Jujutsu Kaisen 0 AMV

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  1. Bc Ozil aur Kroos hote abhi tab pata chalta

  2. i don't watch it but i assume they unfortunately didn't add the barf scene

  3. They actually did , but it won't make any sense to add that scene in edit so i didn't

  4. Glad they ain't taking notes from Blue Lock

  5. Mei to sirf ruka ke scenes dekhta hu vaki sab skip kardeta hu KASAM SE

  6. Are sanzu bhai bas aise hi edits banate raha karo bahut maza ata hai

  7. For legal reasons this comment is jokeee

  8. What are the songs in this? Sounds like there’s two diff ones

  9. I don't know either I downloaded it from some reel

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