1. 330e if you want a PHEV and care about fuel economy. Want performance? Get the S5.

  2. Tellers have to count the money out to you when they give it to you.

  3. I don’t know if they have to or not but I had to withdraw 1250$ a while ago in cash and they counted each bill in front of me

  4. I used to get out huge amounts of cash, $50k on average, for my old job. I did this on a weekly basis. It was always counted through the machine.

  5. The fact anybody thinks it's better to rent is completely shocking. Like do they not realise if it wasn't profitable to be a landlord that nobody would do it?

  6. Renting is fine if you are planning to move a lot. Once you settle down, buy if at all possible.

  7. D mode is pretty much perfect in my S4. S mode is quick as hell, and easy to get to super-legal speeds in.

  8. Just talked to them and said the tune has nothing to do with it. So basically they just fucked it and can’t explain what’s wrong to me

  9. Them acknowledging that they fucked it is the first step. Make sure you have that in writing. Communicate via email or text anything important.

  10. The hell are they even doing? The road wasn't even fucked up compared to west desert Inn and Durango.

  11. Looks like something under the road, possible utility or sewer?

  12. I have the unpopular opinion that the A5 should be a coupe. I like the Sportback, but I prefer the coupe.

  13. The B8 A5 coupe is one of the most beautiful cars Audi ever made.

  14. Yes! And the answer, “girls Chandler couldn’t get,” when he would never say that on a show where no one knows who Chandler is!

  15. It seemed like a play on Cliff Claven going on Jeopardy in Cheers. "Who are people who have never been in my kitchen?"

  16. It’s a perfectly cromulent description. You should embiggen your vocabulary.

  17. Bypassed Kelly completely, Peg was my first childhood crush. Looking back on my early dating choices, the influence was apparent.

  18. I still have a thing for Christina Applegate. She is a fantastic comedic actress, and sadly has dealt with a lot of health issues. One of my first crushes, along with Winona Ryder.

  19. And yet it has 78 upvotes. I don't get it. It isn't even that funny.

  20. There are so many cool $55k cars on the market. Ones that aren't hindered with a FWD drivetrain and an economy car interior.

  21. One of Rodenberry's key pieces of writing advice was, when in doubt, have the crew meet god.

  22. Back then, showing that a ‘god’ could be a more advanced being instead was a huge thing.

  23. given its basically a type R, that kinda goes against the no sport car request.

  24. Their most powerful course of action would be to tell them OP is going to go to the next Hyundai dealer and get a quote. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I didn’t realize those were selling so cheap brand new, now I understand why I’m seeing so many new Hyundais around. I thought the days of a brand new cars under 17k were basically gone after the dodge dart flop

  25. It is closer to $30k. OP is putting $3650 cash down and $6k trade allowance.

  26. Every day. Mostly a commute and going out to dinner once in a while.

  27. Looks like a B9 of some sort. The digital gas and temp gauges are not in the B9.5.

  28. I was always in the back of my grandma's Town Car, so that first picture REALLY speaks to me.

  29. I did that and it said “are you sure you want to exit engineering?” And I got scared I was being hacked lol. Have you seen this screen before? Thank you

  30. I have not, but it seems like that is how you get back to normal mode.

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