Special moment shared between father and daughter.

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  1. Inca all the way <3 I love the look of having a whole empire filled with terrace farms to much <3 All the mountains to defend you against everybody that you ever need <3

  2. You stand here and claim allegiance to the Inca without even a flair to represent? Pachacuti watches your every move.

  3. Byzantium is probably the most synergetic and thus is my favorite; their religious and war games are so tightly intertwined by their uniques that it makes for a very interesting playstyle.

  4. He’s crying because that letter is going to cost him another couple hundred thousand in tuition and books… 🤣 JK, congrats to the future doctor!

  5. The median cost of medical school in 2019-2020 was $250,222 at public institutions and $330,180 at private colleges. The current average medical school debt hovers around $207,000 according to the AAMC.

  6. Only spiders can make you look like you need an exorcism.

  7. Reddit servers occasionally experience outages as they get overwhelmed - automoderator runs on the same servers as it's Reddit's native tool - so yes, many moderators see delays in automoderator taking actions in their subs. I've seen this happen many times over the couple of years. If it's a few days later, the user edited their post or comment.

  8. Ah yes my favourite type of mist - misty mist.

  9. Yep! Snails lay eggs out of their genital pore which is at the right side of their neck. You can just see eggs through the breathing hole because this is where they're stored. But later they travel through the oviduct to the genital pore.

  10. Reportedly one of the first victims of US-supplied Ukrainian M142 HIMARS MRLs, a Russian base in Donbas after being struck by HIMARS’s guided rockets.

  11. Severe food shortage is around the corner in many parts of the world! And most societies are still dithering about climate change. Drastic changes in our way of life and our economic system are coming, whether we want them or not. Nature is not a negotiation partner.

  12. It’s amazing how quickly climate change has gone.

  13. Meanwhile, Australia is experiencing winter.

  14. Would be interesting to see what figures for the UK were prior to leaving.

  15. Double knife disarm. 10/10 on the difficulty scale. Kudos!

  16. They’re going to freak out when they find that even larger cave right next to the red circle.

  17. Just bought plat version of civ 6 as was on sale. Is it worth playing the expansions (gathering storm or rise and fall) right now or just get used to the main game first?

  18. The expansions add so much more depth and complexity to the game, whenever I have to play vanilla with friends who don’t have the DLC I just spend the whole time wishing we could be playing gathering storm instead. Things like global warming, new types of natural disasters, new wonders, the governor system, the government plaza district, the pantheon changes, etc. all make the game much more enjoyable, and have much more replay value since there are more ways to play now.

  19. This is actually a pretty great illustration of how human vergence and tracking systems work.

  20. The huskies in my area are very aggressive too if they see any kind of smaller dogs

  21. Some people think that huskies are tougher than Pitbulls smh.

  22. All of these supposed dog-smart people and not a one smart enough to separate fighting dogs. SMH.

  23. Absolute idiots holding the husky up and exposing it to the poorly trained pitbull who wasn't being held back properly. Unfortunately, the husky didn't have the chance to give the pitbull a hard correction! Can't blame the breed, blame the idiots who have them as status symbols.

  24. The birb looks like it's not unlocked yet.

  25. I wonder if moving the foot feels the same as if it were the other way around

  26. I imagine, at the start, it feels like an ankle because that's where the nerves go. As you keep using the joint like a knee, your brain would get used to it relatively quickly.

  27. I mean you would love it if you were ever disadvantaged to need that procedure.

  28. Domestic animals breeding with wild animals is a real problem not only because of implications during birth but also because mixing genes will result in weaker animals in future generations

  29. Yes. Although it is possible for wild and domestic animals to interbreed, as domestic animals are still quite genetically similar to their wild counterparts. In many cases, the wild genes of these animals make them less suitable as pets or livestock. Wolfdogs, for example, are more prone to aggression than regular domestic dogs.

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