it. I dont buy lotto tickets, but if I ever won money, I would use it to work less and be with my kid more.

  2. Becuase if we are being accurate then I am pale salami colour and that hurts my feelings :(

  3. Kids genuinely love big machines. My 1.5 year old hasnt seen any of those shows but is obsessed with leaf blowers and cranes and tractors and mowers.

  4. Roundabout Canberra. They give packs to struggling families with kids of all ages. Accept donations of new and good condition used.

  5. Roundabout might be a good option! They help mothers and children facing DV and housing insecurity.

  6. Are you a grad? If yes, reach out to other grads to see where they are renting. When I was a grad we had a few suburbs were lots of us lived. It was great for car pooling, social events and more.

  7. Ive developed a fear of heights. I used to love heights - even paragliding. Now I get nervous around balcony rails.

  8. Aqua hair in Cook does them - I got one a few years ago and loved it. My hair has been wavier since

  9. Im secretly hoping i get some long term change. My hair is so straight that even when I got it professionally curled it only lasted an hour.

  10. Not a parent nor property owner, but I'd try for a ground floor apartment if possible. I imagine balconies can be or are kidsafe, but I don't like the potential risk. Obviously pets are very different to toddlers, but sometimes I see little dogs and cats poke their heads through and under balcony railings and it just fills me with dread. Ground floor with a courtyard/patio whatever they're called, is often more area than a balcony, but even if it's no bigger than a balcony, I reckon it opens your options up for child enrichment more. Like you could lay some real or fake grass, get a small dog or cat when your child gets old enough, plant some nice child safe (non toxic, non choking hazard etc) plants in pots, maybe a small vegetable garden, either built in or in pots or raised beds with bases. A balcony has some views I guess, but a courtyard would usually give a second entrance and more flexibility.

  11. Great point. I ended up buying an apartment off the plan, which is due to be finished at the end of this year.

  12. In my experience, having a group (or just a few) good friends make a big difference. People you can have over for drinks/dinner and find ways to engage in shared interests. In MY case that was uber nerdy board game stuff but for a friend of mine thats planning trips and hunting out love music.

  13. But surely having a kid is the optimal word - not a great city for singles

  14. I loved it before the kid, and I was single. It just has specific kid perks Im now more aware of.

  15. Which one? I've always used ones like avira/avast/avg free

  16. Ooh interesting. I might switch - i hardly use the computer these days. Would you recommend one in particular?

  17. Any of those three are fine. They've been excellent in keeping my PC virus free and I've not paid a cent.

  18. Do you have a bath? My LO had a nursing strike out of nowhere at about 4 months and we got over it by nursing in a warm (not hot) bath together

  19. I’m afraid to try this without help from my husband, he’s working out of state for the next two weeks. :( just terrified I’ll drop her getting in or out or something :(

  20. Ooooooh - yeah i agree with you. Sorry, I didnt think about that.

  21. Im starting this transition with my 1.5 year old. I've gotten a low single bed and put it bedside my big bed. I then lie with him and nurse him to sleep on his bed, ninja roll away and go to mine.

  22. I guess I will be the outlier. In the real world, your boss is not going to care that you have “big feelings” about having to do something you don’t want to do (or can’t do something you want to). In the real world, you have to learn to suck it up and do as you are told sometimes. The whole gentle parenting philosophy does absolutely nothing to prepare kids for a world full of people who do not care that they have hurt feelings or have to do something they don’t particularly feel like doing right now.

  23. You also cant poo your pants, drink from a bottle and nap at work 'in the real world'. These are skills you learn, mostly taught by loving parents. The whole point of gentle parenting is to teach the emotional regulation needed to be a healthy adult.

  24. Letting them throw fits over not getting their way isn’t teaching regulation. It’s teaching them to throw fits.

  25. He isnt throwing fits, he is recognising and naming an emotion and getting help dealing with it

  26. 18 months and still nothing! We still night nurse and I think thats a big factor in keeping it away

  27. I night nurse and period came back at 2 months pp 😭

  28. Oh no! Im so sorry to hear that. 2 months pp is NOT when you want to be dealing with that

  29. Hell fucking no, don't do it. I would rather lose a finger than my foreskin.

  30. The penis is just an outsize clitoris, and the foreskin is just a clitoral hood. Same structure, same nerves, just bigger. It wraps around the urethra, but aside from that there's no real difference.

  31. Well put. I would feel very violated if Id had my clitoral hood cut off as an infant. So I apply the same logic to my son, and feel confident in my choice.

  32. I’m assuming you have a great fixed interest rate, with a limited redraw, and no offset account?

  33. Big four bank’s cash rate forecasts:

  34. For a start go to a different savings account which has a higher interest rate. It still won't beat inflation but its a step in the right direction. ING, uBank/86400, BoQ and St George are all good options to look into depending on your needs.

  35. The intro rate im on is 4.25 with no conditions. Its competitive based on my circumstances.

  36. Say if the rates go up in your 2nd month with Macquarie - you’ll get the new rate applied to your 4 months yeh?

  37. No I think the intro rate is fixed, unless the base rate over takes it.

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