1. I'm on no meds and I might have like 1 dream a month lol.

  2. Try and relax in bed when you can get a lie in. You should get more REM sleep in the morning then.

  3. My guess is doll house or other miniature setting. Some people are very hard core and have working electrical in them

  4. MF15B-05 and others are for small and hot devices. Though they could be used in doll houses!

  5. Ok, but even if that's the case, do you think "vaccine shedding" is a logical explanation, given that we know it's literally not possible for an mRNA vaccine to shed?

  6. There was some instructions in the Pfizer documentation about people being in close proximity with the vaxed.

  7. Like the engine replaced horses... not many of them around for transport any more.

  8. I just looked at my paychecks from year 1 of my 10 year career with a particular company, and after only one year without a cost of living raise (plus one 10% raise in year 4-5) and two promotions, my take home pay is $90 more than my first paycheck. 🫠

  9. That's a deeeeeeep pay cut. =(

  10. I love how you made it look like it's looking at the cat in real time.

  11. At first I was panicking also how to get all taijitsu, but it is quite easy. It is faster to get taijitsu than all those chimes

  12. 3 days mining salt (35000 chimes), 60 small islands, and the Slayer task at Aiminishi (3 taiju coins)

  13. You've been getting keys by logging in! Head over to franks chest right now! You may get super lucky.

  14. How do you open it? I just keep adding keys to it

  15. Once you've added all your keys, you should be able to "click to open/claim" rewards.... and the chest will show a model looking like the tops open.

  16. Hi guys, i have this Odroid who is loaded with Genus game. I have made an SD card following instructions on the website and i have some roms put in it put how do i acces the sd card? Everytime i open it it boots directly in Genus game. I pressed Menu while opening, or B pit nothing happens.

  17. Try making a new question thread - you wont get any visibility if you add a comment to an old thread.

  18. Oh, no.... nothing weird's come back. Thanks for asking!

  19. It looks reallllly good! The heightmap is spot on!

  20. Triangulation + signal analysis I guess. Basically you take three readings semi locally and use the differences in the strength of the signal (i.e. loudness of that frequency) to work out the direction it's coming from relative to the locations where you're taking the data. I'm guessing the math is a lot easier if you use an equilateral triangle. If it's very constant you might be able to just use one microphone by repositioning it and taking three sound spectra. Use Fourier analysis (mathematical operation to take a time signal and get out frequencies that compose it, I'm sure there are MATLAB/python/excel packages that can do it for you so you don't need to implement the algorithm) to identify the frequency you're hearing and then you can remove the other frequencies so that your triangulation math is finer (won't get messed up as much by a random kid outside or a car going by unless they happen to be near the same frequency).

  21. I think you want trilateration, triangulation is a little different.

  22. So sleepy and enjoying his face massage!

  23. I would smoosh those curled feetsies in a cosy snuggle.

  24. Did you get up, and she rolled from the middle of the bed onto your side?

  25. She looks the cutest snuggle buddy!

  26. A cartridge is made up of a few parts the bullet or projectile that leaves the gun, the powder which causes the explosion to increase pressure which sends the bullet down the barrel, the casing which keeps everything together and is s very thin and weak brass, and a primer which causes the initial explosion to ignite the powder.

  27. Why do they need a primer? Wouldn't compacting the gunpowder be enough that it goes off when hit on the outside?

  28. She wants her human to come and check!

  29. Aw, they're so cute! Awesome work!

  30. Oh. I thought it was 7.62x51mm until I looked it up and found out it’s the same as the .308. Figured that looks like an Fn Fal

  31. Hm, could be an RTM28 round with hardened propellent.

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